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  1. Didn't come out too bad. Had a problem with the fit on the front end of the car.
  2. Hi everyone! im new and this is my first post, I am working on a '69 Prostreet Charger by using all kinds of different kits (If your new to modeling this is considered "Kitbashing") I will have pictures up soon but for now I can list the parts im using... A '69 gtx chassis and interior (Both b-bodies) A '68 hemi from the '68 hemi dart kit by revell A general lee kit charger body Testors paint Some old sandpaper A Fuel Cell from a die-cast engine And more... If you guys want to know more just ask me and I'll Have those pictures up soon I also have a youtube account - ModelCars InYards View Goals: 100-X 500- 900- 200-X 600- 1000!- 300-X 700- 400-X 800-
  3. Hey guys, this here is my second build of the year and it's a replica of Dom's Charger from Fast Five. It's being built for the Fast and Furious cbp. Starting out as a Revell 69' Charger it's going to be re worked to look like the 70' charger. Here's the start, small update and end result. First order of business is moving the front reflectors back a bit. Here is what the end result will look like, give or take. Thanks for looking more updates to come.
  4. Here's Dom's 70' Charger from the movie Fast Five. Built for the Fast and Furious tribute build to go along side Brian's 72' Skyline also from Fast Five. Built as close as I can to the one seen in the movie. It started out as a Revell 69' Charger, the w.i.p is here http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=87233 if anyone is interested in seeing the building of it. The grille was made from scratch with styrene sheets layer over one another then sanded down to be mostly accurate. The wheels were modeled by me and printed by Shapeways. Most of the interior was also made from scratch covered with heat and air duct tape for the aluminum look. I'll try to get better pics of the interior a little later. Thank you for looking!
  5. Hi, this is my 68 Charger. I tried to give this model a little bit of a drag racer feel. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Enjoy
  6. I've got the bestest wifey ever. She's into my racing,r/c racing and now into modeling.she has built a few snaptites and wants to do her first full blown build without any help from me haha. She wanted me to make her a w.I.p thread so figures why not. More to come.
  7. Nothing fancy just a clean quick build. Love how easy these kits build. I saved the decals for the case its in due to the fact the color was way off from what I intended and I didnt feel like stripping and repainting
  8. Hey guys here is my first post on the site ive been watching and learning so much new stuff, i have been building since 6 years old but once i got a real car at 16 the models slowed down ... well ive built several real cars ( 5.0 mustang, ranchero, miata, etc) and its time to get back into the models. With 3 jobs its hard to find time but luckly the real estate business slows down a bit during the winter and no body wants to work on a real car when its cold so models it is, i am currently working on the 69 Yenko from 2 fast 2 furious and will be posting it under work in progress, i have picked up as many of the f&f series cars that i can find and here are a few that are already done. The Charger I built about 8 years ago so dont judge me lol j/k ill take any advice i can The Supra I had started it 8 years ago right after the charger but boxed it up and opened it back up last winter The mustang this one I started after the supra last year but got distracted by the ford turbo 2.3 1980's kit that i found on e bay so that was the project that ended last winter, 2 weeks ago i got back on the mustang and finished it a couple days ago. Thats it so far the yenko is in progress and after that comes the eclipse, monte carlo, lightning, and any others that i havent picked up yet. Thanks for looking at my post. Carlos
  9. I got ahold of this kit back in march. Ive been slowly working on it here and there. My grandfather had a black 67 just like this one but with a 383 so I wanted to try and make it as close to his as possible except for the engine. Ill post pics of his real charger soon. I went ahead and dressed up the engine with some krylon red, some aluminium for the heads, intake mani, "cool can", front cover pulleys. Brushed the rad cap, battery, hoses, etc. The body was sprayed with pactra rc lacquer I got from a local hobby shop. The interior which you cannot see at all due to my poor photo taking has brushed aluminum accents on the doors, center console and dash board, gauges and such. I used some gray krylon for the interior color cause it was closest to my grandfathers. Turned out nice. The exhaust pipes and headers are painted stainless steel which you prob cant see while the mufflers and exhaust tips were masked and painted aluminum. I like to think that this car has some nice aluminum heads and a good bottom end... imagination strikes. There are some flaws here and there that you cannot see but I try to ignore them. I hope you enjoi it as much as I did building it. Feel free to ask questions.
  10. Well on lunch here figured I'd post some builds here I have a 71 Dodge Charger RT in pumpkin orange paint.Its going to be box stock but adding steellie body color painted wheels have a look.
  11. I dug this up from last year, it needs a little TLC but its technically done...so I'm posting it here.
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