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  1. So, there are these guys on youtube called roadkill, they do crazy things with old wrecks of cars, they did a car called the nascarlo, they took some old late model paved oval track race car and put a '70 chevy monte carlo body on it, they had to move the roof back for it to fit, and it looked prety cool and weird: i know the monte carlo body that im going to get, but i dont know if there is a set smilar to the original car they used, something that i could use the chassis from, if not, it will be a bit difficult trying to make the chassis when i have hardly no experience. does anyone know of a set like this, with the chassis, looks like the body is a chevrolet, or an immitation chevrolet atleast. here is a link to the video for anyone who wants to watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUefSKCjP8w i forgot to mention, the picture above isnt the final piece, its what they started with, this is the final car:
  2. I was digging through some boxed up stuff the other day and found some of my early builds from when I got back into the hobby. These are probably from the mid-late 90's. Some are pretty dirty and the decals have yellowed with age, but I like 'em anyway. Comments welcome. Michael Waltrip's car (that he destroyed at Bristol) Bobby Labonte Kenny Wallace Chuck Bown Ricky Craven (the original Rainbow Warrior) Jeff Gordon (driving for Jack Roush) Robert Pressley Tommy Houston Harry Gant
  3. Following O.C's lead, here are some of my old builds, Buicks this time. Some dust and yellowed, just like me Darrell Waltrip, Junior's ride Ricky Rudd Bobby Allison, my all-time favorite driver and maybe my favorite car as well. I have all the parts and pieces to do this one again a little better! Hut Stricklin, took over the #12 after Bobby's career ending crash (I really liked this paint scheme) Bobby again, the car that crashed at 'Dega and started the whole restrictor plate era Thanks for looking
  4. I may have posted this before but I can't seem to find the topic. My wife's father owned his own local Texaco shop here in Richmond and raced this Ford all along the eastern seaboard. The only reference points I have to build this car are historical pictures from the net (whatever I can find, anyway...), some sketchy memories from his kids who were really young (ages 2~5), and this only pic of his actual car: From my brother-in-law's recollection, the fenders and wheels were black, the body panels are burgundy, and the roof line is white all the way back to the rear bumper (CORRECTION: white to the bottom of the rear window, burgundy all the way down to the bumper...). The bumpers themselves were metal girders attached to the chassis by the frame rails, and very little, if any, logos were on the car save for his name, the "number 9" on the door panels, and MAYBE a Texaco label somewhere in the back. Since he ran his own Texaco shop, he wasn't much in the way of advertising for anybody else, so he didn't decorate his car like all the others. What I'd like to know is info and pointers from those of you who have built these old racers. Specifically, I picked out this kit to build the car off of... From the looks of the image on the box I suspect the car is lowered somewhat so I'll have to actually beef up the suspension some to make it more natural looking. Any thoughts on this, or am I using the wrong kit for this project?
  5. Alright, so a good friend of mine has given me the task of building him a tribute build in memory of his father who he says worked on Terry Labonte's Monte Carlo, seen in the 1984 era. Being that his father worked on the cars, and the fact that his father started building the model, he had also written down a couple notes pertaining to correct colors. Specifically, he noted that the roll cage is red and netting is blue. If the cage is red, would the floor and undercarriage also be red? I'm trying to be accurate with the colors on this and need some help. photos for reference: https://www.google.com/search?q=AH-1Z+Viper&es_sm=122&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=GJwaVcDaHouzoQTM6YDYCw&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAQ&biw=1280&bih=920#tbm=isch&q=terry+labonte+1984 thanks in advance for any tips.
  6. I have a complete, unbuilt NASCAR-Revell Dale Earnhardt Jr. 2003 MonteCarlo (Kit 2842). All is there except the box lid and the instructions, which I already downloaded from Revell's site. I'm looking to trade it for any Volkswagen model. Brian
  7. I used to own a 1984 Pontiac Grand Prix. The only kit available are NASCAR varieties of this 1981-1987 Pontiac G body car. Several people have done this conversion; many times using the 1/24 Monogram Monte Carlo as a basis. I decided to stay with 1/25. The MPC Grand Prix NASCAR kits had nice bumpers. The also had huge wheel opening bumps. This is a big job to eradicate. The MPC '80 Class Action Monte Carlo provided the glass, interior tub, chassis and 305 Chevy V8 engine I needed. With very little filing, it all fits I originally omitted the photo of the best available MPC Monte Carlo kit. I got one at a local store relatively inexpensive. It was re-issued by Round2 in 2008.
  8. Was looking at some of the parts this person is selling on Ebay and they look familiar. Wanted to get the pro street tubs. Anyone get parts from this Castenparts person and if so, how was delivery and quality? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Resin-Pro-Street-Back-Half-Chassis-W-Tubs-/221309191326?pt=Model_Kit_US&hash=item33870e449e
  9. Just saw this on line http://www.autoweek.com/article/20140130/NASCAR/140139985?utm_source=Alert20140130&utm_medium=enewsletter&utm_term=missedarticle1&utm_content=20140130-NASCAR-confirms-overhaul-of-Sprint-Cup-Chase-for-the-Championship-format&utm_campaign=awAlert
  10. Hi everyone, I am building a 1985 Sunny King Ford NASCAR. I would like to check any available interior pictures as reference. I was particularly interested in the seat, and what they looked like in the real thing. I'm not sure that the kit seat is a true representation of what a seat in one of those NASCARs looked like. thanks in advance, everyone. chris
  11. Just recently got big into modeling again, but this time more than ever. Always built models by the box, and never have done any scratch building or aftermarket detailing before this model. Thought I'd document the progress and look for advice along the way. Anyway, model is a 1998 Jeff Gordon Monte Carlo, started 12/21/12. What will be used of the chassis and roll cage. Starting to build the roll cage: Thanks for looking. And please post feedback! I know I have a lot to learn from you guys.
  12. Being I'm within the first four months of being into this hobby and have taken a liking to race cars with Nascar top priority to this point, I know very little about after market, detailing or photo etched parts for the Nascar kits. How or should I say what is the way to find out ALL the after market, detailing, or photo etched parts available for Nascar kits in the scale model hobby ? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  13. just a quick build of Dale Earnhardt's 1988 Goodwrench Chevy some parts were missing in the kit but it didnt turn out too bad!
  14. can some one plzzz help me with some websites for model race car parts i have used the parts box but there not that many race car parts so any web sites u use plzz post them
  15. Hi all, here's my other project that I'm also working on as well... It's Mark Martin's Army 01 NASCAR . Here's a picture of the actual car: Body Primered and painted (had to wait a week for the black paint to dry before I could apply the decals) Front end Decals Applied Rear End Decals applied
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