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  1. I'm a big fan of '70's custom vans. Last year I bought a box of scraps and inside was this Ford 4X4 glue bomb. It was a great opportunity to build one. I still need to make a pair of rear view mirrors, a whip antenna and I want to put a skid plate under the front bumper. It was a simple kit so I just disassembled it, cleaned it up repainted and reassembled it. The mural is printed on vinyl and oversprayed with an airbrush to blend it in, the sides are relatively flat so they blend in well and on radiuses pieces I used paint. The engine and interior are there but really nothing exciting. I weathered the exterior a bit because I imagine hell as being a bit dirty.
  2. I figure there'll be plenty of interest in this kit when it's reissued in Q2 2022, so here we go. Pics below are of the 1979 original issue, kit #2708, via a completed auction listing, but the reissue should look very similar. Reissue mentioned here:
  3. Another one in the books. Not my favorite era of the squarebody, but I'm pretty happy with how this one came out. Enjoy!
  4. Last night wile test fitting to see what other tires Caseys 5 slots would work with, I stumbled onto this. What do you think, should I start this build? Highjacker Econoline with Ground Hawgs ?
  5. I was meaning to post these the other night. I suppose these should go in the long abandoned projects thread but it's a truck so I'll just put in here. I also did a blue street version that I posted a while ago. They both started out like this one but I stripped the paint and now here's the 4x4.
  6. Below are a few pictures of the various transfer cases I have collected, but if someone more familiar with the correct identification (i.e., Rockwell T221, etc.) of which real parts these represent in scale would be immensely helpful. Pic #1 Column 1: Red TC: 1/24 Monogram Chevy Stepside 4x4 Silver TC: Unknown Red TC half: Unknown Column 2: Off-white TC halves: 1/24 Monogram Dodge Ramcharger? Blue TC halves: 1/25 MPC Chevy Stepside 4x4 (still found in '84 GMC 4x4 "Deserter") Column 3: Blue TC halves: 1/24 Monogram Ford F-150 "High Roller" White TC halves: 1/25 AMT '78 Ford 4x4 Pickup Column 4: Red TC: 1/24 Monogram Ford Ranger(?, has slightly slimmer input stem compared to stepped input on blue Monogram TC to its left) Red TC half: 1/24 ???? Does not match the other two 1/24 Monogram TC case parts, has no input stem at all (see last image) White TC halves: 1/25 Revell Jeep J-10 Honcho
  7. It is an amt 94 Ford lightning but decided I wanted to do it a little different and I have already started building a 7.3 diesel using a 460 block. I know they never made a regular cab short bed half ton diesel but I want to biuld it like a truck that could have came from the factor as a special edition truck that I have named Thunder.
  8. What would be a good way to convert this kit to 4wd? Saw another thread discussing it and it sounds like the 70 F100 would be a good start, but the wheels would be incorrect and there are no aftermarket options. Is there something that I could piece together from various kits? Thanks!!
  9. Round2 is really digging deep into the Lesney era snap kit tooling inventory.
  10. Originally a Lindberg kit, now packaged under the AMT label, the 1/20 scale 1992 Toyota 4x4 Pickup should be available soon:
  11. Looks to be a reissue of the Monogram "High Roller" GMC pickup, right down to the (all one direction) Ground Hawg tires. I'm guessing the tan and grey areas will be decals, and you'll need to paint the body an olive color to get the full camo effect. Instructions can be viewed here: http://manuals.hobbico.com/rmx/85-7226.pdf
  12. I didn't see much different between the forthcoming Revell Baja Bronco and the existing Revell Ford Bronco kit, but after looking at enlarged images, there are a few noteworthy changes: Hexagonal wheel arches with integral fender flares New tires (anyone recognize them to be a replica of a real tire?) Newly engraved nameplate above the front side marker lights(?) Instruction sheet is up and downloadable: http://manuals.hobbico.com/rmx/85-4436.pdf Pics of the new Baja Bronco and the existing Ford Bronco, for comparison:
  13. One of my Better looking trucks. Came out real nice. Very good kit. 1 (92) by Eric Lucas, on Flickr 1 (94) by Eric Lucas, on Flickr 1 (97) by Eric Lucas, on Flickr 1 (99) by Eric Lucas, on Flickr 1 (100) by Eric Lucas, on Flickr 1 (101) by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2199 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2200 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  14. Here's the completed build up for Moebius, while I was putting this together I discovered a few small things that needed tweaked. I believe Dave has it all resolved now and it should be ready for production very soon. I have my fingers crossed that they'll be shipping these before the Holidays. In the future I would like to see some more appropriate all terrain tires added to the kit. Regardless, I think ‘70 Ford F-100 4x4 pickup is a welcome addition to the Moebius Truck line up. I can’t wait to see what other modelers will do with it. -Steve
  15. I felt dirty after getting the Ford Bronco kit. I've always been a GM guy. So, I went out and picked this kit up. I made it to look like the truck I would love to own.
  16. The Bench Seat is from the Ranger 80's pickup. I fab'd my own backing for the seat too. You can see the front leafs I already added to make the frame HD with styrene parts. I felt that the original cross member on the f250 frame was the perfect height to set the front axle on to keep the 4x4 height so I just added the cross member from the F150 shortbox on top and used the dremel tool. The F250 Floor box, see the cut out for the on the side of the hump for the 4x4 shifter I made plus the hole to position the 5spd shifter. Clutch was added after this. all Suspension and shafts setup -glued, custom rear shocks, notice the drop down pieces for the rear leafs on the side of the frame to help add the lift. I added Ranger pick up rear axle hubs so I could use the inner wheels for that kit. You can't see it but I added a button on the left corner of the floor just under the steering wheel you can make out a round dark blur, its for the floor switch high beams. The decals of the dash gauges and ac/heat/radio, I created in photoshop from brochure images I fixed up from the internet. If you look close on the right hand side that is an XLT Lariat decal on the dash. Power windows/doors-buttons are painted. I added the spare tire from the shortbox kit which looked like the original stock road tire it came with and the standard f250 rim. Not painted just removed the chrome.I had to make my own spare tire holder -broke the original, this one fits with the hitch in place. Notice I moved the steering on top after realizing where it should be, connected that to the steering box I custom made with a shaft from the Offroad f150. Below you can see the wires I added to make it more realistic, I had to use internet images of engine bays to figure out what should be there. Its not 100% accurate but it works. Decals added like oil and washer fluid. I wasn't sure on the battery wire so I just lined it to the firewall. Yes I added a dipstick for the oil after I had assembled everything which took some patient. You barely see it but there is a steering shaft going to the firewall just under the air box intake hoses. She barely fits on the bigger deluxe display case from AMT. The End. The time it took to make this was long in my book but it was worth it. Thanks- Mark
  17. Hey All, Was wondering if there was a 4x4 conversion for AMT's 1992-1996 Ford F-150 XLT truck kit?? The truck I need to replicate is a factory '94 F-150 XL 4x4 (I have a '93 F-350 4x4 w/3" lift to do as well, but that's another story). It doesn't need to be 100% accurate, as few people will be turning it over to have a look see. It's mostly to get the right ride height, and the look of the bits that hang down that you can see from the side. I looked through the rest of my kits that I thought might provide the donor parts, but couldn't seem to find what I needed. I need more than one set as well, as I will need to build at least 6 trucks -- As the truck stands now (rusted out bits), the mods she will make sooner than later (at least bigger tires and fender flares to cover the rusted out bits), and then her dream truck (w/ at least bigger flares/tires and NO rusted out bits) - all times 2 (one for her, one for me). Is there a resin conversion set out there, or a list of donor kits that would work?? Thanks guys.
  18. Moebius 1969 Ford SWB converted to 4x4 using the AMT '78 Ford kit for all 4wd parts as well as lights, tires, and roll bar. I still have to make or buy front locking hubs.
  19. Hello. Is there any good donors who can be used to convert the 55-57 Chevrolet pick up/suburban to 4x4? Maby anyone know of any aftermarket or kit who can have the suspension parts? I`m not looking for anything crazy tall like monster trucks or such,i`m hoping to get close to factory ride height,or around there. I`ll throw in a referance picture so you can see what i was hoping to get close to. I follow a guy on Youtube called redneck restoration,and there was a really interesting 55-57 Stepside,original 4x4 with manual,this car was fitted with a factory Pontiac 317. This kinda inspired me,or got me set for another project,like i havent got enought Thanks Tommy
  20. Well i am waiting on parts for my 78 ford havent felt the mini trucks and my silverado and escalade are on the back burner. Ill give ya a hint it aint a Ford. But it was scrap pieces from ebay. I did invest in a resin suspension because it was broken, a resin grille and bumpers, a resin cummins, and some resin mud tires. I will be doing the decals for it myself.
  21. So i will be using a revell silverado to make a 4x4. well i wanted IFS not solid front axle so its correct. Well AMT Escalade is 4x4. I took a gamble and got this. This will turn into the silverado topic once im started on it. Need to do some trimming though. Not perfect but works for me
  22. This is my first “real” post here on the forums, minus a very brief intro. I haven’t built a model in about 16 years, although my collection continues to grow. I consider myself a collector at this point in time, with a hard drive and book shelves filled with reference materials/photos for future builds. I pulled a kit from storage that I thought might interest some. Its a Lassen Project Unimog Series 401. It’s based on the 51 Mercedes Benz Unimog. The closed cab wasn’t available until 53. The kit has been in storage for some time now. The shrink wrap was broken long ago, but this is the first time the sprue have been removed from their individual packages. The detail/engraving is above average for plastic kits produced some 14 years ago. I hope the photos show some of the details. I also hope to get some photos of the directions up soon. When I opened a kit, I would place the directions and decals into a separate binder/plastic to protect them from moisture and aging. I have about 2 dozen binders, all broken up by production year (1:1 car’s production year) and make that I need to go through. Seems the Unimog is not in my 1950-1959 binder.
  23. Oh yes i went there after all these american vehicles i'm scratch building an import pickup. I honestly think that stakes work for it too. what do y'all think? Now this is my first scratch build attempt so don't expect perfection. It is in the very early stages of being built, what im doing is tracing the body panels onto thin plastic then cutting em out and tracing those onto thicker plastic then cutting them out, i know there will be some freehand panels that cant be made tracing. It will scale out to be 1/25 maybe a little smaller but should be close enough.
  24. This took a little longer than expected, but it is complete now. ]
  25. Well I finally completed Big Red the 55 chevy cameo turned dually with a diesel and stacks. Big Red is a very useful and fun truck whether you be offroading or camping, hauling a trailer or just driving Big Red will take care of you.
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