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  1. Some one got EXTREMELY lucky And uncut hood alone is worth more than that
  2. No way would I buy a so called factory sealed kit online unless it was dirt cheap
  3. I think your best option is find an original MPC annual. Not terribly difficult to find and if patient,,,, they can be found reasonable priced
  4. Ive done that exact car using that exact method Also did a similar job many MANY years ago, same basic method,,,just no box. Both done with nothing but rattle cans
  5. If nothing else, this thread is proof . drugs are bad for you. And it seems dont mix well with fiberglass resin
  6. Great pictures. That show always seems to co-inside with the Chrysler's at Carlisle show. We used to pass a lot of them going to and from Im planning to go to the Goodguys show in Phoenix this November with mine
  7. So does this tell you its a real 67 Z28 ,,,,If so thats one rare bird , even back then
  8. The only Mopar from this era that got a tilt wheel was the Imperial line, and they were even avail as tilt / telescopic
  9. Something Ive always wondered about these cars . Did they start off as a body in white? Or A running driving car ? Meaning do they have a GM assigned vin
  10. Well, I do have both 60 and 61 Imperial. but I just ckd, both of them have the hubcaps in them . I was thinking mercury or early 60s Ford sunliner maybe
  11. In all honesty, I would just like to get back to the model bench for something. Ive not touched anything in a few years now. And to be honest 2021 is not looking good for it either. I plan to retire approx fall 2022 Im thinking by then house will be the way we want it and my car is in the in the condition I truly want it to be by then Ive actually starting to thin the pile down even more than I did a couple years ago . Im planing to get down to maybe a couple dozen buildups I want to restore ( mostly original 1958 thru 1960 annuals ) and then some vintage dra
  12. I was going thru the stash and found these on the floor later..i just dont know which box they fell out of
  13. If Im out this weekend .I may hit my local HL and see if they have one of these. I REALLY dont need any more kits . BUT, In the past couple years this is the only one they've brought out that makes me even think about buying something
  14. Just how great it was depends entirely on how much it cost him I didnt see anything big money
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