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  1. I finally finished my 1965 Chevy Stepside, trailer and 1968 Mustang Drag. I got the trailer from a junk yard I got off ebay. Put some nice rims on the trailer and added the scratch buit tire rack on the front. Thank you for looking Original '68 Mustang Drag thread - Link Original '65 Chevy Stepside thread - Link
  2. My latest is a black 1968 Mustang GT-500 Drag car. It’s an older AMT kit and I found it to be a bit challenging. It took me about 2 months to finish this one as I put it down many times because it frustrated me. I made the drag version of the car and put the larger engine in it. I could never get the drag exhaust to fit properly and since I had worked on the car for so long and was so far along I simply did not put an exhaust on it in favor of tossing the entire model in the trash. The sponsor stickers on the side came from other kits, such as the AMT Lowboy and the Revell Peterbilt 359 Conventional. I found the gold strips in an old model kit of the Titanic that my father gave me a long time ago. I have a trailer that I have customized that the car will go on and be towed around by a modified ’65 Chevy I am currently working on. Hopefully I will have that done soon and you guys can get a look at the entire package.
  3. Here is a 2013 Mustang Boss 302 I just finished from the Revell kit. It is box stock with interior flocking done. This was the first time I used Gravity Colors paint and I must say they are superb. Color is Ford Grabber Blue. Primer is Plastikote grey and clear coat is Rustoleum 2x gloss clear. I also used the Gravity Colors polishing system for the first time. Had a bit of a fitting issue during final assembly getting the body mated to the interior and chassis but overall it's a great kit.
  4. I took a short break from my long term projects to knock out a quick build for Christmas. I found this 1964 1/2 Mustang kit on clearance at Michael's for less that 10 bucks, and since my wife's sister and her husband have this car, I thought it would make a fun gift for Christmas for them. It was a challenge to get it done in time, including a long Christmas Eve, but their reaction was well worth it! Here's a link to the WIP. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/108886-1964-12-mustang/?page=1 Here's the kit. Here are some pictures of the actual car:
  5. A great eBay purchase. Bought on Wednesday and arrived today. Have some duplicates of the Mustangs, but that is quite alright! This is my second attempt. Sorry Harry, but would you please move this to "What did you get today" Thanks
  6. C1 Models from the UK. The Mustang kit consists of fender flares, deck lid spoiler, front splitter and intake ducts
  7. Hey, guys, here's my latest build - a Revell 64 1/2 Mustang convertible. Pretty much OOB, but I saw many pics of these cars with a luggage rack and decided to make one for this model. It's made of .035" styrene rod, and it wasn't easy to make! Very tedious work, glue joints kept letting go, so at some point I said that's enough and went with it. Not perfect, but it will have to do! Paint is Dupli-Color (I forget the color name) blue with wet look clear (3 coats). Nice kit - went together well. I like the 1st generation Mustangs! Comments welcome! There's plastic dust on the radiator and hood. Let's say they're 1/24 scale bugs for added realism. Yeah, that's the ticket!
  8. My first (and probably my last!) airplane build. Made this for my father's Birthday over 3 days (staying up to 3am on the 3rd day counts, right?). Its box stock, and not historically accurate, but it looks fine enough on the shelf. Enjoy.
  9. Recently completed this one from Lindberg, It was one of the bargains I picked up at Ollies for $8 about a year ago. A very basic kit, all the parts needed trimming of flash and cleaning up so they would fit together. Paint is VHT ceramic hi-heat silver, wheels are from a AMT 72 Nova.
  10. 1968 Ford Mustang GT by Revell This is my first time build with Bare-Metal Foil, not easy as it looks!
  11. While still working out details on the Steam Punk 31 Ford, and looking at the stack of kits, the 66 Stang struck me as something to help me reset my focus. Not a bad kit, but I had a few ideas I wanted to throw at it. Although, the oil filter was the first thing I didn't like. So, off it came. Rotated 180 degrees and... now looks more like it should. Next, some of the chrome went into the Purple bath for a quick soak. and now ready for their new looks. Most of it will end up matte aluminum. Also started on the engine assembly. Added a layer of flat stock to the oil pan to eliminate the hollow look of the original piece. Still need to rechrome the oil filler cap. Also combined a small piece of flat stock and three chopped pieces of sprue to create the fuel pump and filter combo. Will add the fuel line connector back up to the carb, and to the cars fuel line when I start the plumbing and wiring phase. This is just a test fit to make sure the additions aren't getting the way of anything else. A little clean up and touch is needed as well. As always, feedback is welcome.
  12. This has just been released, it's a well made documentary on the design and conception of the 2015 Mustang. Lots of history and archival footage etc... a great watch if you are into Mustangs. I rented and watched it on Amazon Prime for 99c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1gVT-_sHRc
  13. I'm taking a short break from my long term projects to knock out a quick build for Christmas. I found this 1964 1/2 Mustang kit on clearance at Michael's for less that 10 bucks, and since my wife's sister and her husband have this car, I thought it would make a fun gift for Christmas. Here's the kit. Here are some pictures of the actual car:
  14. Before i start I am going to provide some back story to this build. When i was younger (9 or 10) my grandma loved cars. my grandpa had just passed away and she needed something to do in her free time so she started building model cars and being the young kid i was i got interested and started building for a few years and then we moved away from my grandma and i just kinda stopped until about a year ago well my grandma just passed and this has gotten me interested and her dream car was a yellow 66 fastback mustang so i guess its time to build a mustang as much as i hate ford. so i have a few questions where can i get decals small enough to look good on a 1:24 scale i have talked to a few lettering guys near home and they say they cannot print this small and make it look good so is there anywhere to get some? will have pictures of the started build later today.
  15. Painted with Duplicolor paint & clear. Wheels/tires are Pegasus. Detailed interior, smoked headlights, lowered stance, BMF "5.0" emblems, flowing horse decals from Boss 429 kit, & painted tail lights. Fun kit to do until they issue the actual model kit(hopefully).
  16. Hey Guys going to start Another Project, this time The Revell 1/25 2015 Mustang GT SnapTite Kit (Red Version). I'm going to keep it red and have it sitting on some Aoshima Volk Racing TE37's in Bronze. Going to also have some added touches like painted Pony Emblem in Grill, Tinted Headlights and Fog Lights, Ford Pony License Plate and some other little things. Hope you guys enjoy!
  17. Just checking in and saying hi from Oklahoma land. Old man, no current builds but a few survivors from the 1980s. Been re-collecting some projects and especially want to build a copy of my full scale 1969 Mustang Coupe using the Grande Resin kit. Here's a few of the old builds for now. 1940 Sedan was built to be like the 40 Sedan in my garage at the time... model done back then, real car sold so I could work on my real 1969 Mustang. 1987 Turbocoupe drag car as the 87 Turbocoupe body on the 85 Pro Stock chassis before any TC kit was available. The 1985/6 Prostock car was done before the 87 with opened doors, trunk and removable front section. 1970 Boss 429 was basic build, toothpaste polished plastic with engine detail. 1940 Coupe Drag was the earliest build with a tilt up body and single drag seat/engine/drive line from a funny car kit. Getting interested again in scale to build a copy of my still in progress actual 1969 Mustang I've had since 1974. Back on the road this year and just picked up an affordable copy of the 1969 Grande body so now seems like a good time to start at least. Last pic is the real (but rough) 1969 Stang... fun (to me) story of that pic is I used to own the white TransAm back in the 80s, sold to a friend who had to sell it and recently got it back to rebuild and the 1978 Rally Sport Camaro was the car my wife and I actually met in back in 1980. Fun pic... But enough rambling... Stephen
  18. In the movie, Sean looses his car, so uses his dad's mustang shell and his silvia engine to create this drift racer. AMT's old 67 mustang is a nicely molded kit, but the fit issues are substantially bad. The rims were way oversized and incorrect, so it's now running viper rims and tires. I painted the stripes rather than using the decals. other than that. it's all box stock. It's pictured with my DK's nissan.
  19. This is a race car restoration project I've worked on over the last year and a half. It's a 67 mustang which was one of about 25 built by Shelby for the SCCA Trans Am race series. Like the GT350s Shelby built for the SCCA B/Production class, this had all the Shelby tricks. In 67 the Shelby team used 4 of these cars to win the Championship. The rest of the cars were sold to customers for racing. Equipped with a race prepped dual quad hi-po 289 engine, Top-loader 4-speed trans, relocated upper a-arm mounts, Monte Carlo bar, bigger disc brakes on the front from a Galaxie Wagon, Drive shaft retainer strap to keep it from falling if a u-joint failed, 9" rear axle with the customer's choice of gear ratios and Galaxie Wagon rear brakes with racing shoes, racing oversize wheel studs and nuts, an SCCA-approved roll bar, "Over-Rider" Traction Bars from the top of the axle into the interior, stripped interior with 1 fiberglass racing bucket seat and racing harness, special racing gas tank with dual electric fuel pumps with the battery in the trunk, rear fire wall, no heater or even fan, American Racing magnesium Torque Thrust D Wheels, Goodyear racing tires, racing headers and straight dump pipes ending in front of the rear tires, front license plate recess cut out for an oil cooler, window retainer straps, hood pins, brake cooling ducts, racing springs, Koni double-adjustable racing shocks, fire extinguisher, aluminum plates where the headlights go, racing wire harness, Tach and Oil Pressure gauges set in an aluminum dash insert, No speedo, aluminum switch box on the center tunnel behind the shifter, etc. They left Shelby's Culver City California factory truly ready to race except for numbers and fuel. The car is owned again by its original owner Fred Sutherland. He had bought it new from Shelby for about $4,000. It's now worth in the neighborhood of 100x that. He won some races and set some lap records with it. While working on the car, I ran across a race program from an SCCA race at Willow Springs in 1969. In the back there is a list of lap records for the track. For the A/ Sedan Class which is the over 2-liter class for Trans Am cars, Fred held the lap record with this car. That is in spite of the fact that the Shelby team and many others used this track for practice. Just before ordering this car, Fred had won the regional Championship for B/Production with his 289 Cobra. The engine was rebuilt by Dave Dralle who successfully raced Cobras in the 60s and is considered still to be one of the best with Cobras and Mustangs. It dynoed at 487hp, which is about 17hp more than the Bud Moore Mustang Boss 302s achieved in their Championship year of 1970. This was a full rotisserie rebuild. The car had wound up in the south parked outdoors with some serious rust before being re-acquired by Fred for us to restore. The 3rd photo is from the 1st test session at Willow Springs with John Morton driving.
  20. Hey everyone, just thought I would share this with you all, It would be really cool to have someone do this in a Scale Model like 1:25 or 1:24. Tell me what you guys think about the Car, I personally like it!
  21. Hi Everyone! This is my first post and my second build (excluding the one I built when I was 9). Very grateful to have found this forum and excited about getting into modelling. Everyones posts and tips have helped a lot. This is my second build and Im working on a 2010 Shelby GT500 Stang in 1/25. Would love everyones feedback. Note: accuracy is usually not my goal, I just like building cars I like. Disclaimer: I own an auto body repair shop and have the luxury of using water borne automotive paints (only for the exterior) using testors enamels and tamiya acrylics for the detailing. Got the engine built and detailed a bit, along with the chassis. For the chassis I used a reverse wash technique I read on a miniature modelling site. Painted the base with a semi gloss black acrylic and topped it with a blue enamel. Then used zippo lighter fluid to remove the blue from the high spots and then dry brushed the aluminum and steel. After painting my first car with spray cans (testors one coat lacquer - turned out pretty good) my brother was nice enough to give me his iwata eclipse airbrush and compressor for christmas. So I built a booth. I took pictures during the process but not sure if anyones interested in how i built it as they're a lot of tutorials online (mine has LED lights and toggle switchs).
  22. My ADD was kicking in today, so I dug this one out and did some work on it. Stole this pic from the web but this is the kit I have. Here's the body ready for clear coat. I'm leaning toward trying out Future on it. Maybe a mix of Future & Simple Green. I read on swannysmodels.com that the right mix of those leaves a killer wet-look shine. I'm hoping clear coat will brighten up the yellow decals. They look kinda pale as is. Anyway, once that's done, I'll come back & shoot the hood semi-gloss black. As a side note: this is the first car I've done panel lines on. I'm not a fan of that normally, but I thought I'd try it out here. VERY subtle effect on this shade of blue (which is totally cool by me). Engine is ready for final detailing and some black wash for a lightly used coating of grime. I was going to black out the ridges on the valve covers, but a quick internet search showed they didn't come that way. So I'll give them a light washing too just to add a little shadow. Nothing to dramatic.
  23. Here's my latest build fresh off the bench. I built it for an upcoming new book about Mustang models by Bill Coulter. It's a mostly out of the box buildup of the '80s vintage Monogram Mustang 7-Eleven funny car kit with the addition of Slixx decals and some other details. You can read all about it and see more pics on my site at the link. http://www.svensworldofwheels.com/84bluemax_mustang.html
  24. I built this '72 Blue Max Mustang funny car using the MPC kit. It's mostly out of the box except for the addition of some Slixx decals and a couple of other little add-ons. You can see more pics and read all the details on my website at the link. http://www.svensworldofwheels.com/72bluemax_mustang.html
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