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  1. Good to see some progress Bill, engines looking fine ! it's snowing in London and -2 and the place comes to a standstill, we can't handle snow !!
  2. Considering what you started with, I'd say you made a fantastic looking roadster ! Great job, love the colours and I usually hate green !!
  3. Great stuff Luke, interior and engine look amazing ! I'm blown away with your air bag set up, the boot set up is the best I've seen ! Your LEAD CITY plaque is just too CooL too !
  4. Hi Luke, good to see you back with another project ! I've been after more Pegasus wires for months, no wonder I couldn't find any if they stopped producing them ! Look forward to more, any progress with your Mustang drift car ?
  5. Looks great Roger, chassis is a real nice addition to your Merc ! Oh and i wish you luck with the next paint job !
  6. Started throwing together a small block, nothing special just a simple crate engine ! Headers may have to change as they sit a bit low, and ive run out of wire for the metal distributor. Might try adding seperate pulleys and a fan belt too...
  7. Thanks guys... Yes Stuart both units are VERY fragile, im leaving adding the front suspension as late as possible to avoid breaking it. Its also very delicate to remove and clean up, but it looks like it will be worth it... Hopefully !
  8. Very cool project Stuart, I love the 32 what an awesome machine ! Have you seen Rickards WIP on his 32 ? (RickArt ?) His was similar to this I think , just thought it might help you out ? If your stuck for parts let me know, can't promise I can help, but it might be worth asking !!
  9. Congratulations on completing this very unique build ! I wouldn't know where to start building a car from scratch, an ingenious method to use ! You must be proud to have finally completed it, well done !
  10. Wow I'm Loving this build Claude ! The roof design is genius, and the rear end treatment really suits the build. I'm also impressed the way you built the floor, and diffusers ! Wild Charger, wish I'd built this one myself !
  11. Great job on your 64, really nice kit to build isn't it ? You even got the front steering arms together, I gave up on my last 64 build there really fiddly to do, well done !
  12. Looking good Bill, looks like you got plenty of spares there body wise ! I've seen you use sprue goo before , is this used as filler ? Something I've never tried ??
  13. Great Idea Claude, thank you for the suggestion, this part is next on the list to make !
  14. Thanks for the input Gents ! Ive been concentrating getting the main parts together, before fussing over the details. Im using a new floor, new suspensions, new engine, new wheelbase and radically altered suspension height. So nothing fits ! I started by fitting the engine, replaced the now shortened front chassis rails in a new position, then new engine mounts. Inside a sharpie pen was cut up and used for the gearbox hump and a tube used for the prop cover. This will be carpeted next. New chassis rails, with a new gearbox mount, ( including holes for the exhaust to pass through
  15. Body's coming along well, look forward to more on this ! Very cool car to base this from, love seeing hot rods in bare steel i wouldn't paint it at all !
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