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  1. Wheels & rear deck lights from Custom Squads, decals by Speedway Decals. This represents a patrol vehicle that was reconfigured for duty as a supervisor's car, so I simulated a few rubber plugs where the wiring for the roof lights & antennas were removed.
  2. This is a nice little subject that is very popular with the 1:1 police collectors/restorers. The ready availability of the MPC Squad Rod along with my fervent desire to do anything 1) POLICE, 2) 4dr and last but not least 3) 1970's brought me to this one pretty quick. Most of what one needs is there but as always one must spend quite a while removing the styrene kit builders equivalent of a heroin addiction to fastback roof lines on dang near every kit out there and fashioning in a more dignified and authoritative 4dr c-Pillar. Plus a natural sedan trunk lid surface. In its current incarnation with me, it's almost done. And only about 2 & a half months on it too! (of course there are three others on the bench right now too) Am I getting faster? Personally, I sure hope so as long as the end result does not suffer. There was some tedious re-aligning of the door tops from sloping downward 2dr ones to almost squared off 4dr ones. plus you must add the Impala/Caprice body accent welt line from the top edge of the rear door across and down the rear quarter panels. it is VERY faint in this scale and takes a bit of doing. Please have a look, and thanks for stopping by! Phase 1:
  3. OOB except for the license plates and an MV Products lens for the tail light. Custom decals by Speedway Decals.
  4. Did what I could with the headlights to get closer to a 76, compared to the later style in the kit. Decals by Speedway, overhead lights from Custom Squads. Chris
  5. Combined the Revell Impala & Caprice kits to get a '95 Caprice; wheels & tires, side mirrors, spot lights, and license plate mount are all Custom Squads resin. Custom decals by Speedway Decals. Roof light legs are from Shapeways. Jonah
  6. My latest project start, my take on the 1971 Ford Galaxy 500. It uses a old AMT Boss 429 Police Car as the base donor. See if I can make a Gator McKlusky ride!
  7. Finally, it is done. I started a while back and just did a thrash on it the last two days. It’s a curbside because I want to use the Boss 429 for something else.
  8. Attached are a few pics of a project I've worked on for a couple of years and am now nearing completion. I like 4drs. Mostly so I can build my police car models but also because they are just so very rare in offerings from the styrene tyrants. This was a bit of a rough one. I used a promo for the base and unbeknownst to me, these promos are evidently injected in some kind of ABS or something NOT styrene. SO, you can't just work with grafting on styrene to build what you want. It all has to have styrene superglued to it as a base to work off of. Still, it is finally about done. I modified the tub, modded the rear bumper to create the four tailight base version over the six one on the Caprice. Another scrap grill donated the "Chevrolet" script for the header panel and I added the Bal Air's Chevy Bow Tie to the center of the grill. Make some door mirrors and find some button caps and it's done. Thanks for looking..
  9. Having done the 1988 - 1991 Ford LTD Crown Victoria, I thought I'd back up and do the earlier version that begins with the downsize in 1979. Since most of the tough work of the overall body was done in the 91 CVPI master, I took one of the test shots of the body that Greg had cast and sent me and tried to see how far I could get in modifying that into the basic 79-87 box form. And since Mike Schnur removed the header panel on the 91 to facilitate casting of the 91, that helps too because there are two basic header panel shapes and three maybe four different grilles that came and went on the car in those years. All I have to do is create each header/grille and that along with the taillight treatment (2 versions there) will decide which year is depicted. So, just to see how hard modifying resin would be I tackled the rear section first. And then I did the hood. Next up are those headers and bumpers. Here are a few pics..
  10. Hi folks ! Today i like to show you my Impala police car . Enjoy , greetings from Germany
  11. After a couple short deployments , I bellied back up to the workbench. This started out as the Gotham PD car and I was not pleased with the build. Bad fits and lack of some details. I decided to put the A318 pursuit “Chrysler clean burn system” engine with the spark control system attached to the air cleaner. Swapped out the grill and headlights for a correct Plymouth one, added bumperettes and painted with Regatta metallic blue. Fabricated the light bar and put correct wheels and dog dish rims from Fireball model works. The first pick is what I was going for.
  12. 1/24 MotorMax diecast model with some parts from Lindberg's plastic kit. Decals by Speedway. The 1:1 The 1:24 The MotorMax model comes with mag wheels/low profile tires, so I substituted the Lindberg wheels/tires to get closer to the police look. Jonah
  13. 1/24 Motor Max model with various details and improvements. Thanks for looking- Jonah
  14. From the 1/24 Motor Max model, with various improvements and details added. Thanks for looking- Jonah
  15. Did this over summer. Started as all black. Stripped and painted in MSP blue. Scratch built radar units and laptop. Hopefully video link shows up https://youtu.be/htQf_J9lyJc
  16. I have the AMT 1970 Ford Galaxie police car kit and I want to make it in the Las Vegas version. There aren't many stickers for this version which is fine, but there isn't anything in the kit that tells you where to put the numbers for the squad car. I have looked at the pictures on the internet for "Diamonds are Forever" cop cars, but since it is all night time scenes it is really hard to see where the number might be. I think there is a number on the passenger side trunk near the tail light, correct me if I'm wrong. If anyone out there knows the correct location of the squad car numbers, please let me know.
  17. After a very long dry spell from modeling that saw me finish school, become a sworn peace officer, and just grow up in general, I finally got to sit down and finish a model. Here is my 1990 Ford Taurus police-package car in Utah Highway Patrol markings. The Taurus is the Rescue 911 version of the AMT Taurus as it has the correct 1990-1991 dash and steering wheel that the real police versions had. Resin wheels are from Custom Squads/Models by Tony, decals from Chimneyville, police equipment is a mixture of stuff from the Taurus kit, the Lindberg Crown Victoria kit, and the Revell Caprice kit. The Ford decals also came from the Crown Victoria kit and the slotted grill vents came from the 1989 "Police Car" version of the Taurus kit. About the kit itself, it wasn't exactly the easiest to work with. First and foremost, the AMT Taurus is not a true police package/base model kit but a SHO version. To make the car more accurate, I filled in the "SHO" emblem in the rear bumper, sanded off the corner signal lights on the front bumper, and cut/sanded down the car flares surrounding the bottom of the wheel arches. The front bumper is still technically incorrect but I decided I didn't want to push my still-developing skills. Also, the front headlights didn't fit properly but I didn't notice until it was too late. The wheels were also a pain in the behind and the front passenger side one ended up not fitting very well, even with extensive modification (as you can see below). As for the final product itself, I was pleased given the custom work I had to perform. I got a chance to practice some new techniques and figure out some do's and dont's. I did not polish the paint job, but that is something I will definitely tackle on my next build. Oh and I accidentally dropped the car near completion, resulting in some minor scratches near the front passenger side wheel well Without further ado: I used pictures I found on the internet and reruns of Real Stories of the Highway Patrol to piece together a fairly accurate interior of an early 90's UHP car: The inspiration: This one is a 1992 but it provided an excellent shot of the rear lighting and antenna setup: Both pictures above are not mine.
  18. I started this car back in October 2012, and I'm getting back at it to try to finish it up. Here is where I stand right now: Engine Interior Undercarriage The body is at the "Paint Shop" right now (thank you Tom ), so hopefully I'll have more updates once the body is all painted.
  19. 70 Ford Galaxie / Chicago PD. I know, I know........ I couldn't find any references showing CPD used these cars either, but my uncle was on the job then and swears up and down this was the scout cars they used and who am I to question it, he was on the job then, not me. This was a surprise gift for him, so I couldn't prod for too much info from him without him getting suspicious. It was a fairly quick build as he is moving out of state and wanted to get to him before he leaves
  20. This started out as a Norscot blank white tahoe. Stripped, painted and detailed. Did my own decals, fabricated the spot lights and radar units and what not. Thanks for looking.
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