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  1. Hi, I'm Roberto from Italy (sorry for my english) . I'm a not a expert builder but I have more passion ?, my method is not perfect and sometimes are raw but I enjoy. Ok, a few years ago I bought this model on ebay, but it was incomplete. every now and then I looked for what was missing but in Italy the pieces are impossible to find and therefore I took in the usa. now because Covid quarantine Ihave time to assemble it and show you my work. I decided to modify the model to make it a salt lake car. This is the beginning
  2. what if ? There's stories of "discussions" between Henry Ford and his engineers with his v8 before he won out with the flathead. But what if he allowed a few of his team to go have fun with his 32 Ford and do what they wanted with a one off? On their own time ... and dime of course... im playing around with rethinking the deuce .. And going gran tourismo
  3. This is a replica of Mike O'Neil's car which was the first Deuce Coupe to appear in The Rodders Journal in bare steel in the first issue and completed in #8. It was also the first Rodders Journal poster car.
  4. This is a project that was in the running for my next “Bring out your Dead” subject. But while I was waiting for voting to close I decided to see if I could knock it out in 3 days. And I did!
  5. This chassis was built to go under a replica of Mike O'Neil's full-fendered black chopped '32 Ford 3-Window Coupe that appeared in issue #8 of The Rodder's Journal and was their first poster car. CHASSIS Floor cut and fuel tank cut from kit frame Cross tubing added Aluminium spreader bars with pinhead bolts FRONT END Kit tube front axle converted to beam axle with sections from R/M 1/24 Deuce Roadster Kit shocks and mount modified Steering and brakes directly front kit REAR END Four bar trailing arms and panhard bar modified from Revell W
  6. The Austin and Impala both got 7 votes The Rallye Olds got 5 Ferraris got 4 and the Deuce 3 Prostreeter69 voted for “the Nova or the Austin” so his vote became the tie breaker!
  7. While waiting for the voting to finish, I got bored and picked up the Nova. Like I said any other post it was pretty close to getting done. Painted in 2008 Decal in 2019! So it was a no brainer! I’ll post more pictures in the under glass section.
  8. I am building a model of the "Chili" Catallo Silver Sapphire Little Deuce Coupe for Deuce Days in Scale in Victoria BC Canada July 21/19 T This is the Eric Rickman photo that appeared as is on the cover Hot Rod magazine and cropped on the cover of the Beach Boys album. The car owner "Chili"Clarence Catallo is wearing "Big Daddy" Ed Roth's jacket to add some extra color to the photo !! I was a car crazy teenager in the early sixties and infatuated with the California life style so the Beach Boys were my favorite rock & roll group. I especially loved their car songs and the associa
  9. I've had the parts for this build floating around for close to 20 years, and early this year, finally started on it. I've long admired the work of early AMT box artist Al Borst, and this bronze 32 5 window is one of my faves. Here is my initial mockup
  10. This is a model of one of the two Deuce roadsters that appears on the front of the event t-shirt for Northwest Deuce Days which takes place in Victoria BC July 19-21, 2019 and is the largest gathering of ’32 Fords. The model will be on display at the accompanying model car show – Deuce Days in Scale. Marty Still from Colorado owns the real car. Photos of his car can be seen at https://public.fotki.com/phildaupho/deuce-days-in-scale-2019/purple-hi-boy/ Although in many ways the completed model looks almost box-stock, many modifications were made. BODY – door handle holes fil
  11. I am well on way to completing the necessary modifications to build a replica of Tom Goly’s Brizio built Lo-Boy 32 Roadster. This is a model of one of the two Deuce roadsters that appears on the front of the event t-shirt for Northwest Deuce Days t-shirt which takes place in Victoria BC July 19-21, 2019. The model will be on display at the accompanying model car show – Deuce Days in Scale. Tom Gloy a former very successful open-wheel racing driver, wanted his Deuce to be very fast and handle very well. To accomplish this the car was channelled over the frame with a Moal torsion bar suspension
  12. I could find no record of how many Closed Cab Pickups were built in 1932 but I assume they were pretty popular and many still exist. My starting point was the venerable ’34 Ford Pickup kit, which I first built soon after it, was released by AMT in the early ‘60’s. It was the first model I chopped and channelled. At some point AMT transferred the moulds to Lindberg and it was re-released many times in different colours of styrene. The ’34 pickup was similar in many ways but on close examination differed significantly in a few characteristics and specifications. Most noticeably the
  13. I've had the parts for this build floating around for close to 20 years, and early this year, finally started on it. I've long admired the work of early AMT box artist Al Borst, and this bronze 32 5 window is one of my faves. Here is my initial mockup
  14. I have started a new project for a display at Deuce Days in Scale which is the model car show component of Northwest Deuce Days next July in Victoria BC that will be maybe is the largest gathering of ’32 Ford hot rods ever. The plan is to have models of the cars on the event t-shirt displayed at the model show on t-shirts. This particular project involves building a model of the purple H-Boy, which is owned by Marty Stills from Colorado. When this one is done I plan to build a replica of the Tom Gloy owned – Brizio built Lo-Boy Deuce. At first I thought it would be a pretty straightf
  15. These are the three models I have built for the All 15 Varieties of the 1932 Ford project that will be displayed at Deuce Days in Scale July 2019 in Victoria BC Canada. I thought it would be cool to see them altogether. These were all considered commercial vehicles of which in 1932 there were five in total. Other modellers are building their versions of a Sedan Delivery and Panel Truck. The other twelve varieties of the ’32 Ford have either been previously completed or are currently under construction also by other modellers. It is going to be great to see all fifteen varieties of ’32 Fords to
  16. There were 593 Roadster [Open Cab] Pickups produced in 1932. A ‘soft-top” roof was available and although it could not be folded, it was removable. Grill bars for commercial vehicles were stamped as part of the shell and painted black but passenger car shells and grills were available as an option. Also painted black on commercial vehicles were the headlight buckets and bars. Windshield frames were painted body colour. If spare tire was ordered it had to be a side mount. Fuel tank was under the seats. Most pickups were equipped with four cylinder engines. Ford used up left over Model A door ha
  17. DI decided to re-do a 1/24 Monogram Deuce Roadster I had originally built 11 years ago in order to replicate one of the four cars featured on the Deuce Days 2019 t-shirt. The changes made were different wheels, tires, headlights, hood, dash and steering wheel, chromed the bumper brackets and front suspension, added door & trunk handles, added, grill shell cap & emblem, different license plates and added a horn and rear spreader bar.
  18. The weather is starting to get warmer in Northern Virginia and I'm getting the fever to build again. I figured I'd start out with a bang by bringing this old AMT Trophy Series 32 Ford Roadster back to life. It's an older kit, and some might gasp at the thought of chopping it up, but that's what they're here for. I paid $11 for the box, which included this stripped down roadster and another, almost pristine stock version. As the seller told me, "The roadster is rough.." and rough it is. It looks like it was put together with a hot glue gun or clear caulking. Certain adhesives interact poorly
  19. This is my American Graffiti 2003 AMT deuce coupe model. It took over a month to build. I added plug wires, radiator hose, sanded the tires, painted the gauges, washed the rims, etc. I even added real metal bars above the motor from my Snake Bite monster truck. This kits has a lot of flaws, and many areas that needed a bunch of work. If you go the extra mile, and finish this model. It will turn out to be a nice kit. It just takes a boatload of patience though. This kit is a Skill 2 but felt like it was more like Skill 666.
  20. Here is my 32` 5 window coupe project, its having moon hub caps, spark plug wires, decals from here and there and Auburn gauge panel/dash from Replicas & Miniatures etc... My plan was make satin finish for paint job, but because of decals i had to make it shine first, so decals wouldnt do silvering, but i guess my Humbrol satin clear is bit too old, since it did not work as i tought.. Well model is going to stay shiny now and im going to move forward to get this.. Its all the way brush painted, you can see hint of green on body and rear axle, that was my color choise for this years ago, ne
  21. So heres my new project. I started this while the paint was curing on my 68 Charger build, so no in progress stuff lol. Im using the stock "steelies" that came with the charger, along with the 440 that came with the charger as well. Im modding some of the engine parts that come with the Vicky to work on the 440. I plan on detailing the engine and interior, as well as weathering and channelling the body. Im going for a "previous hot rod turned rat rod" feel.... So ive already set my stance and channelled the body on the frame. Alot lol. It has a true rat feel, especially with the red wheels a
  22. I had an itch to build a '60s Hawaiian-style hot rod after watching the latest installment of Mad Fabricators' Society, so I went down to the LHS and picked up AMT's recently-reissued '32 Ford Vicky. Like East coast rods, island cars seem to be known for being deeply channelled, often running molded, raised fenders, and with as much sports car influence as hot rod style. I started by modifying the interior to accomodate a deep channel (10+ scale inches?). After that, I re-shaped the front fenders: A couple of shots of my mock-up with the kit-supplied custom fenders mounted a few scale
  23. Finished up my version of Stacey David's Rat Roaster last night. Ditched the corny Moon tank and decided to go without the rear fenders but use the kit's front motorcycle fenders. I was glad to be done with this one. I disliked the "padded" interior look, so I drilled out the holes with a variable speed Dremel. I must have not followed the directions properly because the motorcycle fenders do not sit over the tires right. And for the first time in years, the back side of my headlights seemed to get crazed from what little glue I used. The tail lights are adhesiv
  24. Hi guys, here´s a Deuce finished at summer this year. The basic is the Hot Rod kit Revell 1/8. I hope you like it. It was mominated at the Revell Award 2011 at best 20 Models. Cu Karsten
  25. I built this Revell 32 Ford around 11 years ago. One of my favorite kits ever, I should have bought ten of them. Does anyone else think that even at 1:25 scale, the Revell 32 Ford visually look larger than other 1:25 kits? I opted for the fenderless version and painted the body a sky blue color from a spray can. The interior was done with a suede paint and the frame and firewall were painted flat black. I scuffed the tires with a sanding block to give it a more authentic look.
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