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  1. This is built from the re-issued orange box kit to which I added the Tamiya photo-etch set and after-market cigarette sponsor decals from MSM Creation. The exterior was airbrushed using red and white McLaren colors Zero base paints. All of the kit chromed parts were oven cleaner stripped and re-metallized using Alclad over black lacquer. The remaining parts were painted using airbrushed Tamiya acrylics per the instruction call-outs. This is the first kit that I have clear coated using airbrushed Mr Color “Super Clear UV Cut” lacquer and self-leveling thinner (50/50) which, unlike Tamiya TS-13 clear coat that I’ve used on past builds, had no effect on the decals - I’m sold! I added MFH fuel lines and additional black shrink tubing oil cooler lines and fittings and seat belt material from Tuner Model Manufactory (unfortunately I only had black, they should be blue). This kit went together seamlessly until I installed the roll bar and support after which the cockpit and engine cover location pins refused to fit into the mating holes on the lower body shell. I was able to fix this by removing plastic from the rear white crossmember on the cockpit cover which was interfering with the front of the roll bar. Otherwise typical Tamiya smooth going. I like building classic race cars that I actually saw race in the period - this one with James Hunt and Jochen Mass driving in Long Beach in ‘77. Between these 1/20 Tamiya seventies F1 kits and the 60’s -70’s 1/20 kits from Ebbro and Hasegawa, I have built seven thus far and have another 8 - 9 in my stash. Even built OOTB, I find this 1/20 scale ideal for creating detailed models of these classic racing machines without taking up a lot of shelf space (or box space in the closet in my case!). Hope you like this one. Cheers, John
  2. Not every day that you get to shoot a 1978 Mclaren M26 GP …. Brian Redman has relocated his Florida event to Homestead after the Moroso track in West west west Palm Beach was devoured by developers … i always enjoyed the vintage events at Moroso - but the Homestead track is 10 miles fr my driveway …. So ….
  3. Got this with some birthday money last month. I saw it on the Revell site and thought it was beautiful. The kit isn't bad. The color instructions were nice. The kit is molded in orange and black, which wasn't cool. The engine is easy to build and looks nice. The underside is flat except for the area where the front and rear wheels go. There's two flat pieces with arms for the tire pegs. There's also another flat piece that glues onto the front flat piece With that piece glued on the front piece will not be flush with the underside. I had to do some work to make it look right. The interior assembles nicely. Just a lot of painting. The rear window and side windows are kinda tricky to get in. The side windows slide in over the outside of the openings. I opted not to go for the door windows as they didn't fit right and I also like to pick up my models that way. Final assembly sucked. The chassis is supposed to be taped down front and glued; then back and glued. Yeah, I glued the front and then found a 20lb rock to hold down the back. Not cool. The engine cover in the rear is also not a great fit. It's a clear piece with a decal over it. It just sits over the engine and not very well. I had to glue it in place. It also requires some painting around it to make it look right. Everything else fits pretty nice. The doors are a little tricky. I was also sad you either glue them open or shut. Would have been cool to have functioning scissor doors. Still, with all the trouble it looks great! SAM_1295 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_1296 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_1297 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_1298 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  4. So a little bit of background for you guys about me. I’ve been building model cars since I was in my teens thanks to my mom who bought my first kit thinking it was already built but surprise surprise it was in bits so guess what? Yep I had to build it myself. Back then I must have just used glue, a knife and maybe some paint and that was the extend of my modeling tools. I then concentrated on building war planes but then my passion for race cars increased so I started building Tamiya 1/12 scale models. I then took a long long break from modeling because of my profession which was bring a race car mechanic and later engineer. So anyways back to the model. I’m a fan of Senna and saw him race numerous times when I was a mechanic so I decided to build his championship winning McLaren. I bought the kit and also the Top Studio upgrade bits to make a more realistic model. I try to aim for realism as much as I can. Being a mechanic I know how and where those parts go but more importantly what they should look like. Now my methods are a bit unorthodox as I don’t build the car according to the instructions because to me it doesn’t make sense. So for example I started with the gearbox but I separated the gearbox from the engine. I’m basically building it like I would a real race car. Hopefully you modelers will like the build and feel free to comment as I go along.
  5. Here’s my McLaren 570S from Revell Germany. This kit was more of a challenge than I expected with tons of tiny parts and decals. The fit was pretty good but final assembly was very finicky to get it all to line up correctly. As I read from other builders here, the carbon fiber decals did not want to cooperate so I left them off after the roof decal tore. Also, my kit was missing a headlight lense despite it being a new, sealed kit so I left the other off. RofG is sending me a free replacement part but it will take weeks; I’ll add them on when I get it. Body is the bare molded-in-color plastic with two coats of Future, with Tamiya XF-56 metallic gray as the accent and wheel color. Brake calipers and valve covers are X-12 gold leaf. Interior is flat black Krylon with the bare gray plastic for the seats. Despite the challenges it was a fun build and I’m happy with my results!
  6. McLaren, famous for their incredible success in Formula 1, designed the MP4-12C which used a carbon fibre composite chassis, and is powered by a longitudinally-mounted 3.8 Litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine and produced a small number of cars in order for them to compete in the FIA Group GT3. The 1/24 scale Fujimi kit is enhanced by the use of photoetched parts and carbon fibre decals. Paint is Zero Paints McLaren colour matched with Tamiya lacquer gloss coat with Alclad metal lacquers. Hope you enjoy. Steve Hansford Melbourne, Australia.
  7. Hey, everyone!, since i wasnt able to post photos, i started my F1, and since now i can post, here now, heres what i have done so far... The objective here is a street version, so all the work will be in the interior from the looks of it. -Photo 1; Everything here is pre-assembled, minus the wing to body contact, and the doors -i Canopy glued them in place while i sanded the body even, and smooth. -Photo 2; I have no idea what these bumps are...they are only on some of the real cars....maybe a bad representation of number lights? -Photo 3; Something i like to do, is drill tiny holes to make it easier to locate, and attach bits...works a treat! -Photo 4; This bit was a separate piece in the kit, but not on the real car, so some fillerin needed to be done because they didnt really line up all that great. -Photo 5; I had to open ALL the vents you see here!....why? Fujimi has a weird way of choosing which ones to do. -Photo 6; I opened these three too, as well as the tow slot... -Photo 7; The angle of the rocker skirts wasnt low enough like the real car, but instead of cutting it off, i just added styrene stock to it, and it looks good with a nice ride height now. -Photo 8; I noticed during a test fit, that there was a slight see-through crack between the body, and interior tub, so just incase, i added styrene stock as you see it -problem solved! -Photo 9; All the arrows point to lines seams that shoulda already been there, but they werent, so i had to scribe them. -Photo 10; Lets see what i can do with this sad engine bay...i opened the rear windows, and cut out the molded in stabilizing bar -i have a more realistic one from Plastistruck. --Photo 11; I opened up the sides here like on the real car... -Photo 12; ...now i needed styrene to fill in the spaces to the parcel tray areas. -Photo 13; Here is a test fit of most of the interior bits...they all fit in harmony. -Photo 14; I really had to chop this bugger up to get the right look. Obviously all the white bits i made, and i added the carpet trimming....its all ready for paint now. -Photo 15; Just another angle with seat belt slots EVERYWHERE!!!...man thats tiring!...I'm also pointing at the storage areas i had to open up, I also had to scribe some seams that shoulda been there. -Photo 16; Believe it or not, but these seats were all the same....until i tweaked the back? two....no they arent stock, but there isnt just one kind either, i often use artistic license, and couldnt give a toss if someone didnt agree, lol I also SB seatbelts that resemble some of the real cars. -Photo 17; In order to make the dash more realistic, i needed to scribe a seam around the top of the guage cluster. The real street version of this car has a slightly different dash, but i like this one better. Since i will be gluing the doors shut, I needed to modify the door cards...i.e., Cut all the sides off. -Photo 18; Here are the last bits...i added more details to the peddles, and drilled out the exhaust tips for better realism...with the size they were, and how shallow they were, even flat black paint wouldnt look okay.
  8. So i recently started a new build... the F1GTR Long tail. I bought the kit as a gulf racing livery. However ive decided to give it my own personal touch. The color combo might not be to everyones liking. but i thought its something else for a change... still undecided if i need more purple on the body. Hereby some pix Let me know what you think, and any advice/tips are sure welcome!
  9. So after 3 weeks of not doing any model work, ive decided to get right back at it. Starting with this SLR Mclaren box, even though i already had a ACR viper and XJ220 that i was working on but okay. Its going to be an OOB build. No aftermarket parts necessary Color will be a metallic blue from Tamiya (TS-19) with a red interior Not sure to pre-assemble the body for paint or not yet, time will tell i guess. Here it is in its current state:
  10. I switched back to a gt3 build to get this one finished. The seat belts need to be attached to the cage yet. I used a Hobby Design detail kit for some of the interior parts and motor. The rear window has been covered with MFH heat sheild foil then painted gold. The body has all the window trim and vents in carbon fiber. All molded in screens have been removed . They will be replaced by etched ones. Hope you enjoy.
  11. One of my absolute favorite supercars. Mclaren F1 Longtail. it has the Aoshima photoetch kit as well..... enjoy!
  12. Hey everyone, just thought I would share this with you all, It would be really cool to have someone do this in a Scale Model like 1:25 or 1:24. Tell me what you guys think about the Car, I personally like it!
  13. A few things you don't see every day, from a great day out at the Donington Historic Festival: Sunbeam Tiger LM Coupe Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato Mercedes W125 continuation Jaguar XJR-15 Facel Vega 2 My garage... ;-P DBR1, DB3S and DP212 (I think...) Lancia Aurelia ERA and Alfa wheel to wheel Not the best picture, but the unique ERA GP1 in action... Senna's Lotus 97T in which he won his first GP, before it went out on the track...
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