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  1. Does anyone have this Monogram Datsun 280Z? My question is regarding the bumpers. Do the bumpers have the bumper guards as shown on the box? I have several set of Monogram 280Z bumpers molded in both red, (presumably from this kit) and molded in yellow from the road race version. None of the bumpers that I have have the bumper guards though, (which I need to build a stock version). Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  2. One of my favorite kits ever. What I love about the Revell kit, (in addition to how well everything fits together) is the historical accuracy. The Caddy hub caps, the grille and bumper options, the Caddy engine, etc are all what would have gone into a custom sled back in the 50's. The custom wheels and motor from the AMT kit are more super stock or street machine than custom sled style. I think the french on the head lights is a little too deep, but that is easily fixable. I built the kit right out of the box without having to change wheels, engines, etc. That is the first time that's happened since I built the original General Lee Charger back in 5th grade.... I might be exaggerating a little with that last remark, but you get the idea.

  3. Well, George found my parts. Apparently, they got "misplaced" prior to him sending his big order to the chrome shop, therefore, they never got chromed. I told to send my "expletive" parts back; and that I did not want to wait how ever many more months for him to have them chromed. He asked me how much money I had sent with my order so that he could reimburse me. Long story short, I got my un-chromed back in the mail today with MOST of the money that I had sent him. It looks like he deducted the amount that I sent him for shipping.... Got that? The jack-off held my parts for 7 months, gave me excuse after excuse, then he made me pay to send my un-chromed parts back. THEN on top of that, he asked me to send the junk resin parts back to him that he sent me as replacements for my parts while they were still "misplaced", AND he expects me to pay to send those parts back. F@#% THAT A-HOLE!

  4. Seven months, six  phone calls, numerous excuses.... I finally got re-chromed parts from George today. The only problem is that they aren't the vintage Johan and MPC parts that I sent off to be related. They are cheap ass resin junk with a half ass plating job. I called George for an explanation. He said that my parts got misplaced and never made it to the plater. He found the parts that I sent him in a baggie, (as I sent them to him); but he knew that I was in a hurry to get my parts back; and figured that I wouldn't want to wait for my actual parts to be plated.... so he sent me resin parts out of his own stash. I asked him to kindly send my un-plated parts back to me with my refund. He said that he would get them back to me before the weekend. FYI, think twice before you use this guy.

  5. Has anyone had any parts re-chromed by George Hernandez out of Allenpark, Michigan? I sent 5 bumpers and 8 wheels to him back in March. Now, 6 months later and several phone calls, all I have is excuses. First, the chrome shop was shut down due to Covid. Then a few months later, they were back in business, (I can give him a pass on that one). Two months ago, he had my parts in his hand and was sending them out the following weekend. I told him what I had and he told me that he was looking right at them. Then a month ago, he told me that the shop called and told him that everything was ready for him to pick up. He told me that he would send them out that weekend. Tonight, same story. I am a little concerned because some of the parts are from the original Johan '70 Roadrunner and will be difficult, (if not impossible) to replace. Has anyone else dealt with this guy?

  6. This '55 Chevy was primed with Tamiya Surface Primer, painted with Testors Model Master Custom Lacquer base/clear paint, then cleared with Testors Extreme Lacquer Wet Look Clear. The paint/primer seems very brittle and doesn't seem to have stuck to the plastic very well. While gently trying to scrape the paint from where the head light bezels will get glued in, bigger chips of paint/primer just flaked right off. Does anyone have any opinion as to why this happened? Is it a compatibility issue with Tamiya primer and Testors paint? The body was sanded with 600 grit, and washed with soap and water prior to primer.


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