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Found 22 results

  1. Good evening, all! This project completes the trifecta of kits that have languished on my bench. As with the previous two (56 Delrey, and 57 Chev Convertible), I opted to simply complete this as a box-stock build. Beyond paint, glue and foil, only what came with the kit. I enjoyed the build, but did find myself scratching my head at times regarding some of the decisions made by the kit manufacturer, the most curious thing being the 4-wheel disc brake option, but only offering the factory single reservoir master cylinder, with no power brake booster. All in all, it was an enjoyable build with few issues. Paint Tamiya gold metallic base with Tamiya Transparent red as color coat, followed by Tamiya clear.
  2. I finished the AMT 1955 Chevy Bel Air over the weekend. Although I am pretty happy with how it turned out, I feel like I coulda/shoulda been more patient and took more time with it to really knock it out of the park. I took some shortcuts with the engine swap and exhaust, front suspension mods, and rear suspension mods. It ended up with a little more rake to it than I'd like, and I also missed some details like disc brake rotors. Anyways, the color is Metallic White with a custom mix of craft paints for the Light Orange. I cleared it with Decoart Duraclear Gloss Varnish, wet-sanded and polished with Novus #2. The interior is a custom mix of craft paints for both tones, and I even made an attempt at a 5-ball shifter. Most of the engine is from the AMT Baldwin-Motion Camaro kit, with some parts box pieces to top it off. The wheels are Pegasus Chrome T's 19" and 23", the hood from Lex's Scale Modeling, and the coil from MAD Modeling. The trim is a combination of Green Stuff World Chrome airbrushed around the windows, and I used BMF for the side trim. All-in-all a fun project that I hope I learned some lessons from. I thought the second set of pics looked pretty cool with the way the sun came in through the window. Thanks for looking!!
  3. My Bel Air just arrived! Thanks to Helmut and Geno I knew I had to have one. My family had one just like it with the exception of the V8, I am pretty sure ours was a 6 cylinder. I spent a lot of time in the back seat between my older sister and Grandmother on rides and summer vacation. I think Hachette did a pretty good job mastering this one. I need to get some license plates to finish this one off.
  4. New box art for the forthcoming 1/25 AMT #1283 Dyno Don '62 Chevy Bel Air Super Stock: Real car:
  5. Here's my finished '57 Bel Air. This is the Pro Shop kit with the PE parts. They were very nicely done.
  6. I'd be interested in knowing who has built the AMT '57 Chevy Pro Shop kit. What started out as a great kit now has fitment issues.
  7. I'm on the last stages of putting together AMT's Pro Shop '57 Chevy, but I can't get the front nose to come down all the way. I've tried everything. I don't see where it is binding, and everything looks "right" except the nose. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  8. Painted Tamiya pure white and TS-44 Bright blue, this was supposed to be a rebuild of an older one. The older one is still soaking in the paint remover so I decided to start a new one. The engine is from the original issue of the 57 kit while the twin 4-bbl intake and valve covers are from the new tool AMY 57. That's it for now, thanks for looking!
  9. hi everybody here is some in progress pics of my Chevy. it is the latest release of the somewhat new tool bel air from AMT. I am surprised by the level of detail this kit has. It includes spark plug wires and a firing order diagram it also has some bare metal foil and a full sheet of photo etch witch has the aluminum side panel inserts and all of the badges the one thing I don't like isthat it has plastic inserts for the white wall tires
  10. Attached are a few pics of a project I've worked on for a couple of years and am now nearing completion. I like 4drs. Mostly so I can build my police car models but also because they are just so very rare in offerings from the styrene tyrants. This was a bit of a rough one. I used a promo for the base and unbeknownst to me, these promos are evidently injected in some kind of ABS or something NOT styrene. SO, you can't just work with grafting on styrene to build what you want. It all has to have styrene superglued to it as a base to work off of. Still, it is finally about done. I modified the tub, modded the rear bumper to create the four tailight base version over the six one on the Caprice. Another scrap grill donated the "Chevrolet" script for the header panel and I added the Bal Air's Chevy Bow Tie to the center of the grill. Make some door mirrors and find some button caps and it's done. Thanks for looking..
  11. I've had this on my shelf for a couple of years, always planning to build it stock. But I found a flame mask I bought a while back and I've got an urge to try it out. I found some deep steel wheels, in my parts box and some nice tyres, too. I'm using the custom suspension included in the kit and I don't think I'll need to cut it about to get the ride height I'm after.
  12. Picked up this kit on sale because I wanted to do a tri-five Chevy and this 57 looked like a good kit. Normally I don't like 2n1's, 3n1's, etc., but this wasn't too confusing. I got my inspiration from "Black Betty" (pictured below) but I flipped the colors as I don't want to do a gloss black car yet! Colors are Rustolem Cranberry and Rustoleum Gloss Black with 2 coats of Rustoleum Gloss Clear. All said, it was a good kit with no real fit issues. I kept the stock engine in this one, but I did want to put it in the weeds. I flipped the front end and gained what I was looking for. In the back, I just made little bump stop lifts to raise the axle. It doesn't drag the ground, but I tried smaller wheels that looked too small for the car, so I used the ones that came it the kit. Not a huge fan of "slammed" cars in real life, but I switched from making this a gasser once I opened it. Maybe next time. Thanx for looking.
  13. I bought this kit around 2002. I planned on working on it with my 2 year old daughter. Well, things didn't go as planned and I learned I need patience. So, In the closet it went. Fast forward to October 2016. I pulled it from the closet and gave it a revisit. The more I fiddled with it the more I saw what I wanted to add or subtract. I wanted to do some things I've never done before like cut open the doors and trunk. Since I've never done these things before, this kit taught me quite a bit. The things I can do, the things I can't do and what to do when things go wrong. Lets get started... I knew at the very minimum, I wanted this stance and these Boyd Wheels from the Shezoom kit. I love the look from this view. To get the low rake in the front I flipped over the front spindles so they sit atop the frame rails instead of below. Then I smoothed out the firewall. Then I deleted the emblems on the rear quarter, the hood and trunk. I also removed the door handles although this pic show them. Then I added a new way to open the hood. It was stewing in my head for 3 days before I acted on it. It works pretty well. Also you see the spare HEMI that came with the Charger kit. I cut off the mopar transmission and mounted the GM one in place of it so the motor sits better. I also had to create motor mounts. Next I cut off the doors and trunk. This is where I begin learning. Hinges are tricky and what I finally ended up with, I'm not entirely happy with. I was just tired of working this step over and over and trying every option over and over. I quickly began to realize that I've created multiple weak points because they kept snapping. It occurred to me that I saw a video once on youtube about repairing guitar nuts suing baking soda and super glue. This trick works very well for model kits too. It hardens like concrete. Then I started thinking what if I made the lights functional. At this point I started thinking that I am never going to finish this kit. As you can see, there is plenty of room in the engine bay of a shoebox for a HEMI. Stay Tuned...
  14. I'm debating on weather or not re doing the rest of the chrome in Alclad. I have three different chromes (bare metal foil, kit chrome, and alclad) Used bare metal foil for the interior window trim, and the seat trim polished some aluminum tubing to make some snazzy exhaust tips The kit didn't have any mounting nubs for the heater hose on the intake, and the water pump, and I didn't realize that until after I got it together, so I drilled some holes in the H2O pump and the intake, and ran some D guitar string in the hose to keep it's shape, and to mount it to the engine.
  15. Guys, I know this has been done a million times, but I was so pleased with the way the Chezoom chassis fits underneath the '62 Bel Air. The paint is fighting me, but at least now I've got motivation to do something about it!
  16. Back on the bench after a long break, where I'll be building a slightly modified, updated version of the 1957 Bel Air that my dad built back when he was younger (going to be a birthday gift for him). His build was the original 1963 release by Revell, and really showed how tough the kit went together. I was trying to find the same kit on ebay, when I was lucky enough to find out that the recently released Ed Roth kit is the one I wanted, at retail price (surprised I haven't seen anyone else building it yet ) Here's a few pics of my dad's build: My plans are to paint everything pretty much the same as his build, but clean up all the parts as best I can as well as make sure they fit great. I'm also stripping all the chrome so it's easier to clean up the parts, and I'll be coating them in Alclad chrome. I'm also going to use some parts box tires instead of the kit tires (even though they are one piece rather than the old two piece). Starting with the chassis, I painted it all satin black and painted the gas tank and exhaust aluminum. My dad used the lift "shackles" from the drag version in the back, so I'm doing the same. Of course, this meant modifying the exhaust on the driver's side to fit properly since it originally ran above the rear spring perch.
  17. This is a snap- kit from Revell. Chopped, shaved, nosed, decked, interior mildly sectioned, frame stepped, custom grille and other minor modifications done. Tell me what you think of this one!
  18. Here´s my version of this kit. Almost box stock, tyres from Revell ´68 Charger with whitewall stickers from Pegasus. Basic plumbing & wiring and few modifications. Color: Tamiya luftwaffe blue. Flame color: Tamiya pearl white & pearl clear. I used flame lazy Modeler flame masks. Allthought kit needed a lot of work I´m still quite happy with the result. Of course there´s many things that I now could do better and that´s the reason I´m planning to buid a Fleetline version in the near future. Questions and comments are welcomed as usual. Thanks for looking!
  19. I had a lot of problems with this build, including no clear plastic parts! However, I was able to save it and make it into a fantastic looking build. I had to buy the clear plastic from a 57 and trim it to fit the car. I also had to fabricate my own turn lights. I still think it looks great though.
  20. Hi. Can anyone confirm if the wheelbase is identical on the kits on the pictures?
  21. As the title states, post your built Revell-o-gram 1/12 scale '57 Bel Airs. Since many threads that I've seen have pictures that don't exist anymore, I figured it would be cool for everyone to post 'em up here. Here's mine as of now (though I plan on rebuilding it this summer):
  22. Hi everybody, today i want to show you my 57 BelAir. On this kit i made some more technics to weather all parts of it. Like interieur, exterieur and Decals. I built it in June this year, based on the first issue of the Revellkit. The History of Belair: The Chevy has come on in years and has a wild youth behind. The current owner has taken care of him. He is currently at the stage when he left the front damage repaired with used parts front and rear wheel arch on the left has been de-rusted and primed. The trapper damage, the rust on the rear and right are still so when he bought it in pitiful condition - for which he cares little by little. Inside, he has had more luck. The inventory lists a broken window on the right, worn seat cover, headliner loose and dirty panels / rear seat, the rear parcel shelf has been cracked by the sun - everything is possible. Well, the side windows are renewed. The owner can not waive his or her means. So he must always carry out the work so that he comes to the job every day. What happens to the engine? Additionally, he is still at odds ... Therefore: "Rolling Restoration": And now? Photos (a little more than usual) around the outside at irregular times. Have fun;) ...
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