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  1. Where would I go for a 6 pack hood for a amt 68' RR kit? Whats my options?...
  2. Hi guys i started my second proyect based on the Ford 49 Coupe by AMT Initially was a challenge i had than consisted in built a box stock model in just 12 hours. I started like 8am and by 2pm i hadn´t painted any part. Lost a lot of time trimming the body, shaving the door handles, and a lot of flash it had. I primed it, then painted in black as the base coat and then i used createx iridium violet as the final color. By 8pm i just painted the body, finished the chassis without weathering, some cabin details and striped the chrome paint
  3. Just for kicks I thought I'd show you my Firebird that I recently completed. After many, many years in our hot attic, I decided to resurrect it. But one of the tires had melted into the rear glass! So, what to do? I made it into a convertible, of course. Cut out the sunroof panels on the front windshield, fabricated a "trunk" and made a boot from scratch, based on some pictures I found on the world wide web. So don't throw those old kits out! Re-purpose them! Thanks for looking -John
  4. I haven't done fire decals on a model since I was a kid, so I figured I'd play around with what I've collected. Kit is an AMT Snap kit recently reissued, and I decided to throw on some paints and details to make it better. Entire kit was done in a weekend, even while I was working on my "Phantom" van! Interior was done in Semi Gloss Black and Fabric Gray with silver gauges and trim. Body paint is a mixture of One Coat Firey Red and One Coat Mystical Maroon (maroon color darker at the top half, lighter red at the bottom half...). Undercarriage was a light brushing of aluminum paint for the muffler and piping, and gunmetal for the bottom of the engine (hardly any detail in them anyway...).
  5. Started out late 2013,this is the ones done in 2014. Thanks for looking and merry christmas to all of you.
  6. My favorite Hot Wheels car as a kid was the '36 Ford NEET STREETER. The look of that chopped 3W coupe all jacked up gasser-style was pure attitude. I wanted a "quick" project to finish for an upcoming contest, so I grabbed an AMT '36 Ford, a Malco '33 Willys, and started putting things together: That 427 Cammer is going to be a tight fit. Notching the X-member got me an extra 3/32" of setback, which may allow the blower drive to clear the radiator. Originally, I was trying to find a Miss Deal to use as a chassis/suspension donor. If I come up on one, that still could happen.
  7. My last work, a K-123 from the AMT kit. The guy who ordered it to me wanted this truck, white and rusty. So I made it at my sauce This kit isn't easy to assemble, no numbers on sprues, a lot of parts don't fit well... I don't like this kit but I had pleasure to make the weathered body and the details. Well, time to show some pictures ! Photos of the interior soon ! Leave your comments
  8. My version of the bugaboo painted with testors chrome yellow and clear coated with 2 parts future floor wax and one part simple green cleaner give its that wett look found that tip on this message board but what do you guys think is a good wax to polish over top with ?? any ideas would be welcomed thanks for lookin
  9. Happy labor day,,I was at the LHS today,,and wow,,AMT is kickin out some really great kits,,as is Revell also,,but one caught my eye right off the bat,,the 78' Ford F-100 "Superstones" PU,,,and it was the only one on the shelf! Nows its at my house,,all safe and sound. Theres about another 6-7 kits I wanted to get but didnt have $$ just now,,but I opened this kit,,and its really nice,,little to no flashing on all the parts, great looking decals,,ect,,,gonna finish my 1/16th MPC "Streetcharger" Dodge Charger,,and the 78' Ford is next,,thanks AMT/Revell for crankin out many of the re-pops from yrs ago,,way cool! Happy Building!
  10. Just finished this restoration of an original AMT '66 Mercury Cyclone 390 GT. You can get the full story and see more pics on my site at the link. http://www.svensworldofwheels.com/66_cyclone_page.html
  11. http://www.motorcities.org/Story/Remembering+the+early+days+of+the+AMT+corporation+1950s70s+br+By+Robert+Tate+Automotive+Historian+Researcher+br+Images++Courtesy+of+Robert+Tates+collection-348.html
  12. This is the old AMT kit. I have seen some write it is kinda bad,but i enjoy building it. Any comments are welcome.
  13. I haven't posted anything here in ages, because I haven't been building for ages. I recently found some time to resume this wonderful hobby and rather than finish one of my WIP's, I started another project in true Modeler's ADD fashion. This build began with a Bandit Resin 1971 Chevelle. I provided Bandit with the master for this resin kit, including a flat hood and a front bumper and grille that does not have an SS emblem. The body is a repop of the original AMT 1971 Chevelle annual and can use an AMT 1970 or 1972 Chevelle to build. Bandit's offering also includes a rear bumper that is missing the SS emblem. That bumper was found in the AMT 1971 Chevelle annual.I removed the SS trim from the body, including the wheel opening moldings, then slammed the stance over a set of big and little Rally wheels I got from Steven "Z-Man" Zimmerman. The hood is from an MPC SSlasher Chevelle. Here it is in primer with the wheels painted. Here it is shortly after the first stage of painting was completed. Decanted Testors Citrus Yellow Metallic. I applied the Heavy Chevy graphics courtesy of Fred Cady then cleared with decanted Testors Wet Look Clear.
  14. I got mine a few days ago, and of course had to rifle through it. Some pros: good cast detail and parts count, very full box, great decal sheet. Some cons: non-chromed fuel tanks (this is a little thing I know, but I remember the originals having chromed tanks), some casting flash (to be expected for a kit of this vintage), (to me) an odd parts breakdown (how they were seperated). All in all, a good kit and a welcome re-issue. I have my order in for a second kit so that I might build an extended sleeper version. Thanks to AMT for re-issuing this kit.
  15. Hello Friends, I just completed this OOB, about a month's time of building using enamels and acrylics, including Alclad paints and the Kustom Kolor metallic red. It's been almost 10 years since I've built a model car...glad to have returned to the hobby. Thanks. Frame/Chassis: With the Body on:
  16. Hi. Can anyone confirm if the wheelbase is identical on the kits on the pictures?
  17. Recently I saw a built 1932 Ford Roadster that was a center steer drag car. It had a nice tonneau cover over the drivers area except for where the driver would sit. When I asked my buddies at my local model club. They said it is a AMT kit and that the parts for this build are included in the kit. Sooo here is the question to all of you are much more knowledgable than I am. Which version(s) of the AMT 1932 Ford roadster kit has the parts needed to build the center steer drag race version? Hopefully it will be a verily recent kit. Don't want to break the bank. Thank you in advance.
  18. I'm building a 1965 El Camino, from the AMT 1/25 kit. But there is a problem with the taillights, look like too smalls ! Maybe there are chrome bezels, but I don't find anythings in the kit... A picture will explain : Anyone has built that kit ?
  19. Hello Gang, I can't believe it took me this long too find this site, Very glad an excited too be here, I love too build Model cars, Mostly IHRA,NHRA Drag racing and muscle car's, I have been building my Whole Life almost, I started at about 10, and won my first couple of contest's back then at my good ol little town Toy shop "remember them" HO and Slot car tracks, Models stacked too the ceiling, and all RC Cars were on a cable, with 4 giant C-D Cell batteries!! My Toy shop was in my home town of Bucyrus Ohio, it was named Sullivan's toy land, I had the hook up, the owner son was also a class mate of mine in same school, I loved that place, My first car that I won with was the "Red Alert Chevelle, "recall that car" Its the first time I wired my engine! I used Yellow Thread from my mom's sewing box! also, carpet, "no flocking yet" So I cut the Top layer of our carpet from behind the B/w Tv, "at 10 It was 1970, we received our color TV about 74,My Pops went nuts when he took the old TV OUT lol, My car was decent, I put glue in the bottom if interior pan and sprinkled the shaved carpet fibers in,,lol, I won!! any kit of my choice, I took the 63 Corvette "Rod Shop" red white and blue! She was big scale, like 1/16 or something, also received spray paint, brush kit and glue "testers of Corse, and that's my story, been hooked ever since, I been getting into Sterline and retrofitting parts, I can't believe some of the new stuff out here too help us build, I was out of it for about 18 yrs, daughter, family and a thing called work, back then No Internet, only magazine's once in awhile, I love the Flocking, and the Ignition wiring kits, "no sewing thread" lol, I do fuel lines now, and break's, I have gone on too long, can't wait too meet a few or all of you and trade idea's and tips, Oh, ,I just started the Green Elephant F/C, using the 74 Schumacher Vega, and slixx decals, just Now opened the Box, Funny its a 95 kit "18 yrs old, and didn't bat an eye, "wife was like That's a collector item"..lol So..Im building it!! "Its a model car kit thing" lol,,BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH,, Here I go again,, sorry, ok, drop me a line, I have posted a few of my cars, "Just don't know how to find them now" There in the gallery, under "aspence5, or alan spence.lol,,maybe booboo60..anywho, drop me a line any time, take care, and Build On Gentlemen..
  20. Hi Guys, I want to show you my first build thread: It´s a AMT Ford Galaxie 1961 or something, Custom. So long, here are the pic´s: Ahh...what do you think about my sidepipe?
  21. My first post here. Been working on a replica of my dad's truck, he had a 1977 White Freightliner. I consider myself a novice builder but would like to share. Highlights include, custom decals, rear window and third axle chop.
  22. I had this kit as a kid & loved it, but I've never seen another one since with the exception of the occasional ebay listing. AMT included a real grille, front and rear bumpers and tail lights. This has been my Holy Grail kit for decades. AMT also issued this kit, which I've never seen apart from ebay listings. IIRC, AMT issued these kits the same basic P/N but one has a 3 or 4 character extension. The box art indicates that this one may not have the front bumper or grille, among other things (decals?) Anyone know anything about these kits?
  23. Hey guys i got pics im uploading as of now but im working on my DR kit and even though i have no idea about paint and etc... im at least getting things assembled and will have pics here in a bit ...i would like to find another set of wheels for this truck...for the rear drives are planned on another build and the front steers i dont care for all that much and would love to find a set of buds for it if anyone has a spare set?...on to the build pics....(come here in a bit for im uploading as of now!) Edit: Here is the wip start pic! The rest which is just pics of the tree's them selves can be found below vvvv http://s186.beta.photobucket.com/user/brady_381/library/Diamond%20Reo Comments & Criticism welcomed!
  24. Hey all, so glad to be back here on the forums. Man, I missed them. It isn't much yet, here's my work in progress: A '32 Ford Roadster from an older, sealed 1980's AMT kit I bought for $10 at the Mid-Atlantic NNL in May. I've ditched the fenders and running boards and will channel the body over the rails. I'm going to try to use the kit wire spoke wheels if I can clean them up really well. I ditched the kit tires as well and they've been replaced with the thin stripe Firestones from the AMT Custom & Competition tire set. As you can see, this worked perfectly because the kit's wire spoke wheels would have covered up a good portion of the wide whitewalls. The front tires should be a little smaller than the rear, but they look pretty nice and I can live with it. To get the front end as low as I want it, I used a dropped front axle from the parts box, no doubt from an older AMT 2in1 kit. I would buy 1/25 dropped front axles by the dozen if I could, by the way. On a side note, I highly suggest getting a subscription to some of the car magazines out there. They're super cheap via subscription and give me a lot of inspiration.
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