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  1. As a Camaro/Firebird guy, that would be my dream!! I own 1:1 ‘77 Z28 and ‘78 Trans Am projects.
  2. Those Knock-offs are way too big...😉
  3. Those Knock-offs are way too big...
  4. I think he means Front Engine/ Rwd. That’s the rumor I’ve heard as well.
  5. Is the 67 Mustang kit any good? I’ve never bought one.
  6. That ‘86 issue of the blue Boss 351 was one of the first kits I ever built. I’d like to build one of these just for sentimental reasons alone.
  7. My dad, in 1988, decided it was time to go back to college. College was 75 miles away, and his Daily was a ‘70 SS396 Chevelle. It got traded for a Diesel Rabbit. He doesn’t regret it, College was worth it.
  8. Never had the desire to buy an Italeri kit, besides the Ferraris I can’t afford. That all changes... Both CJ’s, the MB Rally and the Porsche?
  9. ‘71 Olds 442 Bumpers, and a W30 conversion kit
  10. The pad printed windows are a nice touch. Ill pick up a kit, so I can transfer the windows to a stalled build of the Black over Grey/Red Stripe ‘86 SS my Mom bought new. Did anyone else notice the box art has the ‘83 style SS steel wheels?
  11. I opened a started kit that I found in a box, and the bumpers are missing. Anyone have extras? Looking for the stock bumpers
  12. I picked up an unopened kit from an LHS, and it has severe tire damage to the windshield.
  13. I want one of the Camaro’s, just because I’m a Camaro guy and I own a real ‘77 Z28.
  14. He seems to be the only guy I can find that makes ladder bars, and straight axles. any ideas?
  15. I'll second the AMC's 70-72 Olds Cutlass/442 i think someone doing the variants of the Colonnade cars would be great! SS, 442, GS, GTO, Grand Am, Can Am
  16. This is true! Add to that if a/m decal sheets are produced so other liveries can built. Then it's also bought in multiple copies.
  17. BeeMax keeps hitting the interesting kits out of the park. i just picked up the Nissan 240RS, and I'm anxiously awaiting the E30 M3
  18. I know the body has the rear window plug. Just Donny remember about the grille.
  19. Beemax keeps coming up with new reasons for me to open my wallet!
  20. Ok. Now that's a Hudson kit I won't be able to pass up.
  21. I have two of them. The amount of Warpage in the bodies has ranged from bad to unusable, so check yours out close.
  22. Love it!!! I need to place a Fireball order for some Mopar wheels now.
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