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  1. My third build ever might not be anywhere near close to Tyrone's Mustang but I'm proud, enjoy. Any comments welcome.
  2. I love this car, wish I would have plumbed it but this was one of my first real builds years ago. Im 30 years old but did not really start building till about 06ish
  3. This is an older build. It has changed a little, but this is what I had at the time, so feel free to comment or make suggestions, because I'm never actually done with a build. Two tone interior, don't know if you can tell, they're close colors, added clutch pedal and gear shift Before and after Painting. Rear view (tail lights have been redone) Front view Very low detailed engine, but like I said: I'm never done with a build And just a little fun Sorry about the bad quality pics! Took these with my Ipod.
  4. Hi, my name is Dave and I have loved model building since I was a young kid living in NY. Back then it was not the sears catalog that was cool but the one from Auto World in PA that was the coolest. There are long periods that I have not built anything because I would get hung on something during the build and it would get set aside, sometimes for years. I also run marathons so there is a lot of time training that I do not get to work on anything. I love the 60's and 70's funny cars the most but I have built many other types as well. The biggest problem I have is that during the down time I would keep buying kits that I thought were cool. Now I have more than I will ever build. I should sell but just can not make myself do it, the thought is " no I may build that one someday" . I do not think I am the only one that has this problem, I hope.
  5. Here is Arnie Beswick's '62 Catalina SS drag car. I really enjoyed building this kit, it is well made and comes together nicely. I did bmf and decals on body today, and should have this one under glass by the weekend. I am unemployed , so it leaves me a lot of time at the workbench. This will look great on the shelf, and be a good start to my '60s super stock collection. Think Thunderbolts, Hemi Darts, Cobra Jet Mustangs, it will be fun. Stay tuned
  6. It's been quite some time since I was here, but it looks like this drag racing forum sure picked up speed! I could remember an echo in here, now there's folks taking and posting 1/16th (my fav) Just a shout out to two incredible time consuming builds by Mooneyz and Vintagedragfan....the Calif. Charger and the Army F/C are UNBELIEVABLE......makes me want to sell a car and buy a lathe, but then I would NEVER come out of the shop. I thought I knew detail, but I don't I was lucky enough to grow up in the golden years of drag racing, and my dad worked with a lot of racers, our home track was Fremont, and I saw ALL the iconic cars of the day....I am also old enough to actually have bought the Revell 1/16th models off the shelf when they first came out. It is SO good to see how many people have found this hobby again.... Anyway, to get to the reason of the post. I have been stockpiling parts and pieces, and am feeling the need to start building again, so I thought I would hollar out to any folks with photos of a few cars. Mike Sullivan's Fiat Fuel Altered (the blue one) Prudhomme's or McEwen's Hot Wheels FED's (Snake - Mongoose - for search purposes) Howard Cam's Rattler (the orange FED that slixx made the 1/16th decal set for) What I have is a good collection of drag cars....all sorts, floppers and rails mostly, name drivers, unique cars, I have some I have taken myself, but most are from years of collecting from the NET.... I also have very high quality digitals of drag boats and a lot from the pits for details if anyone is doing a drag boat model.... anyway, so good to see the hobby going well, and I look forward to watching a few builds take place..... ps.....has anyone done the JT-Graphics 1/16th Hot Wheels Snake or Mongoose build? (that's why I would love some photos of those cars!)
  7. Took awhile but I got the 34 Ford Altered Done and added it to my stable of Drag Cars. The base kit is the WWB "Winged Express" which was built up as instructed but then I added a few details to it like the spark plug wires and fuel lines as well as the Throttle linkage at the rear base of the injectors. The headers were drilled out, Most of the chrome peices were stripped and repainted with different shades of metal. The wheels had valve stems added to them and the rear tires are the kit tires but they were sanded to give them a better look also the I rounded up the square edges of the tires. Jimmy Flintstone supplied the 34 Ford Rat "T" body used in this build I picked it up at NNL East last year. After soaking in Westley's Bleach White for 24 hours I sanded off the drip rails, hinges and door handles and door lines were filled and I shot with a coat of Plasti-Kote Primer and the blue is Dupicolor Pre-Mixed shot through my airbrush then the dry transfer decals were put on. I shot 4 coats of clear Lacquear sanding after each coat except after the first coat. After the last coat of Clear I worked my way up to a 12,000 grit sandpaper. Then buffed it out using two cuts of polishing compound then wax. Hope you enjoy the pictures of the "Freedom Runner" 34 Ford Altered Hope you enjoyed my build if you would like to see more picture of it during the build check them out here http://s81.photobucket.com/albums/j206/chuckinredneck/34%20Ford%20Altered/
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