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Found 12 results

  1. I wish I had info on this one, or more pictures. I found this picture some time ago trawling Latin American sales sites for interesting vehicles. Frustratingly, the quality of photos posted with the listings can be rather poor. Many can be even worse than the one posted here. Note the rear window. This 1963 Corvair is apparently from Uruguay.
  2. Hello All, Here are some renderings of the next resin kit I'm building. If I get 10 pre orders, I'll have this ready by this summer. chevy-026 by dakota_in_the_sky, on Flickr chevy-028 by dakota_in_the_sky, on Flickr chevy-029 by dakota_in_the_sky, on Flickr
  3. Started in 2008 and just finished in January 2021. Painted Testors Honduras Maroon. This was my 2nd complete for this year. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  4. Thanks to a suggestion from this board that I build a Corvair in hugger orange, I thought instead I should get this one done first. Started back in 2008. Painted Honduras Maroon with clear coat, I have the engine done and the interior painted with Tamiya TS-69 linoleum brown. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  5. HI. This is my latest version of 1967 VW Kastenwagen ( = Van ). Built as a sixties- style gasser it has a modified Corvair engine from AMT parts pak. Paint is from Tamiya, decals are from various Revell kits. I modified interior with revell seats and console. Axles are VW original but raised with schratchbuilt and revell parts. Comments are always welcomed!
  6. Here is a cool Corvair I just wrapped up. This was inspired by John Ludwick's stanced rat Corvair, but with my own touch. Think of this as a 70's lowrider being rediscovered by the original owner's grandson and being put back on the road as a rat rod, keeping a lot of those old school elements. it features a scratchbuilt & functional Boman style color bar under the dash; photo etch bomber seats from Wild Hare; scratchbuilt chain steering wheel; scratchbuilt drive-n movie theater speaker; custom gauges; photo etch radio & window cranks; skull shifter, organ pipe speakers; photoetch "Underground Kingz" club plaque; Pegasus Sovereign wheels with stretchwall tires from 124stancebuilt; and a Detail Junkees skateboard on the backseat.
  7. When I saw a photo of Al Groom's Ridler entry, I just had to make a model of it. Of course, I'm not building a replica, but a custom interpretation. Here is his, followed by the pieces I have made or selected for mine. Only the front suspension and partial roll cage (NASCAR), the PU box sides, part of the frame, the back of the passenger area, and two styrene sheets below the 1950 Ford PU hood are not my own resin castings. My intention is to actually finish this build in time for the 12 May MAMA show. I still haven't decided which wheels to use for the dually rear. I don't plan on doing a distressed patina paint job, but, who knows.
  8. Hi Fellow Plastic Heads: Just received the new resin 1961 Corvair Rampside pickup truck kit. I'll post this review and some photos here for your amusement. First of all, for those of you not acquainted with me, let me mention that I am a total Corvair NUT, having owned (and worked on) nearly 40 of them over the last 43 years, including one of every model year and body style. While I may not be a total "expert" on the marque, let's just say that I have more than a passing acquaintance with it! If you're not familiar with the Chevy Corvair, just do a quick "Google" on it to get a history lesson. Basically, it was General Motor's (poor) answer to the Volkswagen Beetle. There were several variations of the Vair, including 2 and 4-door sedans, convertibles, stations wagon, van, high-performance turbo-charged specials, and of course this interesting pickup truck. Over 1.7 million were produced from late 1959 until May 1969. I have had a blast driving them and working on them over the years! As a Corvair nut, I have tried to buy a sample of every Corvair model and toy I could find (and afford). Aside from some "slush-cast" weak attempts at resin models of the Corvair van and/or truck, the only styrene model of a Rampside (that I know of) was produced by the "Premier" model company back in the early 60s. For those of you not familiar with Premier kits, let's just say that they often looked like a kit that was mastered from memory, and sometimes bore only vague resemblance to the prototype. Their Rampside sorta kinda looked like the real thing, but was a wierd scale somewhere between 1/32 and 1/25 scale, and had a multi-piece body that was a PITA to assemble. Even so, that's all we had until now, and I've seen unassembled kits going for $300 bucks! A limited-edition resin copy of Premier's kit showed up around 14 years ago, and even these fetch high $$$ these days. This new kit was mastered by Mike Hanson of "Best Model Car Parts" from California. Many of you have purchased some of his other resin goodies, and he is particularly well known for his excellent model car instrument panel "decals". The kit retails for $79.00/each, plus shipping. In my humble opinion, this new resin kit is *gorgeous*. My photography skills don't do it justice. I've heard that Mike did a lot of homework trying to get the details right, including getting photos and input from owners of the real McCoy. I haven't measured it yet, but the body looks spot-on in 1/25 scale. It includes well detailed separate side ramp and tailgate, interior panels, head light bezel units, and a well engraved bench seat. Not seen in the photos, the kit even includes a rear view mirror, side mirror (take that, Harry ?), license plate light fixtures, even a detailed headliner with sun visors! The dashboard is nice, too, and even includes a detailed instrument panel decal. While there's some flash to clean up, as in most resin kits, my sample of the kit has a very smooth body with scarcely any "bubbles" or other imperfections to deal with. That's the "Pros"; now the "cons". Panel lines around the doors are light, and will probably not stand up to even a modest coat of paint. Be prepared to get your scribing tool out and work on that before priming. The kit does not contain any tires, no steering column, nor any "glass" (some items I would expect in this price range). The outer wheel halves seemed to be a bit "off center". Of interest to factory stock modelers, when you test fit the inner/outer wheel halves together, it appears that the wheel is kinda wide, and I'm wondering what kind of tire I'm going to find to fit it (those of you who normally like to use "Pegasus" rims and tires wont have to worry about that, of course). The prototype would have ridden on "skinny" bias-ply tires of that era. Some compromise was obviously made with the chassis. Although it fits well with the body, and the basic detail looks good, it falls short on being true to the prototype. Since this is a "curbside" kit, most folks won't even notice (or care). Incidentally, this kit models a "Powerglide" automatic transmission unit. The dashboard does not contain provision for the Corvair's goofy little Powerglide shift lever, nor for the shift indicator in the instrument panel itself. Once again, items that only the most picky modelers would likely notice. All-in-All, I think it's a great kit, and I looks forward to building it in my usual showroom stock mode. I can see a lot of you having fun with this one, as a modest custom, a period-correct tow vehicle in a diorama, commercial class applications, etc etc. I purchased my kit through dealer Okey Spaulding, who will be selling them at a lot of upcoming shows in Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana. He can be contacted at (859) 307-3087 eMail = okeyisnow@gmail.com Of course, you can purchase direct from Best Model Car Parts at WWW.bestmodelcarparts.com I believe they are also starting to show up on evilBay as well. Enjoy!
  9. A friend is building a full scale replica of the 1954 Motorama Corvair concept car and wants to be sure he has the correct color. Do you, Art, or anyone else know how JL determined the color for their diecast and exactly what color it is? Thanks.
  10. I found photos of a customized Corvair that I liked and decided to make something like it, but keeping the rear engine. The real one has a front-mounted V8. I got a Corvair kit from eBay and modified the body by enlarging the wheel openings and making fender flares from styrene sheet. I painted it orange, but the spray can nozzle kept clogging up and the paint came out looking more like orange snot than paint! After a day in the purple pond, it's ready to try again with different orange paint. I lowered the suspension a little and replaced those 13" wheels with some larger ones from my parts boxes, and added a nose from an old Corvair kit. Comments and ideas are welcome! Here's my inspiration. Body before painting.
  11. Hi everybody, a short new topic. Last year, my brother and i built on different places of germany (distance about 275 miles) the same model. Same color. How could this happend? I dont know...perhaps...we are twins and some days the same thoughts? On christmas, we had the chance, to take pictures of bouth. Many pictures following... Take a look - the darkblue is mine. Can you find the difference? ...
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