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  1. No problem, and thank you. Corey
  2. Here are some of the remaining pics I have of it. Not really much of any real progress shots. Corey
  3. Looks like it's gonna be a cool build Tyrone. Cant wait to see more. Corey
  4. Thanks Richard. I love the Dodge Daytonas, but I \'ve always liked the Superbird even more. Corey
  5. Ya I'll definitely have to see if I can get up there for those shows. Did you know about the Kustom Kemps show in Salina in July? That's another one I'm gonna try real hard to make it to. Corey
  6. Thanks guys. All in all it really wasn't as hard as I figured it'd be. I just modeled the hinges after a 53 Ford F-100 setup, and adapted the idea to the front clip on the Dart. Corey
  7. That'd be cool. Where and when is it? I missed one show Apr. 7th, and would like to catch all the rest of the local ones.
  8. Lol, yeah, yeah. I noticed that I forgot that also! Got it taken care of though I don't have any new pics of it. Am stuck using an inferior camera to the one I had, and the picture quality isn't very good. But I'll get some new pics of everything taken sometime, and get em posted. Thanks for all the compliments, AND the critique also! That's how we learn. I am ALWAYS open to new idea's and suggestions, and ready to better my building skills. Corey
  9. Thanks Bob, been working on a 71 Charger R/T that a friend's paying me to build. It's gonna be a custom logo- Dallas Cowboys theme'd paint scheme, with the full pro street/drag treatment. I don't have any pics of it yet, but will get some before long. Also going through the planning stages for a pro street 67 GTO to mimic my uncle's factory stock 1:1. But anyways, thanks again; I love checking out everybody's builds. Tons of inspiration everywhere. Corey
  10. Thanks again everyone. Looks like you have some cool stuff going on at your links, Darryl, and Tyrone.
  11. Thanks for all the gracious comments everyone. Corey
  12. It looks like it's gonna be a killer my friend. Corey
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