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  1. Super job going on here! We had the same problem with our youngest son's road Beetle, with the front end wound right down and what shocks to put on. We solved it but I couldn't drive it as it was solid, without any up or down travel, but he loved it! He also chose different diameter front and rear tyres!


  2. 4 hours ago, Bainford said:

    Very interesting, Pat. I have not seen one of these before. Cool DD.

    A friend had built one of the first ones from the factory in Brighton that made various sports models in kit form, and this was the first 'utility' that was made. The friends two brothers (triplets) built one each and I followed on. It was sold to a competition glider pilot who upgraded  it by fitting a bigger engine, and towed his glider all over Europe for competitions. Two of the friends go to various kit car shows across the UK using other cars they have since built and see 'my old car' on a regular basis.

    I enjoyed building it as I was 'an office waller' but as the brothers said 'do you know the difference between a spanner, a screwdriver and a hammer?' I said yes so they said just have a go, it was one of the best things I've done in life! Kit building just on a larger scale!

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  3. This was my finished project 35+ years ago. A Dutton Sierra kit car, based on mark one/two Ford Escort van/estate car parts. New steel box chassis and fibreglass bodyshell with twin skin interior. Our family car for about 3/4 years carting to two sons with their BMX bikes/spares and tools. I bought a MOT failed Escort Estate for a few pounds and built this in a garage in a block behind the house, running cable out over the back fence for lights and tools. It was built from the first week of January and was on the road on the 1st May.


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  4. Thanks Zippi. Although there seem to be holes in the backs of the small front wheels for an axle, one is not included in the kit!                                                                                                                                                                                               My major problem is what colour to paint it? Do I find decal flames for the front and sides as others have suggested? Should it be two tone? Just Bright Yellow, or just dark boring black? I need to go to the hardware store in the morning (Saturday) to get a large grey undercoat rattle can to start with.

  5. A 1/32 resin kit from Tarpit Toons/Jimmy Flintstone.



    The base has a thick resin layer which needs to come off, 





    Showing body, smoking base and hood scoop. Cleaning up required with a bit of filler and sanding.


    I've not found anywhere one of these kits built, has anyone out there please?



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  6. 8 hours ago, redscampi said:

     I love those little cars but I would never drive one, physics being what they are. That being said, all the seat belts in our cars growing up were mashed between the seat cushions with the spilled food and gum. You didn't put your hand in there if you knew what was good for you!

    It became law soon after, so we put them on for safety and not to lose the licence!

  7.  I passed my driving test in 1966 and my mother had bought one of the first Mini Countryman cars with the wood side embellishments. My first job was to get it up on ramps and bolt in the lap and diagonal  seat belts through the floor where the nuts had already been welded in at the Morris Cars factory. These made us feels so much safer!

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