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  1. I used the amt kit for most of everything, the wheels came from revell’s thunderbolt, the slicks are amt the headers are custom made to fit the chassis. I have lost count of how many times I glued my fingers to the body attaching all the side trim and trim for the vinyl top. I painted it tamyia dark blue which almost looks black which I believe was the original color of the car . The decals are old Billy gooche. This was a complicated build getting the body’s trim right and sanded around. Until next time thanks for looking 👀, Mike
  2. Not mine, pics from collected eBay listings, but would be great to hear this survives and can/will be reissued.
  3. Here’s my AMT 1971 Coca-Cola Shorty Beetle! I have several Coke kits in the stash that will likely not get Coke livery, so I figured I should do at least one with Coke graphics. It was fun picking out which decals to use from this kit’s huge selection of wild “Unity Collection” decals. I love how you can make the body removable so you can see the dune buggy chassis. The red is Krylon’s Apple Red. The kit includes a stock-ish VW dashboard, but the instructions don’t mention where it goes (I think you’re supposed to glue it into the body, but I don’t know how you’d align the steering shaft properly). I cut it down and glued it to the tubular dash structure to give the interior more detail. I could not get those fragile individual exhaust tubes to align properly so I gave up and left them off. The Coke crate comes from the Dodge D-50 Coke kit. The body is painted Testors Extreme Lacquer “Bronze” with the inserts done in Tamiya TS75 “Champagne Gold”. Part fit up is not great. The fragile roll bars are a nightmare to align, the chassis/front suspension ended up warped and the engine cover won’t close. I cut the generator belt/pulleys off and shaved their mounts down to pull it closer to the engine. Both hoods are glued shut. Overall this was a fun kit to build despite its foibles, with lots of customization opportunities. I picked up another one cheap from Ollies that will get a whole different look (eventually).
  4. This was made from a altered states resin stock height 1933 Willy’s body with a amt donor kit. The hemi is sourced from a amt parts pack. It’s painted in tamyia bright red with slixx decals . The square hole halibrand front wheels are resin pieces I brought off eBay. Until next time thanks for looking 👀. Mike
  5. I wanted to build a nice work truck for my model fleet and garage diorama. I have a soft spot for GMT400 pickups (I wish they would re-release these kits!) so naturally this was an easy choice for a build. So here we go.. I had this built-up that I did several years ago. It was ok. So I stripped it clean. Here it is stripped and all laid out. The chassis won't need modified, so I left that alone. I can weather over all of that anyways. I am planning on ditching the kit motor and using a resin 5.9 Cummins from Trailer Trash Kustomz. I would like to paint the truck red, but think a navy blue would look good as well. The kit decals are pretty rough, so i purchased some new decals from Rays Decals. Looking forward to getting them. I'll try to scratch build some tool boxes for the bed. I had added some poorly scratch built tow mirrors to the first build and they left some large holes in the doors. I had to fill those right away! I filled them with styrene rod first... And a little bit of putty and sanding... There it sits now.
  6. Hello all. I went for a stroll around a hobby shop and found the AMT White-Freightliner kit. Being a transformers fan I knew immediately I wanted to make it an Optimus Prime look-a-like. The kit isn't any exact Prime alt mode so I hope to be blending aspects from all. I know other people have already done this based on my research and it was great to get inspiration! Right next to it just so happened to be a 1/25 scale trailer too! This solidified the idea. I hope to use polystyrene sheets to fill in the ridges along the side in the shape of his iconic stripe, in theory to make it smooth all the way along just like the original toy.
  7. Now that Revell has made the MPC/AMT ‘71-‘73 Mustang kits obsolete… here’s my AMT 007 Mustang Mach 1! I left most of the kit’s inaccuracies intact, and built it as-is out of box. I did fill in the hood vent though. Body and interior are painted Rustoleum Gloss Apple Red over Tamiya pink primer with Krylon semigloss Black for the lower body. Cleared with Pledge floor gloss. I mistakenly glued the firewall to the interior tub and didn’t notice until final assembly. It should be glued into the body shell, further forward. I had to trim the firewall sides down to get the glued chassis and tub into the body. I managed to make the grossly inaccurate engine bay even worse! Exterior shots: Companion shots:007 Mach 1 with Supernatural Impala‘71 Fastback with ‘66 Coupe’71 Fastback with ‘94 Convertible Thanks for looking!
  8. Here’s my build of the recent Craftsman Plus release of the ‘63 Nova wagon. I picked this kit up cheap from Ollie’s and figured it would be a quick build to practice bare metal foil on. My last and only other car I’ve foiled was a ‘57 Chevy… and while this Nova turned out well, I still don’t enjoy foiling. 😅 If you’re trying foiling out for the first time, this is a great kit for it because the trim details are super crisp and it’s easy to cut the foil cleanly. The body is painted Tamiya TS45 Pearl White over grey primer and the interior is Rustoleum Apple Red. The pearl white looks more silvery/dove grey in person over that grey primer than a pearl white but I think it looks good with the red interior.The roof on that ‘57 is the same TS45 pearl white, but over white primer.
  9. With special thanks to a fellow Forum member for sending me a missing part, I was finally able to finish the '71 Duster 340 yesterday. The paint is Model Master Go Mango Orange with MM clear, while the hood is just black primer with satin clear brushed on. The interior is just white primer with satin clear airbrushed on and the black floors and dash are also black primer with Pledge brushed on the dash. The gauges are decals and the dash trim is very carefully brushed on Molotow Chrome. I added ignition wires to the engine, and valve stems on the wheels, while the window trim is Bare Metal Foil. What a great kit overall, and a generally fun build. Thanks for looking!
  10. THIS IS A RE-BOOT OF MY OLD THREAD. I first started work on this Galaxie in 2013. The thread for that can be seen here. I hit a problem with the body paint and put the kit back on the shelf… until now! Unfortunately, soon after I put the kit away, Image Shack started charging for their image hosting and all my pictures on that thread were lost! This is why I'm having to re-boot the thread. This kit has always had a special place in my memories. I built a Barris 'Cruisin USA' kit when I was a kid - it was one of my first models I ever build. It came out pretty well (by my standard of the day). I wish I had kept it, but many years down the line I have no idea what happened to that model (but I a few of the parts have turned up in my spare parts box!). I found a more recent re-issue of the Galaxie on eBay. It has been started and is missing the engine. I thought it would be great to do this kit again - only this time, I'd like to think I have a better set of building skills. My intention is to build a 'tough as nails' street machine with modern day 'real-world' upgrades. I'm thinking lowered suspension and monster V8, standard bodywork with simple de-badging and plenty of detail. The first area needing attention is the floor/chassis... Well, that's as much as I can add in one post. There are over 100 more pics chronicling the build right up to the body paint stage - where it all went wrong! I will try to get this thread up to the current stage by posting a batch of images at a time (as I find them). With a little encouragement from everyone out there I hope to rekindle my enthusiasm in this build and finish it off.
  11. Saw this complete, original 1/25 AMT 1966 Mustang GT Fastback kit on eBay, so have a look at the (partial, I didn't save every image) contents. Might be useful for comparison when the re-created '66 Mustang Fastback debuts later in 2022 from Round2.
  12. This is another one of my amt Z-11 kit bash projects. This one is finished with testors white enamel topped with smp decals. Thanks for checking it out, mike
  13. Here’s my Econoline Conversion Van, finally finished after about 6 months. I really wanted to build a 1980s style high roof conversion van, so I had to find a “Matilda” release of AMT’s Ford van. From what I understand, the Matilda release is the only one with this roof. At the time, the cheapest one on eBay was this complete, yet water damaged kit that also REEKED of cigarette smoke. I checked today and there are two nice kits available for less than I paid 6 months ago, so snap one up if you want a high top! AMT’s Ford van depicts a ‘75-‘78 model, so I used the custom square headlight grill in the kit to give it more of a mid-80’s vibe. The Matilda release doesn’t include the rear spare tire mount so I swiped this one from my recent “Cruising Van” release. The front and middle row seats are the custom option from ‘90s releases of the AMT 1940 Ford coupe and sedan delivery. They are similar to C4 Corvette seats and look right at home in a luxury conversion van. I only had two ‘90s ‘40 Ford kits, so the 3rd row seats are the custom option from the MPC ‘82 Cavalier. Close enough! The interior brown and tan are Krylon. For the wood trim, I first used Tamiya flat “Light Brown” and then brushed with Tamiya clear orange. The picnic table is scratch built from scrap styrene. The Matilda release includes the trapezoid rearmost side windows but only two of them. The middle side windows are leftover camper shell windows from the recent AMT Courier Mini Van. The high top “windows” are molded closed with no glass available so I just used black Sharpie to look like limo tint. The main body is painted Tamiya TS75 “Champagne Gold”, and the roof and ground effects are painted Testors Extreme Lacquer “Bronze”. The body stripes are leftover decals from the Courier Mini Van kit. Overall this kit builds up pretty nice for its age, but even in the older Matilda release there’s a ton of flash to deal with. I’m very pleased with how this one turned out! If Round 2 is listening: please bring back the high roof option! I know it would be a smash hit. Maybe leave off the kangaroo dome window though…
  14. Howdy! This year I hope to complete a build off. I’ve built this kit before, but was not pleased with the results. I forgot how poor the instructions are at times. And the parts aren’t very crisp and have heavy flash. BUT, not going to let that stop me. So without further ado… Here is the kit in question. It’s a good challenge. I plan on building the day cab dual drive version. I’ll probably weather the kit but not too heavily. Below I’ll detail what I completed today. Today I only accomplished getting a portion of the frame cleaned up and assembled. Lots of sanding, test fitting, clamping, and filing just to get to this point. But it’s a straight frame at least! Good luck to everyone! I’m excited to see the end results!
  15. Hello I'm going to build this kit to mark the 60th anniversary of the model. I will take pictures and share my experiences as I build. I made an unboxing video where you can see the parts. Based on the 3in1 option, I'm not sure how I'm going to put it together. If you have already made this kit, please tell me what I need to pay attention to. Thank you.
  16. Here’s my build of AMT’s Snap-it 2016 Camaro! I painted it Tamiya TS39 Mica Red directly over the metallic red plastic the body was molded in (possibly TS19 Metallic Red; I painted the body two months ago and chucked the empty can 😂). Interior is Krylon black primer with XF66 light gray for the seat inserts. I love the pre-painted glass it came with, complete with amber rear window defrost lines. Despite being a snap kit it has a ton of detail and it goes together perfectly!
  17. HI everyone!😄 this is my 1/25 AMT '67 shelby GT-350 this kit got some issues..I try to build it as good as I could.. not perfect...but I am happy with this result.. hope you guys like it!😄 and here is the video build if you are interested:😄
  18. Today I figured it was time to drag out of the archives, the original, vintage Boondocker Blazer I bought off of ebay years ago. I don't even remember how long ago I painted it but I'm pretty sure it was with high temp engine paint (hugger orange). Today I will attempt to do something I have been putting off for years now. The daunting decals. I have 3 sheets to choose from. Including the vintage originals. I think I'll go with the newer ones that a member of this board generously sent me. I'm very good at screwing these decals up. I've already done so with 3 of the side window ones. I don't know why these decals seemed so easy when I was a kid.
  19. Hi All. I just finished my version of a supercharged 1957 Ford Thunderbird Land Speed Racecar. My version is inspired by Ford's Battlebird and modified for land speed trails at places like Bonneville and Muroc. The model is based on the AMT/ERTL kit. I created the front end from the back end of a '34 Ford fenders and roll-pan and scratch-built the tonneau cover. I scratch-built the McCullough supercharger from left over misc parts. I kept it simple by not detailing the molded chassis and even still used the metal axles. By the way, the vintage-style trailer is a modified race-boat trailer from a Bronco combo-kit. I hope this inspires more kit bashing and customizing. Enjoy.
  20. I’m finally finished with this Supernatural Impala build! After two botched paint jobs, fighting the ill-fitting body-to-chassis marriage, smudged Molotow at the last second, and never ending static/dust, it’s safe to say this model was equally as cursed as the Winchester boys from the show! It came together in the end, but there’s a fair amount of blemishes that don’t show in the pictures. Built box stock, except for the tires which came from the AMT ‘66 Mustang Coupe. The tires that came in this kit were very rough with flash and fit the rims poorly. The car from the show never actually had white letter tires, but I think they look pretty cool here. I modified the steering rack to make wheels pose-able by cutting the tabs off where the rack glues to the chassis, and simply not gluing the steering knuckles. I left off the A pillar spotlights just to get it finished but I might add them later. Overall my build looks good enough for my shelf so I’m happy with it. I’m glad to have a model of a pretty sweet and unusual (hero cars are RARELY four-doors!) TV car in my collection!
  21. Here’s the final results of my ‘75 Blazer snap kit rebuild! See my WIP for build details, but in short I built this kit as a teen 15 odd years ago. I hastily built it then so I decided to redo it to my current skill level and standards. I’m very pleased with how this one turned out!
  22. Here’s my build of AMT’s Indy 500 Dodge Stealth! This kit was molded in a pale metallic yellow to match the custom painted real “official” cars. Whenever I get a molded-in-color kit, I try to use the bare plastic body, polished with a coat or three of Pledge gloss, assuming there aren’t any flow lines in the cured plastic. This rarely happens with metallic plastic (or solid colors for that matter), but this particular kit looked perfect! Kit goes together pretty well, but the under hood hoses are a bit tedious. Despite being a glue kit, there are a lot of vestigial promo/snap kit features in the assembly which was kind of interesting. Overall a nice kit to build of a cool looking car, so I’m surprised they still sell so cheaply on eBay. I actually bought a two pack of this kit for $16!
  23. I recently bought an AMT Rescue Van model, but built it as a (more or less) stock van. Building it brought back lots of memories of back when vans were "the big thing". My parents had a couple over the years, both cargo vans purchased from my Dad's employer, and the later one Dad and I worked on together. I wasn't old enough to have a license yet, but sure enjoyed the time spent with him as we bought a bench seat from the wreckers and installed it at home- measuring, drilling holes in the floor and all. So, I decided to build another van. This time I started with the AMT Police Van, which is more or less the same kit apart from a few accessories. I'd never customized a model other than a few minor details, so I figured why not try a custom van 70s style. Or at least start out in that direction and see where we end up. I started by cutting the body into pieces (gasp!) and removing a section from the middle to make "shorty" van.
  24. Is the 1/25 AMT '32 Ford Tudor Sedan kit lost forever? Granted, with the newer and better 1/25 Revell '32 Ford Tudor Sedan more easily available having the older AMT version back is hardly necessary, but it does offer some unique things, and even for the sake of nostalgia, I think it still holds some appeal. If anyone here has one of these, please take some pics and share with teh class. Pics from eBay listings, just to show the contents: AMT's generic Ford hot rod decal sheet:
  25. I made a couple of minor changes t the Supernatural 1967 Chevrolet Impala Supernatural kit. It is now a Biscayne police car. I probably don't have all the police items correct, as this is the first time that I've ever done a police car, and I'm out of my comfort zone. I did not include an areal as they have a tendency to get knocked off, or worse, broken. When I introduce it into a diorama sometime in the future, I'll then include the antenna(s). I really expect to see AMT produce a police car from the Supernatural kit as the interest for the kit wanes. For those of you who are considering this transformation, I have some information to add. The rear center of the trunk has to be reworked. Impalas had a trim piece on the lower edge of the trunk. The Biscaynes do not. This trim is molded on with the rear bumper. You will need to carefully cut that from the bumper, sand it smooth, and add it to the bottom of the center trunk lid. The tail lights are also different. Once again, turn to the rear bumper. Carefully file the upper trim from above the lights, leaving the backing intact. After the trim is removed, sand the detail from the light area. I used parts bins lights for it, which suffice quite well, since I'm just going for a shelf model. To reach a higher level of authenticity, I would suggest that you plan ahead and acquire slightly larger lights, and include the trim surrounds for them. The seats have to be addressed. Straight from the kit, the seats don't match each other. I resolved this by sanding both seats semi-smooth. I then added .010 strips for the detail. I did not alter the trim on the doors, as it would not be noticeable through the small window openings. If you're using the beige color that some departments used, you may want to give the door panels consideration. The 1965 Chevelle wagon comes with surf boards and a rack to carry them on. I used the uprights for the racks to build the sides for the light bar. The cross piece was in one of my miscellaneous parts drawers. It was a piece that says remove on it, and probably was from the hood opening section of a long built model. This one was perfect as it had to round areas on either side that matched the emergency strobe lights. Those strobe lights came from the red lens trees for big rig trucks.
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