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  1. April pics, just under the wire. Back to home repairs and hospital visits now, but got a little bit done, more work on the scratchbuilt bed and the weathering, posting pics tonite with a borrowed computer cause mine locked up again! Maybe trim and decals next month
  2. Small update, just can't seem to get motivated again. Just an old 70's homemade tow truck, boom mounted so it can be removed to pull a trailer. Still work to do on the bed, paint and weathering.
  3. Wow, got up this morning to 16 degrees and 6-8" of snow on the ground, still coming down! Not supposed to b above freezing till friday with another round of ice and rain mid week. last time we had this weather was about 43 years ago!
  4. It's moving right along, I too love the dash, engine looks....well....good. (LOL) I take care of a 96 F/L long hood OTR truck on the weekends, got a 500 hp 3406. Big cat get's washed EVERY weekend and the paint touched up once a month, u can eat off of it!
  5. Hate to hear of setbacks, it should be a cool build. Engine looks close enough
  6. Great job, the hardest thing about these snap kits is staying away from em till the paint drys!
  7. Fantastic job on this one! I've got a couple of hood conversions, but they have required a lot of cleanup, so they are in the closet for now
  8. thats some cool trucks, why does all the good stuff come in small scales!
  9. Well, I put this one on the shelf this morning, only 11 more to go..... (at the moment!)
  10. Did a little bit more to it, it's in a "don't shake the table mode!" Got to do a little more work on the grille insert with the bars. And with so many cool trucks going together its hard to find words to respond to all of em, but i'm watching every one!
  11. Good start Jerry. If the frame is warped just tell people it spent part of its life as a log truck!
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