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  1. I'm not sure, I've never had the fujimi rack set
  2. Got most of the suspension together, and got my roof rack from eightyone-81 today. IMG_0274 by KJHillbery, on Flickr IMG_0272 by KJHillbery, on Flickr IMG_0276 by KJHillbery, on Flickr
  3. The seats in the kit didn't come with backs, so I built a set of seat backs. 20141220_163425 by KJHillbery, on Flickr And here's a pic of the 8v, even though the kit is listed as a 16v! 20141220_163443 by KJHillbery, on Flickr
  4. Hey all, been a while (better part of a year) since I've built a model. Thought I'd get back into it this year with this fujimi mk3 golf gti kit. The kit's listed as a 16v, but it's actually an old style (non-crossflow) 8v in the engine bay. It'll be pretty stock, other than being lowered and having different wheels. The wheels I'm using are Fujimi Hayashi Streets in 15". So far I've ground down the inner hubs of the wheel to lower the offsets, put the pirelli tires from the kit on the rear wheels, narrowed the front advan tires (to give them a stretched look), lowered the suspension (only one
  5. DSC_0083 by KJHillbery, on Flickr DSC_0013 by KJHillbery, on Flickr DSC_0044 by KJHillbery, on Flickr DSC_0064 by KJHillbery, on Flickr
  6. Thanks everyone! Definately a great car! I love the mk3 chassis, I've got two of them. (ones just a parts car)
  7. Hey all, just a quick build of a fujimi mk3. Basically stock aside from lowering it, painted duplicolor light blue metallic (as close to factory lb5t steel blue as I could find). I'll post some better pictures when the weather clears up enough to get my Nikon out. Thanks for looking! Untitled by KJHillbery, on Flickr Untitled by KJHillbery, on Flickr Untitled by KJHillbery, on Flickr
  8. IMG_3044 by ThatVWkid, on Flickr IMG_3037 by ThatVWkid, on Flickr IMG_3041 by ThatVWkid, on Flickr IMG_3043 by ThatVWkid, on Flickr
  9. Been busy do to school and my new job, but got a few days off from class last week because of snow and finished up my civic. Ill post better pictures of it when i get a chance. Thanks for looking. Old pictures, IMG_0085 by ThatVWkid, on Flickr IMG_0083 by ThatVWkid, on Flickr Completed IMG_2929 by ThatVWkid, on Flickr IMG_2934 by ThatVWkid, on Flickr And a few of my friends s13 build from the snow days. IMG_2922 by ThatVWkid, on Flickr IMG_2924 by ThatVWkid, on Flickr
  10. 68BigBug

    mk1 golf

    I dig it. Nice work and nice stance
  11. Hey all, been a while since I built anything, but with winter starting It seemed like time to start again. This one is a Fujimi 73 carrera rs kit, and I havent made much progress yet. Interior is about 60%, and suspension/chassis are about 80%. Not completely sure what color its going to be yet, but leaning towards white or silver with blue Carrera stripes, or black with red. Going to be a resto modded vintage race car vibe, with a roll bar and a few racey touches. Something like Magnus Walkers 72 STR. Anyways, here are pictures. IMG_1718 by ThatVWkid, on Flickr IMG_1719 by ThatVWkid, o
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