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  1. Thanks! It was a long time ago, the glass was difficult to remove. I vaguely remember it was a tedious job of careful ungluing with some X-acto scribing and gentle prying. The prepainted/pre-assembled nature of this kit was frustrating but it is literally the only game in town. It still looks good; I remove it from a display case every few years.
  2. I’m really looking forward to seeing what everyone accomplished in the special issue. I had fun planning/modifying/building my 2 subjects that were done specifically for the special issue; the bonus being I got two of my “most want to build” models complete and on display with my other 2020 pandemic builds. I’m grateful I was given quite a bit of deadline leeway...I needed it!
  3. Hey there stranger! Hope you are doing well. I just checked my two Gunze XKE’s, they both (low tech curbside & high tech full-detail) have the removable HT as part of the clear tree. Not sure if Heller’s XKE roaster has a HT or not, I only have the racing coupe kit. Maybe Revell’s XKE will get me to build the Gunze variants, they look good aside from rear wheel opening (easy fix removing material) and I figured a way to paint/build it with the roadster body seam filled.
  4. Interesting. I have had the Panamera kit for ages waiting to see if there would be either a Revell Sport Turismo variant or aftermarket. I’ll likely get the USCP version if it’s their usual quality and it actually happens before I get distracted by something newer. I know the Panamera kit has some wonky body issues I’d need to fix just building the sedan OOB. Funny thing is now in 2020 that I’ve seen Taycans out in the wild and know Porsche already did a mild softroader Sport Turismo concept the Taycan itself is just a much newer/better looking car than the Panamera to my eyes, and since I can
  5. Obviously not because it wasn’t out long before it was discontinued. Got my second Rabbit at Ollie’s for $7.99. Search hobby shops and swap meets, it’s not that rare a kit.
  6. Revell took their excellent GTI and made a US-spec Rabbit. Great kit but didn’t sell well and they ended up blown out at Ollie’s. Beats the old 1/25 AMT Rabbit by a mile as well as the Esci kit.
  7. This kit is a 914/6, always was a six cylinder.
  8. This SA Aperta build is superb! Looks like a real car, nice choice of color scheme.
  9. The SA Aperta is an open-top mish-mash of 2 seater 599 GTO and 599 GTB. Completely different car than the very long 4 seat GT car 612 Scaglietti.
  10. I use an adblocker on my laptop. I see ads on my phone, they aren't too intrusive. The continuing issue I see is that I view "unread content" threads, and occasionally, like today, I see what look like private messages showing up in the most recent search. Examples old and new:
  11. Not just kits, but diecast too. For those building 2010-up models there are plenty of diecasts out there available cheap enough that provide wheels, mirrors, interior parts, etc. If you want a 2015-up Mustang GT and want your Revell toy to look like a “real” model there are Maisto, Welly and Motormax models out there. I bought two Maisto Assembly Line Bugatti Chirons (40% off each, essentially full retail for a new Round2 reissue) to get me one set of the same wheels/tires for a Santa Fe I’m working on. I’m left with 3 other sets of wheels (two sets of front, one set rear) and one full set of
  12. It was okay for the era and if one is stuck on 1/25th it’s even better. I got a neat built one in Toledo for $1 years ago, really well built/painted in black like a GTI with wired engine and everything, but it had suffered from some sort of heat event that melted the roof. For a buck it just had to come home. I stocked up on the excellent 1/24 new-tool Rabbit, GTI and Cabrio kits from Revell; the Rabbit version done for US consumption is really a hidden gem and were blown out cheap at Ollie’s. Waaay better than the AMT kit that’s going to be more $$ than the Revell Rabbit full MSRP was when cu
  13. Excellent path to take. You'll likely appreciate the quality long after you've gained more experience. Ask questions before buying to make sure you know what you're getting into, as Tamiya has had some ups and downs along the way to the point today if all someone can complain about is that the latest kit doesn't fit their very personal, very narrow ideals/demands, that's not on Tamiya, it's on them. When I was younger and found it difficult to afford/justify Tamiya kits vs. domestics that were much more budget-friendly I didn't understand at that time (early 80's) that Tamiya kits were wo
  14. Amen. They learn, they adjust, they improve. They seem to be healthy enough to invest in the future by making excellent products consumers want. The stumbles that they created along the way are minuscule compared to the continual comedy of errors their competition seems to self-inflict when saving time/$$ is their first priority and only way to survive.
  15. When the Testarossa came out my co-worker and I visited our local Ferrari dealer during lunch, a convenient 5 minute drive from work. There sat a black Testarossa with a $119k sticker price (perhaps $109k plus ADP). Hated it in photos, loved it in person. So when the Tamiya kit popped I immediately built it. Thank goodness black does a decent job *ahem* hiding that hideous vertical panel gap in the doors. I liked the 512 TR even better. Blindly thought the Rosso kit was as good as Tamiya. Was I ever wrong, the fit of suspension/chassis and other parts gave me fits. After the pain it came
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