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  1. I mean rare auto models could be models of rare autos, rare models of autos and rare models of rare autos. They could be produced by factories or the factory models customized by collectors or scratchbuilt models made by enthusiast DIY guys. In my collection are all three type of rarities to find but I have to admit I can`t decide how much rare is a model of a car in the world – I know only how difficult was for me to find that one. The scratch built models are all one-off and I dare say they are rarities. But this forum is about diecast models I don`t know may I show here such models ? W-Motors Lycan HyperSport 2012 and Fenyr SuperSport 2015 Wikipedia says: W Motors is an Emirati sports car company founded in Lebanon in 2012, being the first developer of high-performance luxury sports cars in the Middle East. Based in Dubai, the company's activities include automotive design, research and development, as well as vehicle engineering and manufacture. I found the model of Lycan HyperSport first. The model is made according the box by Mondo Motors but on the base of car is www.jadatoys.com and Made in China. The scale is 1:24. (some years later Jada made a 1:55 Lycan) After checking photos I decided to detail the model, especially the enterieur by painting. There are a lot of details in the casting but everything is black plastic. It is too bad that after assembly the inside is nearly invisible. And some elements of inside: The Fenyr SuperSport is a really toy car (with pull back motor, ligts, motorsound or musik) but the shape is really good. The model produced by Newao Toys in 1:24 scale. The inside is detailed a bit in factory but not perfect to 1:1. As there are so much electronic with wiring in model I don`t dare to take apart the car. (for the time being) Enjoy the pictures - all comments are highly appreciated.
  2. WOLOMOPRO say Worlds Longest Modeling Project: It began in early 1968 as I saw first time pictures of the Lamborghini Marzal in the hungarian Auto-Motor magazine. I fell in love with in no time. I was a young draftsman and I made the 4 views based on the photos and main dimensions. And with my ambition to be ones an auto-body designer. Naturally my goal was to make a model . I took a block of polystyrene foam (insulation) and curved the body. My idea was to laminate some layer of newspaper with epoxi on the surface and remove the polystyrene foam after . But this would give a very thin lamella so I cut grooves first in the styrene for drag-wires glued with the same epoxi. After some sanding the body looked better as I hoped. In the 70`s I started to make dashboard, front and rear panels with rubber bumper, etc. I came to realize before long that windows should be made too. But I had no idea what material can I get and with which technology can I make this huge windows. The initial momentum die down slowly . At end of the 80`s I made seats with similar method as the body and tried to make wheels but I couldn`t make the fine details. During the 90`s could gear my workshop with more and more tools and my technological knowledge broadened materially. So I could make the wheels higly detailed. I made a negativ by candel wax from the wheel had been made formerly and scratched the details negativ in wax. After than I dilute the mixed epoxi by nitro thinner and „painted” the form inside. As the nitro evaporated I molded with normal epoxi much like a pasta. Next I copied a tyre and made „rubber” tyres by black silicon sealing-compound. Since I retired have more time. I made a little vacuum table and made more windows for 1:64 and similar. The only problem of Marzal remained the window furthermore. I coudn`t found any water-clear plastic for vauumforming. Before 2- 3 years my son asked me why don`t make the Marzal ? I told him the problem. I visited him January 2020 and FOUND material ! As I finished the Bugatti Royale Berline de Voyage I gone on the Lamborghini Marzal projeckt to finish. With the help of reference pictures I could make many details. What I made during the 5 decades was not all of the parts good enough . So I could use only the body, dashboard and the wheels. The other parts must be corrected or made new. Totaly I build the model from 234 pieces - scratchbuilt, molded, printed, curved, cut, bended or vacuum formed and plus 4 pc pins from 1968. (they are the axles) The body upper half painted with Strato Silver the under one with Nimrod Grey metalic by Holts Repair Paint. The inside is brush painted with Revell Aquacolors. Chrome made by Molotow pen. (I apologize for my poor english)
  3. Hi Buddies, today i want to present you my Lincoln Futura - a fabulous Conceptcar in the fifties. I choosed a color like the boxart shows, built it simply "out of box" I started last year in November to build it. All kind of bodyparts (even the chromeparts too) were sanded to fit "perfect" to another. The chromeparts are painted with alclad. It was a lot of work, for a couple of weeks it went back in the shelf, before i was happy with the sanding-marathon and put the filler on it... So, enjoy the pictures Thats it. I had a lot of fun to built this old kit. Thanks for your attention, all kind of comments welcome
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