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  1. Built many years ago from the Mission Impossible kit
  2. Hi to all of u great Model builders.. as promised this is my second car that I post.. I hope you all will enjoy......
  3. My best friend built a replica '69 Hurst Olds convertible back in the day as his first car. During his stint in the Air Force he had her along with the family car and when his enlistment was up, the decision was made to return to West Virginia from Holloman AFB in Alamogordo, NM. The problem was they could only tow back one car behind the U Haul so the decision was made to sell the Olds before heading home. Like many of us he now regrets that decision and dreams of one day having another. Since my numbers for the recent Billion dollar PowerBall didn't hit, I decided to build him a desktop model instead. Since there is no 1/18 scale diecast of the '69 H/O convertible (or the 442 or Cutlass convertibles for that matter) I picked up the '69 H/O hardtop model and plan on converting it to a drop top. Doing so will require a total respray which means the H/O & Olds fender emblem decals will be lost. Is there a company that makes the 1/18 scale Hurst Olds decal sets? THANKS
  4. Just for kicks I thought I'd show you my Firebird that I recently completed. After many, many years in our hot attic, I decided to resurrect it. But one of the tires had melted into the rear glass! So, what to do? I made it into a convertible, of course. Cut out the sunroof panels on the front windshield, fabricated a "trunk" and made a boot from scratch, based on some pictures I found on the world wide web. So don't throw those old kits out! Re-purpose them! Thanks for looking -John
  5. Hello. I`m searching for uptop for JoHan 1964 Cadillac convertible. Is there any aftermarked source for this?
  6. I'm starting to work on a '58 Impala to replicate Buck Baker's convertible. I've found very few reference pictures. Where can I get more information? Thanks.
  7. This was a convertible conversion I built from an AMT '64 Hardtop kit. The resin boot came from the Modelhaus. I built this over 20 years ago and recently pulled it out of my display case to re-photograph it. You can see all the other pics and read the details on my site at the link. http://www.svensworldofwheels.com/64sspage.html
  8. Revell 1;12 scale GT500 kit. Have a coupe but had some ideas for the convt kit. Since I work at a ford dealer it was easy getting measurements to the shelbys.WE took them on test drives and what a car. Most of us cannot even run this car wide open. The parts of your bodies that you think is tough, well, not in this car.Here is a wip on this fine automobile. Hope you like.
  9. I had a lot of problems with this build, including no clear plastic parts! However, I was able to save it and make it into a fantastic looking build. I had to buy the clear plastic from a 57 and trim it to fit the car. I also had to fabricate my own turn lights. I still think it looks great though.
  10. Hello. I`m onto this old Cadillac project and would like to do an attempt at restore it. The problem is,i dont know what exact year it is,so if anyone on here does know 100% exact year of this Cadillac i would really appriciate the help before i go on order parts. Some pics.
  11. Thought i`d just post it as finish before i was tempted to throw it in the dumpster. Did so many errors and faults i could write several pages on it,but i`ll cut it short. I forgot to paint mirrors,messed up decals for the interiour,forgot to paint the underside of the hood,wrong color on the radiator beam,forgot to paint the top of the front housing the lights,grill etc. I painted the shaker in the same color as the surrounding of the grill,but the paint was really weird,like it got sand in it. So i stripped it,then painted it satin black,with flat black gasket,but this paint was weird too,it was only flat on spots and i stired the can really good before paint,so it`s in strip right now. And to top it all,i was painting an Chrysler 300C the other day,the Cuda was getting clear on the same day. It was in the same room,but far away from where i painted the Chrysler. Even so,it`s full of paint dust from i was painting the Chrysler,the list go on and on and on The paint is Tamiya. Decals i found on parts on Ebay. Tires are from Revell 69 Charger. Wheels are from Scenes Unlimited. Plug wires are Hobby Design. I do not recomend these,way to stiff. Radiator hose from Scale Production. Heater hose,i dont remember. Plates and quarter decals are from 71 Cuda Street Machine,MPC? Some photos. Thanks for looking.
  12. This is from the Revell Germany kit of 1991. I have been packing it around forever. The body piece had a decent warp in it, most of which I removed with hot water treatment. There is still some warp there, but I think when I get the rest of the kit together it may straighten out. The overall quality of the kit is really poor, and it was molded in a softer version of styrene, or some other plastic. It is coming together though, and I think (hope) it will make a nice shelf model. I will paint it Boyd's Aluma Coupe pearl yellow. The windshield piece is broken in two right down the middle, so I will have to scratch something together for that. Keep tuned, it will be done soon hopefully.
  13. I have a 1/18 scale Die cast Motormax 58 Impala convertible. I have turned this car in to a fully shaved kustom A$$ dragger. It looks awesome as it site but there's a huge problem. The ugly 5th wheel or continental kit is on the back and the bumper sticks out in the middle and looks rediculous. I really want to cut it off but I am not sure how to go about putting the bumper back together once I have cut it. This is the one I have.
  14. Hallo everybody, today i want to show you a kit out of my category "hate the kit". Its the 1969 Plymouth GTX from amt "byers choice" and the first plan was, to wreck it and put it without front on my junkyard. Work in progress (planed to cut the front, hood was fixed), i was looking for the color i would like to paint, if is real to get for this car, i found this one: ...with a interesting story: Just 16 HEMI-equipped GTX convertibles were built in 1969, and this is one of them. It hasn’t had a restoration since the 1980’s though, and as such it is far from perfect. It is however numbers matching, the seller claims. We have no reason not to believe the seller, though if you’re going to plunk down $275,000 (the asking price) you might want to do your homework first. This is one of those rare muscle cars that might surface just a few times in a lifetime, so if you’re a serious collector you might want to get on top of this one. WOW! What a price! Changed my planes. I changed the grill and rear bumper from my other GTX, sanded the quarterpanels, wired the engine and thats the result: The hood is fixed - thats the result of the earlier idea with missing front... More pics: a look inside... ...then i changed the Stickshift with a scratch-made and overhauled the mirror...
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