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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, Wow, this project took me 9 years to complete. Good thing it was a "simple one". So my 2012 Grand Sport is finally done. You can check the progress thread here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/96016-2012-corvette-grand-sport-conversion/ Chevrolet launched the Grand Sport version of the C6 Corvette in 2010 in both coupe and convertible. It features the wider body cues of the Z06, upgraded brakes, suspension and other performance oriented features. The powerplant was the LS3 (6.2L) engine. Visually, the Grand Sport features unique fenders. I started this conversion years ago. A lot of work went into this one. Word of advise: I used a snap kit as a starting point thinking it would be easier, but no it is not. I ran into all the traps that entailed. Using a full kit would have probably been a better choice. What makes this a 2012? The color is Carlisle Blue which is a 2012-only color offered in the Corvette. This car represents the following: 2012 Corvette Z16 Grand Sport Coupe GLF Carlisle Blue exterior color Grand Sport specific 6 speed transmission 3LT Cashmere interior Options: Z15 - Heritage package silver fender hash marks J55 - Cross drilled rotors (Standard on Grand Sport) BA5 - Black fender badges Grand Sport (replacing standard chrome badges) H33 - Cyber Gray Metallic Headlamp Override (headlights different color than body) J6F - Red Calipers Personal touches: Rear spoiler painted body color C7 Z06 wheels Scratchbuilt brakes (rotors and calipers) Puerto Rico license plate Puerto Rico emissions inspection/registration sticker Mesh front grille with supports (which ended up looking like the stock one) one heck of a toothpick Hope you like it. What do you think? Thanks, Ismael
  2. The inspiration for this build is the 1:1 vehicle that I purchased last year, on the 'bucket list' -- 2019 C7 Grand Sport , Coupe, Arctic White, Heritage package, Carbon Flash badging, machined face 'cup' wheels, two-tone interior. Last version of the front engine/rear wheel drive Corvette. This will be a challenge, but lets give it a go.. .picture below is what I will be striving to recreate!
  3. Hello, While working on the C7R and planning on another C6R and another C5R, somehow, this random thing came up and sneaked into my workbench. Let me explain: Dick Guldstrand was called "Mr. Corvette". The accomplished and very successful multiple championships winner race car driver was also a gifted engineer with a deep understanding of how cars work. A friend to Zora Arkus Duntov, he was a big contributor to the early Corvette racing success. He drove the original Grand Sport for Roger Penske as well as many other winning cars of his own creation throughout several decades . His company, Guldstrand Engineering Inc. built racing Lolas, Corvettes and many other competition vehicles to be raced worldwide. He also helped in the development of early racing C4s. He was a chassis/suspension genius. In 1986 he made his first special edition car, the GS80 Corvette. Then in 1995, he unveiled his Grand Sport 90 or GS90. Using the ZR1 as a starting point, it had a carbon fiber body designed by Steve Winter, a Doug Rippie tuned LT-5 producing 475 HP, and of course Guldstrand worked his magic on the suspension with special coilovers, special anti-roll bars, Brembo brakes and many other goodies. Dick Guldstrand himself drove it to over 190 MPH while retaining everyday driveability. GM supported him at first, with the idea of offering the GS90 as a dealer option, but backed out soon after since the C5 project was well underway. The pricey endeavor costed him a lot of money. At the end only 6 cars were made. There was also a convertible version named Nassau Roadster based on the C4 convertible with a supercharged LT-1. I have always liked the car, ever since seeing it on my May-1995 copy of Corvette Fever magazine. It still looks great even after almost 25 years. Unfortunately, Dick Guldstrand passed away in 2015. Here is a video of the car: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPswPoQ9IsA Fortunately, there is a scale model of this car. However, it is from AMT. I don't like AMT at all, but this is the only game in town for this car. The model was released in the late 90's and has never been reissued as far as I know. My plan is to build it as a curbside since I suspect fit will be a problem. Dry fitting the body immediately showed fitting issues and very thick molded body parts, making the curbside idea more appealing. So this has become an exercise in body fitment. My goal: Proper fit of all body panels to pay homage to the original masterpiece. Here are some pictures of the progress so far: Heavy mold lines were addressed Yikes! This will take some serious fitting. Out comes the lumber to stretch the body slightly so the rear bumper can fit a bit better while the glue dries. Much better. Still more work is needed but going in the right direction. Hood fit is lousy to say the least The worst fit is the nose My "body/chassis jig" showed a slight warp in the nose. After careful studying, a precise cut was made so I could wedge some styrene to correct the warp. Disregard the brass tubes in the firewall. It was an unsuccessful attempt to pin the hood down. And nothing happened here! Lots of filler... ...and slowly getting there The model calls for installation of the nose and rear bumper after the chassis is installed. Yeah right. That ain't gonna happen! I modified the chassis for easier installation and made some templates for covering the reworked areas. That is where we are now. Still working on the C7R and starting another C6R (its own thread coming soon) but I suppose this will take center stage after the C7R is done. Of course that is if nothing else randomly lands on the workbench What do you think? Thanks,
  4. Does anyone have any idea why none of the major model kit co.'s have produced a kit of the new (now 4 yr's old ), Corvette Z06 or the newer Grand Sport. And just announced is the 2019 ZR1. This is an iconic sports car, Revell has done the racing version(C7R) of the car, and they have done many versions of the new Camero. If it is a licensing issue, looks like Revell got around that on the 'base' C7 by taking laser measurements of an actual car. I thought there would be demand for such a kit -- appreciate any thoughts on this, thx Al
  5. When I first saw this on the Chevy website a month or so ago, I knew I had to build a duplication of this Heritage Edition C7 Stingray Grand Sport. Lot's of custom building went into make this Revell Snaptite base Stingray Corvette into a Grand Sport. The side fender vents are styled diffferent, the wider 4" rear wheel wells had to be created, brake vents and covers for the upper rear vents, front airdam splitter, side rocker splitters and rear spoiler splitters added, those were a major pain to do and hard to see too for all the effort. Wheels are exact Cup style wheels, a link to Plamoz.com provided by another member here made all the difference to make this a pretty cool replica build. Paint, Duplicolor Artic Polar White, Electric Blue and Electron Red for the color accents. The inset images in the top pictures are from the Chevy website representing the actual car. Some build features
  6. I love the new Corvette C7 with only a few things I don't like, like the odd non-Vette taillights, do not like them, but I'll accept them. Looking at the new Grand Sport Editions released earlier this year, one is especially special, the Heritage Edition. A reverse color combo, white body, blue stripe and red fender hashmarks. I'm in love with this color combo, so here I am building one from the Revell Snaptite 2014 Corvette. The Grand Sport (GS) and Z06 have a few body differences from the stock Vette. One is the rear wells are flared 4-inches for wider tires and the rocker-air-ducts located in front of the flares. Also different is the side vents have a unique trim design for GS and different for Z06. First had to cut out the stock wheel well edges to maintain the marker lights, fairly easy to do and added the air-ducts detail Next to replicate the side vent GS design Body work done, shot the paint, ready to clear next... Looking pretty close so far...
  7. Hello. I`m searching for the the Grand Sport intake setup (see picture). So here are some questions. 1: Does any aftermarket vendors make complete setup for Chevrolet small & big block engines? 2: Is there any model kits avaliable with this setup today? Thanks Tommy
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