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Found 4 results

  1. A recent aquisition and completion. Fisher Model and Pattern 1968/69 Porsche 908 longtail. Paint is Tamiya TS26 white and Testor Flourescent green for the accent. Modifications include steering wheels, seatbelts, dash switches and a few others. This particular car was driven to 1rst place at the SPA 1000 by Jo Siffert and Brian Redman. Thanks for looking and comments welcome. A fairly simple kit, as most resin are. Windscreen wipers are very delicate and took some patience. Minimal decals but all went on perfect. Those latches didn't want to come off the carrier sheet easily...also quite delicate. Window fit took some time but was worth during final assembly. All fit well. Wheels are painted Tamiya Dark Iron. Don't usually take this picture but there were some detail worth seeing.
  2. This kit went rather quicker than expected. Although I did clean up parts, make the wheels steer and prime some time ago. From paint top finish it was 3 days. An excellent kit and very well engineered. Paint is Tamiya TS-16 (80%) TS-55 (20%) for the blue. Yellow was Tamiya TS-16 (90%) TS-46 (10%) The yellow had to be mixed several times to match the decals. Only the side decals were used and the rest of the graphics decanted and airbrushed. The thin red accent line is red vinyl tape cut down thin. This proved to be a lot easier than the decals especially over the front fender vents. More comments in the picture captions. Thanks for looking. Making the wheels steer required a little body modification. Goodyear decals out of the stash. Each piece of the red tape had to be cut twice over the fender vents. I have a special tool to do this...now. I made the mistake of attaching the wing then spraying the yellow. It was a little tricky masking when it came to the blue. The thin part of the rear spoiler had to be pinned in place as no glue would hold it. Its adjustable. The bottom of the chassis is real aluminium polished to a medium shine. Its sticky back aluminium used in the label making industry. We have a plant here in town and one of my modeling friends used to work there. Here is the model with its 1/18 older brother. Diecast is by Minichamps and is quite rare now. The colors matched up pretty good considering this is the first time they are seen together. Engine detail of the Minichamps is pretty well detailed for a diecast.
  3. I installed two mounting posts and fitted the body to this kit sometime ago but for some unknown reason put it away. Since I am in a "finishing projects mpode" thought it was time to do it. Resin kits are often just the basics and you have to use youir imagination and research to breing them to life. This was no exception. Paint on this is Tamiya TS-34 British racing green. Car represents a fresh from the factory look. A big thank you has to go to Gary McNutt (Gramps46) who generously supplied the kit and also to Norm Veber of Replicas and Minatures of Maryland for the excellent wheels and tires. Rest of the details in captions under the pictures. Thanks for looking. Finished kit on its wheels. Went to great lenghts to get the wheels to steer. Knock offs are actually threaded on. Many oif the panel lines ahd to be deepened as the primer and paint would have covered them. Mirror is from the spares. This car had many mirror combinations. I added a few photo etch details from the spares drawer, Windscreen fit nicely but tended to spring away on the right side. There is a very tiny bent pin holding it in place at the top. Interior recieved some extra attention in the form of a new steering wheel, handmade shift knob, dash decals from spares. Note the v-e-r-y tiny PE fasteners on the outside of the screen.
  4. I have been wanting to do this kit ever since I got it. I was fortunate enough to see Mark Donohue win with this car at a USRRC race at Watkins Glen in 1967. He won pole to flag. Kit was sprayed with a mix of Tamiya TS15 and TS55. Both were decanted and airbrushed. Tamiya clear was used. There were a number of features I added and modifications made. These are explained in the captions below the pictures. Thanks for looking and comments are most welcome. Of course non steering wheels on models is a pet peeve of mine. This was a fairly easy conversion. Keeping the wheelbase and wheel height the same was a priority. Finished car. Kits instructions warned the decals were quite thin. I heeded that waring and they went on with out a hitch. Glad there was an extra set though. Rivet detail was kinda sparse so I drilled them all out and added copper wire which was then ground down with a Dremel to make new rivets. It was a lot of work but worth it in the end Business end of the car took some fiddling to get everything to fit. That is expected of a resin kit. Overall quality of the kit was very good though. I like Fisher kits. He will be missed . The stance of the car was correct right out of the box. Tire decals came out of the spares. The interior recieved most of my attention. New steering wheel, scratch built shifter and water pipes (not visible) dash decals and seatbelts from silk thread. And a few extra switches. Kit suppllied phot etch interior was a nice plus to this kit.
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