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Found 15 results

  1. Good evening, all! This project completes the trifecta of kits that have languished on my bench. As with the previous two (56 Delrey, and 57 Chev Convertible), I opted to simply complete this as a box-stock build. Beyond paint, glue and foil, only what came with the kit. I enjoyed the build, but did find myself scratching my head at times regarding some of the decisions made by the kit manufacturer, the most curious thing being the 4-wheel disc brake option, but only offering the factory single reservoir master cylinder, with no power brake booster. All in all, it was an enjoyable build with few issues. Paint Tamiya gold metallic base with Tamiya Transparent red as color coat, followed by Tamiya clear.
  2. Here's my finished '57 Bel Air. This is the Pro Shop kit with the PE parts. They were very nicely done.
  3. I'm on the last stages of putting together AMT's Pro Shop '57 Chevy, but I can't get the front nose to come down all the way. I've tried everything. I don't see where it is binding, and everything looks "right" except the nose. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  4. Just finished this up. While it looks red in the pics it is actually Tamiya Bright Orange and White. Seats are the buckets from the AMT '57 Ford kit. Stacks are from the Monogram 70 Mustang Boss. Decals are a mix from several kits. Wheels are from the AMT '56 Ford and tires are AMT parts pack as well as parts bin finds.
  5. Painted Tamiya pure white and TS-44 Bright blue, this was supposed to be a rebuild of an older one. The older one is still soaking in the paint remover so I decided to start a new one. The engine is from the original issue of the 57 kit while the twin 4-bbl intake and valve covers are from the new tool AMY 57. That's it for now, thanks for looking!
  6. I wanted to build one with the Edsel tail lights and Desoto front bumper, so I started this one. I also found some fin extensions and a set of wild fender skirts. What do you all think? I got lots of sandingin my future!
  7. I have an original issue 57 Ford that I have the style line parts from and I wanted to use them, so here is the result so far. I am using the "Kandy Kart" front and the extended rear on this one. Lots of gaps to fill! I found someone on ebay selling the older chrome trees for this kit, the one with the chrome suspensions so I got that. I also ordered a set of double stripe AMT tires for it. I'll be using the deep dish wheels and baby moons on this build. Thanks
  8. Started a few days ago with a body that I had painted years ago, I reshot some Tamiya Italian Red over it. The wheels are a set of AMT 69 Chevelle SS Wheels that actually inspired this build. Engine is from the kit, with an intake from the AMT 55 Chevy Sedan kit. Parts box "Corvette" valve covers and metallic grey painted headers. Frame is done. I used the stock exhaust and just mated it to the headers. Thanks for looking! Al l comments welcomed.
  9. This was a real fun build. I wanted to do the car like a person would have done it in the mid to late 60's. I always have had a love for street machines and when a buddy of mine clued me into a project he was doing it gave me a bit of a boost to get rolling with this one. So I grabbed a set of wheels, tires and a dash mounted tach and away I went. The whole project took 3 weeks to do and was painted using Tamiya paints. The clear however is Testors one coat. I made the flat taillights using clear plastic and shot them with Tamiya clear red. Having built this kit as a Kustom back when it was first issued, I knew what to expect along the way. Overall, I am very pleased with the results and would definitely recommend this kit to anyone looking to do a 57 ford.
  10. Just finished this last night. I call it "Mack The Knife". Based on Revell's '57 Chevy Ragtop and inspired by a real one I had seen at Lead East a couple of years ago. Very fun kit to build. It is Tamiya White with red black and white interior. The top is krylons flat white. the caps are from Modelhaus and the spots are parts box finds.
  11. With the vast majority of these kits being done in green or blue, I wanted a different color for mine. So I picked Tamiya Gunmetal. From what I understand it was a factory summer color for Ford back in 1957 so that worked out well since I was debating on whether to build it stock or not. The final build will be something like a "day one" or "week one" car. Chrome reverse wheels are from the AMT 36 Ford kit while the tires are from the AMT parts pack, L60s on the rear while the F60s are on the front. Intake is from the Revell 57 Tudor kit. Interior is a mix of Tamiya greys, German grey on the door and seat panels, medium sea grey carpet, and light aircraft grey inserts on the door panels. The top of the door panels, rear floor, and wheel wells are painted body color, along with the dash. I still need to paint the white part of the seats the light aircraft grey. I might put some blue dots and some pin stripping on the tail gate, not sure yet. Thanks for looking :-)
  12. Got this kit a couple weeks ago. It's a Monogram kit. I've been wanting a 57 for awhile now, so I thought I'd pick it up. The kit isn't too bad, but I did have some issues. The glass for the windsheild was bigger than the frame! I also had an issue with the front suspension fit. There is also a hole for a radiator hose on the engine, but no hose, nor mention of one in the directions. I also hate the lack of decals. However, I think it came out well. I found a picture of a car just like it and copied the paint scheme. I wanted a two tone interior, and I liked the paint scheme of the inspiration car.
  13. This is a snap- kit from Revell. Chopped, shaved, nosed, decked, interior mildly sectioned, frame stepped, custom grille and other minor modifications done. Tell me what you think of this one!
  14. hello plastic buddies here is my 57 chevy rat rod i build it out of the 57 bel air from monogram... have fun regards maik
  15. I built this '57 Ford some time ago. Liking the way it turned out, I dug out a very old Ranchero, and tried to make 'em twins. Thanks for looking!
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