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Found 14 results

  1. I was meaning to post these the other night. I suppose these should go in the long abandoned projects thread but it's a truck so I'll just put in here. I also did a blue street version that I posted a while ago. They both started out like this one but I stripped the paint and now here's the 4x4.
  2. A friend got it for me as a Christmas present. Finally got around to building it. The kit started out pretty nice, but ended up being frustrating to build. The fit of certain key pieces is horrible. The cab fit doesn't fit quite right to the chassis. The fit of the bed of the truck, though, is the worst. It does not go together right at all. There's also a huge gap in the bed. The plastic for the windshield and rear window don't fit quite right either. It took a lot to get it looking just this good. SAM_0478 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0480 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0481 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0482 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  3. I'm building a 1955 Crown Victoria for my mom - it was her first car. I've got the AMT 1956 Crown Victoria, the 1955 resin body from Hendrix, a resin continental kit, and wide whitewall tires. (Pics attached of all these). What I need are 1955 wire wheels to go with it, as in this pic of a 1:1 55 Crown Victoria: --> Where can I get 1955 Crown Victoria 1/25 wire wheels like these? I need a set of 5, since there's the continental kit. A set of aftermarket wheels would be great, but also if there's a full kit out there that includes these wheels, that would b helpful too.
  4. Hello everyone, I apologize for my 4 1/2 yr absence but there has been an awful lot that has transpired in my life in this period of time. I have lost both my parents within 18 months of each other spent the last year getting their estate in order and settled, been through another buyout of the health system I work for with the last 6 months having my brain reconditioned for the new position I now have, have had another grandson who is now 18 months and several home projects that my wife of 44 yrs cracked the whip to get done ( happy wife, happy life ) LOL. I did manage to squeeze a few builds in here and there which I will share in the coming weeks, so I will start with the Revell 1955 Belair convertible, painted with testors emerald green metallic and phonetician yellow w/ wet look clear and rustoleum bright white for the top w/flat clear. Interior was done in craft paints ivory and green, built box stock with BMF. Thank you all for taking time to look!
  5. Binge watched all 4 mad max movies. So i wanted to build something different.
  6. This is the first build I've done using resin. The goal is to recreate the white 1955 Crown Victoria that was my mom's first car. Her dad, my grandfather, got it for her on her 16th birthday. Swanky. She loved the car and is very happy I'm building one for her. Here is what I am using to do this build: - AMT 1956 Crown Victoria - Hendrix 1955 Crown Victoria set (resin) - Continental kit from seller ronald6386 on eBay - Aftermarket wide whitewalls by Pegasus, from HobbyLinc (1/24-1/25 1950s Style Wide Whitewall Tires Set (4) (Stevens)) - Wire wheels - either from AMT '62 Thunderbird kit, or more accurate ones if I can find them Pics attached.
  7. This is a mock-up of my Open Road Camper, with a 1955 Chevy Cameo in front of it. The original release of the camper kit came with a truck. I believe it was a 1967 Chevy. But the AMT re-release did not come with a truck. It was a 'stand alone' camper. I wanted to connect it to a truck, but found it hard to find a match. As you can see here on the photo, the suspension of the camper is too low. I placed the camper on a sanding stick to verify the difference in hight. I think I need to take the wheels off under the camper and elevate the suspension a bit.
  8. Kind of an up date on an older post. Got some better pictures and more of them,
  9. Came out looking great. It's a nice kit.
  10. Looking for info on 1950's International engine colors.
  11. Hello, for my first post, I'd like to show you my 1955 Nomad Pro-Street/Drag Wagon. I decided to call it the 9 Second Grocery Getter, for short I'll just call it the Grocery Getter. First, lets start off with the motor. It is a motor from a 1955 Badman Gasser kit. It is painted flat aluminum (oil pan, transmission) satin black (transmission) guards red (block) I re-painted the blower flat aluminum, since the chrome was not so good I painted the headers satin black and I drilled the ends out to look like actual pipe. Originally, I was just going to take parts of the interior and the chassis to fit the large wheels up there like this: But then I remember I still had the chassis to a prostreet 55 belair I did a while ago, so I cut it up and slapped it on there. More updates will be coming soon! Any advice/recommendations are welcome! -Glenn Also, where do you guys get your really wide slicks, and for what price?
  12. I had a lot of problems with this build, including no clear plastic parts! However, I was able to save it and make it into a fantastic looking build. I had to buy the clear plastic from a 57 and trim it to fit the car. I also had to fabricate my own turn lights. I still think it looks great though.
  13. Hello Every one! My name is Luis, but lots of people know me by pancake. Its been my forum nick name for years and I have been in the automotive scene for quite some while, imports to be exact and had a civic featured in a magazine last year. Anyways this is my first time building a model car. In this case a truck. SO sorry if its terrible! ha. I dont know where you guys get aftermarket wheels, or how to lower my model a bit, but im going to try it. Anyways on to some pictures and my progress. 1) Well took a photo of the cameo before I painted the cab. Decided to go with Blazing Metallic black from testors. 2) Here's a pic of the cab painted. I did 3 coats of testors Lacquer Blazing black. Im pretty happy with the results. Zero drips or runs, this is my first time spray painting a plastic model truck. I also painted the frame flat black. dash board, steering wheel are match painted to the exterior of the truck. But I decided to go with red seats. The seats only have one coat of paint and I havent taken a picture yet. Would love to get to meet more fellow model car builders. So please comment on my thread. I will keep you updated. Plans: Bigger motor. Dont know what yet. But the small 265 v8 wont cut it. LOL Id like to lower it. But would like for it to roll.. i dont know if thats possible .... sugguestions?
  14. Mods please delete. Posted on the wrong section.
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