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  1. Here’s my Revell Honda Civic EK Hatchback! These Tuner Series kits are a ton of fun with lots of custom options. I built the Integra and Civic coupe as a kid when these kits were new, so this was definitely a nostalgia trip for me! I recently bought the entire series from eBay now that I have adult money; my allowance back then did not stretch far. 😂 I built this one with a more modern JDM/tuner look than the fun-but-gaudy 2000s style the kit represents. I painted it in Testors Extreme Lacquer Purplicious to vaguely match the best Honda color ever, Dark Amethyst Pearl. Interior is in Krylon gray. The racing seats came from the SVT Focus from the same series, in Rustoleum Gloss Apple Red. These Tuner Series kits build up very nicely. Revell seriously needs to reissue the entire series, I would buy several of each. That red Civic coupe is the very one I built when I was 12, in full early-2000s-tuner regalia. I brush painted that one in Testors Acrylic; body graphics were kit decals applied long before I knew Tamiya Mark Fit existed. It’s one of my better childhood builds of the surviving few, but the camera is definitely hiding a ton of blemishes. It’s fun to see how much my skills (and taste) have improved!
  2. The WIP topic This is a dash to actually FINISH a model before the year ends, just to add to my pathetic count. 😅 Picked this simple curbside, which had more decals than I wanted to deal with, but mission accomplished. Painted with nail 'polish'. Don't look too close, it took only 22.25 hours, and it shows. Built the CR-X convertible years ago. Not only chopping the top, but it's also LHD. Also painted with nail 'polish'. The Civic was started last century, sat in the box for a very long time, finished a few years ago. So I didn't wish to start a project that was doomed.
  3. This is Hasegawa's 1:24 Honda RA272E Formula 1 kit. It represents the 1965 Mexico Grand Prix winner. It is painted in Tamiya's LP-39 Racing White. Nice little kit. Not a ton of detail but what is there went together very well. I photographed it on my normal black base and a gray base. Let me know what you think.
  4. hi,every one!!😄 this is my first motorcycle model. I did some modification on this little bike.. not perfect, but I am happy with the result hope you like it 😀 and here is the video build if you are interested😀
  5. I finished this Tamiya kit of the Honda Takata Dome NSX on Christmas Eve. You can check out the build thread here: Tamiya Honda Takata Dome NSX - WIP: Other Racing: Road Racing, Land Speed Racers - Model Cars Magazine Forum All information about the build is in the link above. The build took me 80 hours. A lot of that time was in masking and painting. For the body I used Gravity Colors - Spain's Honda Takata Green Effect, Zero Paints' Pure Brilliant White and Tamiya LP-5 Semi-Gloss Black. Other items were shot with AK Interactive Xtreme Metals and Alclads. I used Tamiya's PE set for this car. I could not decide which background I liked the best, the black or the white, so I'll post them both. Let me know what you think!
  6. Up next on my workbench is Tamiya's 2005 Honda Takata Dome NSX. This will not be a pure box stock build nor will it be a super detailed build, somewhere in the middle I guess. I will be using Tamiya's PE set for this car and Gravity Colors - Spain Takata Green. This is one of the models that Tamiya decided to use a metal/diecast chassis plate. I have never built one of these before so we'll see how it goes. Here is what I am starting with. The Gravity Colors - Spain paint is absolutely beautiful in my opinion. I took it to work to show some of my coworkers how nice it was. I was giving it a shake as we were talking about it and it slipped out of my hand. Sigh. My shop smelled good for awhile...lol. I've already placed another order. While I wait for my new bottle of paint to arrive I went ahead and started work on the other bits. Another new one for me is how Tamiya has you make their racing harness. There are decals but I did not want to use them. The PE set has all of the required pieces and this weird vinyl material that you need to cut to 2.4mm wide. I used my Infini cutting mat for this. It took several attempts because this material stretches as it is being cut. Next up will be more interior updates and wheels/rotors.
  7. Came across this on eBay and thought it looked cool. Paid a lot for it, but it's worth it. The kit says it's a 1:24th scale, but it's a 1:25th scale. There's also extra parts to make the S500 and 600 versions. The kit isn't too bad, but it has some flaws. Like a lot of models there's not much room for the windshield to be glued in. There's also a major fit issue with the dash. If you follow the directions, there's a huge gap between the dash and the windshield/firewall area. I could fit another dash and a half in that gap. I had to rework the model some to make it look right. I was also puzzled that the underside has the engine molded in and that the hood is molded on, but there's an option to cut the hood off and then have a partial build of the engine. Why not just have the hood off and build the whole engine to sit in there? Kinda weird, but it's nice for a foreign model to even have that option. I gotta go back and paint the emblems on the caps, but over all I think it came out great. SAM_0099 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0100 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0102 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0103 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  8. Hey folks,,here a a bizzare creature in styrene,,got this at a swap meet last year for 7$,,it was a glue blob in a ziplock bag,,1/2 built. Complete teardown,,striped all paint+ plating. And with only pics of it on the web,,I didnt have an instruction sheet ,,set out to rebuild. Used Truevalue red hardware store paint,,and same BLK for chassis. Hand painted everything else. It came with a bullit style fairing,,that as Steve Perry stated when we looked at it in the bag,,he found the fairing "disturbing" LOL ,,Steves awsome. And I agreed,,so Ididnt even use most if it,,I trimmed w/a dremmel all of it except the back 1/4 section of it,added gauge decals and,,it looks better ,,we can see that 350 twin honda motor better. Used steel blue duplicolor for spokes+rims+ exsaust. Had to use a different,,larger back tire. The kit supplied tire was a front tire profile,,it looked too small. So now..gonna Look for another kit to start for my social distancing edict.
  9. harti20

    Honda NSX

    Hi all Last summer I started my first WIP (which can be found here) here on Model Cars Magazine with Tamiya's Honda NSX. Today I finally managed to take the finished model to my studio to take some gallery pictures. I hope you like the photographs of this beautiful car. Best, Urs
  10. My old ride was 11 years old. It was a great car and never gave me any troubles. 2008 and 2019 Honda Civics The color is called tonic yellow. The salesman asked me three times if I really wanted that color. Even asked if I had seen it in person. I lied and said yes. LOL! They had sold the one they had in stock the day before. They had to call another dealership and swap with them. Even the guy at the other dealership asked if I really wanted that color! I don’t see what the problem is! I love the color! Although my daughter and I did laugh when we first saw it in person. It is kind of shocking. My son said “I am so extra!” LOL!
  11. Hello, I post it here, because the scale fits our cars, and they will eventually end up as cargo on a truck or in a van, so yea... Last week a friend of mine got me some stuff from Japan, I got some kits, books and Aoshima’s Honda Motocompos in 1:24 that my buddy pulled out of a vending machine… In the machines there are these eggs: And in these eggs are half built model kits, in my case these Motocompos. Honda Motocompo is one of the best inventions of the 80ies, they are tiny motorbikes that can be folded to about the size of a big suitcase, can be lifted by one person using handles in each corner, and there is even a car that was designed around the Motocompo (Honda City), where it fits perfectly in the trunk! These are sooo cool. I love them. I want one. I want the car too. But the best thing about them is that the Japanese not only made a tiny folding motorcycle, but that it’s not primitive, it has blinkers, lights, a speedo and whatnot. Interestingly, when you bought the car the bike was an option like a radio or a sunroof, but you could get the Motocompo without the car, and then it was shipped in a cardboard box! I built my Motocompo folded, I added brake cable, corrected the colors, removed the headlight (which was a pain because the plastic is hard as a rock) and replaced it with a photoetched item by CTM that fits perfectly, removed all seams and retouched everything. What I could, I took apart, cleaned and put together again. Sadly, the body of the bike is glued so that I can’t take it apart without ruining it, so I couldn’t correct everything I wanted… As a cherry on top, I made the cardboard box too. I will build one unfolded, one in really used (I have a pic of one of these with a wooden box instead of a seat), and one that will fit inside. This Motocompo gave me the kick to finish one of my other projects. Last year I got Aoshimas Honda Monkeys in 1/24 and started to modify one of them, took apart as much as I could, cleaned the bits and assembled them again, it got scratchbuilt handlebars, all cables, mirror, all lights, I repainted everything but the gas tank and the seat, and I gave it a layer of dry mud just to try it out… That’s how it turned out:
  12. Treated myself to a new kit yesterday as a re-entry into modeling. I was very active for many years, but my eyesight was deteriorating and it made modeling difficult. This summer I had surgery to correct my "young-person's cataracts" and viola! I can see again. Dick Mann was quite a character and I got to meet him a few times as he was friends with my parents. He ran this bike as a privateer without much factory support. This kit is a bit odd as it is in 1:8 scale which I never worked with before. I am building it box stock, although I will be painting parts different colors than directed because they were not correct. Here is the kit, it is a reissue of a classic MPC kit. The color as shown is wrong, the bike was a sort of orange/brown color, not red. I might have a difficult time getting a color I am happy with. Wheels and tires done. I was thinking of adding valve stems, but nope, this is a box stock build! This bugs me a lot. Race engines are not chromed, and I know for a fact it wasn't on this bike. What to do? I think I will build it, try to make it better with some washes. If I am still not happy I will strip the chrome off and paint it the proper aluminum color. Let me know what you think.
  13. Only because I own a 2016 Honda Civic EX-T Coupe (10th generation), am I looking at this. From what I can tell, it's average quality, and a curbside. The Type R is a top-of-the-line pocket rocket, has not been offered in the USA before (a rebadge prior not worthy). Converting it to LHD would be a pain, and it's the hatchback version which is much different than my Coupe's trunk. The real car *starting price* is $36,595, so I will never buy one; but to build what they don't offer is tempting. Has anyone bought a Modeler's kit? https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10568107
  14. Originally a Lindberg (possibly even a Pryo kit first?) kit, now packaged under the MPC label, presumably to mesh with all the previous MPC large scale motorcycle reissues: Older, original Lindberg kit for comparison:
  15. Well here is my latest builds, a Honda beat and a Mazda autozam az1. A couple Japanese kei cars. I'm pretty happy with them since I have never built anything like them before lol. The autozam is box stock and the beat was lowered and photoetched emblems. Both have custom plates I made.
  16. Doin some cleaning today,,and ran across this in the storage area,,Tamiya makes some really great kits,,this being the CB 750 thats been out forever. One of my fav in-line 4 bikes.
  17. MarcelT4

    Honda NSX

    Hello, here a new model from me. I have the widening of the fenders again created and printed. The wheels are 3D printed too. Furthermore, I have installed etched parts and changed the body on the model of Jon Sibal. It was painted in Candy-Yellow by Zero Paints and 2K clearcoat. Carbon decals are from Scaleproduction.
  18. Hi, everyone my name is Kevin. I'm currently building the civic type R ek9, I'm a complete rookie when it comes to a model car, hence I ran into the problem below: As the picture suggested, I have some area that needs to be re-worked, I had 3 layers of primer and the colour coat( white ). I think there are only two ways to sort it out: 1. To mask the remaining area with masking tape, and re-do the fenders and the front end. (Primer+colour coat)? But I think the method one would take more time and money( the usage of spray can), since I already have three layers on top of each other. 2. Masking the rest of the car as well, but instead of redoing the primer, just spray another layer of white on top of it? I don't know how good or bad, this might turn out to be. Thanks for all the support from you guys, this is my first model car kit, and I want it to be as decent as it can be Please help me out with this so I can show you guys later this month, well......hopefully.
  19. The 1:24 scale Hasagawa kit of the first generation Honda Civic hatchback. Since my first car was a 1977 Civic CVCC, I *had to* get two of these kits. I still have dealer brochures, great for reference (cutaway picture). I have not opened up the bags yet, if that's required for a proper review, I will do so. It's a curbside, decent engine bottom detail, but there is proper shock tower detail, as if there will be a chance for an engine kit. I'm wanting to build a US version, which will require scratch-building the front turn signals, door mirror, side lights, and the most demanding part of converting the dash to LHD, and I would need to modify the hood. I do see a CVCC chrome badge for the back, which is greyed out on the instruction sheet, but still need to do the grill and side badges. Decal sheet has lots of tiny things, but I have never seen window trim which is sort of silver done like this, all Japan market badges. Makes me think I should hold out for a US version of the CVCC?
  20. Hello friends Here I bring you one of the best unions between sportsman and machine. The machine or rather the motorcycle is a Honda and the athlete definitely had to be Valentino Rossi. He dominated the 2002 season and achieved the 2002 and 2003 championship over the RC211V. This model manufactured from the Tamiya brand in 1/12 scale, one of my first models made. https://youtu.be/fJmtochZHr0 Greetings and I hope you like it
  21. Hello! This is my second model ever, so it's far from perfect; but I hope you enjoy it anyway. The body color is Testors Graphite Dust Lacquer Spray and the performance decals are from a 1/24 Initial D Sileighty kit I have yet to complete. Also, I apologize for my awful interior pictures, the way the kit was assembled was with the dash attaching to the body so I couldn't get complete interior pictures with the body off.
  22. Great model this, went together soo well, only has issues with the gloss coat & the flocking. I do have a WIP post as well... Enjoy! Criticisms welcome.
  23. I always wanted an S2000, but it was too impractical, so I ended up with a civic type R instead - which is a car I loved to own, so much so, that I ended up keeping it for 5 years and sold it on at 90k on the clock (miles). Any how, decided to do this build as it's curb side, and should be quick. I haven't actually finished a model in 2 and a half years due to house renovations. This will be a quick build with not too much detail, I want to learn more about clear coating with 2K, and use my first set of PE in earnest. Box art: Using Hobby Design Photoetch: I've cut out the grill to add P/E later: Finished the chassis: (made a hash job of the wash on the sump & transmission) Finished 2 bits of the interior too: and the cabriolet hood:
  24. Hi all, So the 1966 Chevy Nova project has been put on hold till I can get to a shop to get more body paint (lesson learnt with the EK9 project, more on that in just a bit). So I decided to take the Fujimi EK9 kit for a quick build into a Spoon Civic look, it's not quite finished yet but made so many mistakes on the way too. Problems and Bad stuff: - Only had one small can of yellow body paint and the body could have done with another 1-2 wet coat before I sealed it with clear - I then attempted to mask and paint the black accents on the window trims on the clear plastic and turns out using painters masking tape instead of something like Tamiya tape, I had runs and leaks so had to wash that off and not as clean windows - Just general small bits of paint blemishes on the body, you'll see Anyway, after all that I am still quite happy how it's turned out given what happened lol. After the final coat of clear and polished using Novas 1 and 2 More on the interior bucket in the next post.
  25. Happy summer !,,,hope its all good for ya'll. Been a busy season so far,,but I still have a bit of 'construction" time. I was working on this kit over the past month or so,and went out on web to look at some other builds of this,,its been out on market for a year or more,,but couldnt find very many "built" post about it. So,,got it done,,and thought "why not post it". I built a GP version of it kindof,,I like chrome as much as anyone,but I wanted a different style version of this iconic machine. So I took style cues from various race bikes I saw on the web,,and heres what I came up with. Thanks for looking,,and all the best to ya! S. Visit : GT 40 | Flickr
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