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Found 21 results

  1. Good evening, all! This project completes the trifecta of kits that have languished on my bench. As with the previous two (56 Delrey, and 57 Chev Convertible), I opted to simply complete this as a box-stock build. Beyond paint, glue and foil, only what came with the kit. I enjoyed the build, but did find myself scratching my head at times regarding some of the decisions made by the kit manufacturer, the most curious thing being the 4-wheel disc brake option, but only offering the factory single reservoir master cylinder, with no power brake booster. All in all, it was an enjoyable build with few issues. Paint Tamiya gold metallic base with Tamiya Transparent red as color coat, followed by Tamiya clear.
  2. Going through some projects that have been stalled for far too long, this project among them. In an effort to clear the deck, I'm opting to forego the added detail of plug wires, plumbing etc., and instead completing them straight from the box. (I did add flocking for carpet, but otherwise only what was available in the kit. Paint is Model Car World 2706 Lt. Burnt Orange Metallic (57 Chevy Sierra Gold). The kit is incredibly detailed, and was a pleasure to complete. Enjoy!
  3. Been wanting one of these for awhile. Not bad at all. You can build it a few ways. SAM_0083 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0084 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0085 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0086 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0087 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0088 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  4. Here's my finished '57 Bel Air. This is the Pro Shop kit with the PE parts. They were very nicely done.
  5. I'm on the last stages of putting together AMT's Pro Shop '57 Chevy, but I can't get the front nose to come down all the way. I've tried everything. I don't see where it is binding, and everything looks "right" except the nose. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  6. Just finished this up. While it looks red in the pics it is actually Tamiya Bright Orange and White. Seats are the buckets from the AMT '57 Ford kit. Stacks are from the Monogram 70 Mustang Boss. Decals are a mix from several kits. Wheels are from the AMT '56 Ford and tires are AMT parts pack as well as parts bin finds.
  7. This AMT "Old Style" Chevy was Odds & Ends French Country Yellow with an Odds & Ends white top. Body was then clear coated and Bare Metal foil applied. I used the kit decals for inside the spear. Interior is painted a custom mixed shade of yellow with white seat inserts. Engine, wheels and tires are from the AMT 55 Chevy pickup kit. The driveshaft is an aluminum tube while the kit supplied the U-joints glued in the ends. I used a piece of wire and bent it to achieve the lowered nose and I couldn't resist putting in some Photo-Etched speaker covers. All in all a very fun build. One of the first models I completed after getting back into modeling in 1995. Thanks for looking!
  8. Painted Tamiya pure white and TS-44 Bright blue, this was supposed to be a rebuild of an older one. The older one is still soaking in the paint remover so I decided to start a new one. The engine is from the original issue of the 57 kit while the twin 4-bbl intake and valve covers are from the new tool AMY 57. That's it for now, thanks for looking!
  9. Getting back to this one final. Did some work on the interior, Tamiya Dark German grey, flat aluminum, ultra bright BMF, and kit supplied decals. I think it come out really well, just some touch up on the aluminum on the front seat. I have some Ken's Fuzzy fur for the carpet area.
  10. hi everybody here is some in progress pics of my Chevy. it is the latest release of the somewhat new tool bel air from AMT. I am surprised by the level of detail this kit has. It includes spark plug wires and a firing order diagram it also has some bare metal foil and a full sheet of photo etch witch has the aluminum side panel inserts and all of the badges the one thing I don't like isthat it has plastic inserts for the white wall tires
  11. Its finally finished. My kit bashed, garage sale special, franken-chev is now officially under glass!! Thanks to all the help and support I got on this kit! Please excuse the saturated pictures, my phone not the best.
  12. The newbie here... OK typos aside, this thing is for sure... A 1/16 scale kit. This is my WIP 1957 Chevy Nomad garage sale special. It began its life as a incomplete model, but soon became something that I can tick my Chevy and Chrysler friends off. The simple reason on why I put a 1969 General Lee Hemi in it, is because... why not. The Dodge began its life as a complete model, though after some time it got somewhat destroyed. My hopes are to give the 57 "Ch-emi" the look of a rat rod, on top of the look of an old school street rod. Neat things done: Lowered car, put in a Hemi, roll cage, side exhaust, fuel lines, break lines, ignition wires, and cut out firewall. Neat things to be done: Transmission, electrical wires, finish model.
  13. Hello ... a new baby. i thought it would be easier to build more modern forms, but then I added a lot of details ... 310 pieces in the end assembled, all scratchbuilt scale 1:20 in balsa wood
  14. Started in September 10, 2015. Completed April 2, 2016. Painted Tamiya Light gun metal. Intake system from Revell 57 Ford Tudor, wheels from AMT 36 Ford, tires are from an AMT parts pack tire package. Interior is Tamiya German gray, Medium gray, and sky gray. Steering wheel is from AMT 57 Ford Fairlane 500 kit. License plate decals are from Revell 57 Ford Tudor kit. This color is suppose to replicate the special paint that was available from Ford in mid 57 on the Thunderbirds. Thanks for looking.
  15. Just finished this last night. I call it "Mack The Knife". Based on Revell's '57 Chevy Ragtop and inspired by a real one I had seen at Lead East a couple of years ago. Very fun kit to build. It is Tamiya White with red black and white interior. The top is krylons flat white. the caps are from Modelhaus and the spots are parts box finds.
  16. Hey everyone! This is only my second project I've started since 2002. My first one became a mess, so I stripped it and started fresh. This is my first attempt at using automotive paint, so I decided to try it out on a car that I don't care much about, never been a a of them. Interestingly enough, since researching the car online, I've grown to appreciate it! I hope I do it justice. I'm using Rustoleum plastic primer, Duplicolor Perfect Match Victory Red and Too Clear Coat. I haven't started sanding the body yet, so the runs on the driver's side will be going away! Between work and my girl, I'll try to update on its progress! Please feel free to criticise and give me pointers! Thanks for looking, see you around!
  17. As an avid SK fan I would be remiss if I didn't do a model of my favorite movie car. And right out of the gate she took up her namesake. Pix first... Air cleaners, dual carbs, and intake manifold from the Chrysler 300C kit. I loved the detail AMT put into those parts, they really make the engine look right. BMF'ed the air cleaners for the chromed look, left the intake silver and painted the valve covers gold (just my take on the engine...). Body done in Tamiya Gray primer, lightly sanded, then sprayed with a coat of Tamiya White primer, smoothed out again. I started with Tamiya Matt White paint until I had a nice even white color on the upper half of the body, then masked off the roof for the next phase. I then laid down a coat of Tamiya Italian Red to the whole body, then a problem (more on that later), caused me to sand the problem area and shoot the whole model with a top coat of Model Master Flame Red. The darker Flame Red helped fix the problem perfectly and gave her a more "blood red" look. After masking the body panels. I shot the trim with Taimya Gloss Aluminum so that I would have a nice even look to the paint on her side panels, then coated the body with Future clear after some light sanding. This gave the flat white on the roof the glossy look it needed, and it sharpened up the red on the body as well. BMF will be next on the body to detail the trim. Now, beforehand I mentioned something about this one model living up to her namesake. The first thing that happened was I was using my motor drill pin vise to drill a small hole in the back of the block to fit the distributor since I was no longer using the kit's own manifold. During the test fitting/drilling/test fitting stage, the dizzy popped out from between my fingers and hit the floor. Of course, I'm not building the kit molded in RED so I could SEE the RED part on a cream colored carpet. Noooo. I have to be building the older, nicer, cleaner BELVEDERE kit with the CREAM-COLORED parts. So first thing for the sacrifice... one tiny distributor. I grabbed the one out of the red molded kit and grumbled profusely, angering her worse. More on the "paint sacrifice" later.
  18. Back on the bench after a long break, where I'll be building a slightly modified, updated version of the 1957 Bel Air that my dad built back when he was younger (going to be a birthday gift for him). His build was the original 1963 release by Revell, and really showed how tough the kit went together. I was trying to find the same kit on ebay, when I was lucky enough to find out that the recently released Ed Roth kit is the one I wanted, at retail price (surprised I haven't seen anyone else building it yet ) Here's a few pics of my dad's build: My plans are to paint everything pretty much the same as his build, but clean up all the parts as best I can as well as make sure they fit great. I'm also stripping all the chrome so it's easier to clean up the parts, and I'll be coating them in Alclad chrome. I'm also going to use some parts box tires instead of the kit tires (even though they are one piece rather than the old two piece). Starting with the chassis, I painted it all satin black and painted the gas tank and exhaust aluminum. My dad used the lift "shackles" from the drag version in the back, so I'm doing the same. Of course, this meant modifying the exhaust on the driver's side to fit properly since it originally ran above the rear spring perch.
  19. finished up my 37 Ford Pick up(minus a rim :/) so I started on another build! A 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 this is my progress so far Layed down some Flat black for the chassis and got the 312 sbf painted and mostly assembled! I will update as I go Thanks for looking
  20. As the title states, post your built Revell-o-gram 1/12 scale '57 Bel Airs. Since many threads that I've seen have pictures that don't exist anymore, I figured it would be cool for everyone to post 'em up here. Here's mine as of now (though I plan on rebuilding it this summer):
  21. Hi everybody, today i want to show you my 57 BelAir. On this kit i made some more technics to weather all parts of it. Like interieur, exterieur and Decals. I built it in June this year, based on the first issue of the Revellkit. The History of Belair: The Chevy has come on in years and has a wild youth behind. The current owner has taken care of him. He is currently at the stage when he left the front damage repaired with used parts front and rear wheel arch on the left has been de-rusted and primed. The trapper damage, the rust on the rear and right are still so when he bought it in pitiful condition - for which he cares little by little. Inside, he has had more luck. The inventory lists a broken window on the right, worn seat cover, headliner loose and dirty panels / rear seat, the rear parcel shelf has been cracked by the sun - everything is possible. Well, the side windows are renewed. The owner can not waive his or her means. So he must always carry out the work so that he comes to the job every day. What happens to the engine? Additionally, he is still at odds ... Therefore: "Rolling Restoration": And now? Photos (a little more than usual) around the outside at irregular times. Have fun;) ...
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