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  1. My dads 64.5 mustang convertible My father in laws 69 Camaro
  2. i see all of those "2013 completion" posts and was tempted to start a "2013 Started but not finished" post. i thought about it and figured the amount of traffic it would have created would kill the internet as we know it!
  3. kerry, I think i have the tamiya 360 at home. If it is the same kit i will measure the areas you have requested.
  4. I know what you mean about the Enzo in black not coming out well in pictures! I was going to use the body of a failed attempt at the Revell version on a trailer as kind of a "Look what I found" scene with a Chevy pickup pulling the trailer. You cant really see it in real life though either so I used the trailer for something else.
  5. Started looking at the stock Chevy interior and decided it didn't fit the theme of what was happening underneath it. So out came the saw and the styrene started flying. At one point I imagined the beginning of the movie Glory where the soldier was having his leg cut off with a saw and he was pleading for the doctor to stop cutting, can styrene feel pain? I figured that I have already stretched my skills to their breaking point so why not complicate things more? I cut the stock interior out from the base of the Chevy. Then I removed the cockpit from the Enzo and began slicing away at tha
  6. Started working on a complete scratch built exhaust. Not sure if I am going to take it the full length and exhaust out back or come out the sides in front of rear tires. Also, not sure might run straight pipes down and out the sides and have 6 exhaust tubes coming out each side. need to do some mock ups first.
  7. Didn't get a lot done today all I was able to complete was beefing up the rear suspension/frame. Before After
  8. Went back to the drawing board after the quick eyes of Bill pointed out the transaxle deficiencies. I looked at building a box from the frame around the transaxle and other possible solutions before coming up with this. I cut the frame apart and then cut the rear suspension and transaxle out of a ZR-1 and factioned them together in a, somewhat, believable manor. My eye keeps being drawn to the front of the rear suspension where the frame comes into it. I think I will be attempting to make that look more believable somehow. Anyway I did a test fit of the drivetrain last night and everythin
  9. What did you use from the corvette? I am building a car right now and could use some parts from the vette, unless of course you already used them or aren't.
  10. Thanks, I have a Vette that didn't go so well that I am going to liberate the rear end from this week. Not sure if I am going to use the suspension and fit the Enzo trans into it or use the suspension and transmission from the Vette. In any case I can harvest the bell housing from the engine and trans for use on the Enzo engine and trans in the Chevy.
  11. Bill, This is why I put comments welcome. I work on this late in the day, after my kids go to bed, so my brain is not fully functioning at that point. I did think that the way I had it did not really translate to 1:1 but could not figure out why. You are absolutely right. When I get home tonight I will be looking at the ZR-1 Corvette from my stash that has a transaxle to see what I can do to go more realistic, Which was my original goal. Thanks. AL
  12. Well, I built the Enzo and was less than satisfied with it and then on one of the last steps... I broke the entire rear end of it. The car sat as I thought about ordering parts from Revell to rebuild it but I just didn't like the job I did on the car at all. One day I got the idea to use the Enzo engine in another car and started looking around the kit stash. Enter the 39 Chevy Coupe....... The first order of business was to decide what to do with the Enzo engine/trans I decided to separate the engine block from the transmission to create a front engine rear transaxle set up. How to moun
  13. that depends on IF he can be a good boy long enough to get another kit. he has a 1/25 bigfoot and the revell snap enzo so far. i think he was eyeing the revell snap fire truck.
  14. This is the second car my son has completed, mostly by himself this time.
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