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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys, would like to share my Bumblebee inspired Camaro Concept with you. Built this one during my summer holidays. It´s a really nice kit although it´s a snaptite. There´s always some potential for improvement so I did the 3rd brake light included in the rear window and added mirror foil behind the tail lights. The rest of this one is build right out of the box excepting the coloring. Front grille decal is still missing but will come. Here the pics... Hope you´ll like it. Feel free to leave a comment or critism. Happy modelling to everyone. Rico
  2. Having stalled on my current WIPs of the Tall T Coupe for the BOYD build, and the somewhat current build thread of the Corvair exhibition car, I decided to start anew with the Revell 57 Belair snap kit. Having read on the forum that the body had very accurate proportions was a major factor for choosing this snapper. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of detail such as the separate interior door panels and the in the one piece chassis. The one major complaint throughout the early massaging of the body has been a misalignment of the dies in the molding of the driver side of the body. Perhaps it was just my example, yet the work required on the driver’s side was extensive to achieve a smooth transition to the body panels. I haven’t been able to build a kit SOB for many decades now, and this has proved to be the case again; so much for the idea of a straight forward cub-side build! With the wide expanse of the two door hardtop interior it was difficult to ignore the detail that was missing. Following the great examples of Steven G.’s work, I detailed the interior roof by adding the extensive chrome trim around the side window trim to provide the prototypical window moldings into which the trimmed kit glass will fit. I then added the headliner bows. Upon considering what the final colour combination would be I settled upon a solid, deeper red for the exterior with a black vinyl roof, a seldom seen addition to a 57 Chev. Following the forum discussion on vinyl roof execution I laid down two strips of Evergreen strips following chartpack guides and sanded the sharp edges off the interior side of the strips to represent the folded trim edges of the centre vinyl portion. While subtle it does offer a much better representation of the prototype. The body was further massaged in preparation for the initial grey primer to cover the black and red plastic of the interior. The chassis received a base coat of Tamiya semi gloss black. After wet sanding the body with 4,000 grit and correcting some of the inaccuracies with Valejo plastic putty the body was ready to receive the Tamiya red primer undercoat. This revealed the remaining areas requiring further attention, especially the front fender eyebrows. Before laying another primer layer I masked the side spear with Tamiya tape to preserve the detail for the metallic finish. Happy with the progress I masked the roof in preparation for the body colour finish. With two coats of TS 8 Italian Red the body was ready, waiting for the vinyl roof and chrome to be applied. While the paint finished drying I moved on to the interior and chassis painting. Once primed the interior received a coat of Vallejo Red with the instrument panel and upper door edges receiving the body colour. The contrasting colour will be black. The chassis was primed in semi gloss black and the certain details have been picked out with Vallejo metallic applied by brush. The next step was to mask the chassis with Silly Putty for the metallic finish to be airbrushed. This has been a interesting build as I have moved along at a brisk pace without too much extras being added to the basic kit. A real plus is the quality designed into the kit. The molding is sharp, there is excellent detail provided and fit is very good; overall a big improvement in recent snap kits. Cheers Misha
  3. I recently finished up this Revell Snaptite Max kit. Overall, not a bad kit. It is nice to build a straight forward kit without all of the detailing. You can find the WIP here: I hope you all enjoy this one. Let me know what you think.
  4. Here's a look at what's inside the 1/25 Revell Camaro Concept SnapTite Max, kit 85-1527, this time molded in lime green, and with both water slide decals and stickers included: http://modelkitreviews.proboards.com/thread/957/revell-1527-camaro-concept-snaptite This is pretty much the same Revell Camaro Concept kit first released back in 2006, with some minor changes as noted above. Previous kit versions were molded with silver, orange, and yellow bodies, and I believe the silver version was also offered in Revell's Build & Play program, too:
  5. Just an easy quickie 2-day build. Audi R8 Snaptite- detailed a little... Painted Duplicolor Universal White with clear. Carbon-fiber side sails and roof. Added red accent stripe, red accent interior Ashoima wheels with red edge accent. This is the BASIC Snaptite kit with silver painted headlights, I scraped that off and detailed behind the "glass" bezel with painted spots and Evergreen tubing for the HID
  6. This was a fun quickie build in between more complex builds I did last Fall. (This is a curbside Revell Snaptite) Added the fat-tires, PE side vents, and custom dual exhaust.
  7. It may be a simplified kit, but a little bit of work yields a nice result... A grand total of five parts in that interior! Colour is Zero Paints. I started out with "Protonic Blue", (a BMW i8 colour), but decided it was too pale, so I overcoated it lightly with Blu Dino. It looks nicely zingy to me now. There's a reasonable amount of detail to paint, even through construction is very simplified. I put carved a centreline channel in the engine covers, and striped the chrome from the headlights before repainting with the complexity of the real thing. And I had to add a bottom to the steering wheel -- I don't know where mine went, short shot, broken or just not there...? The 2005 GT (actually a 720 Mirage...) is a Polar Lights snap kit, titivated, and the 'vette is the recent Revell Germany release of another snap kit. Just goes to show that there's nothing inherently wrong with them, and that a bit of detailing work with pain can really lift them. bestest, M.
  8. After seeing a couple of these builds pop up, I thought Id grab one and see how it worked out. I flocked the floor mats gray, and got the door panels painted a gloss gray. It was weird, when I tried to paint the door panels the gloss gray, there were certain areas that the paint would 'run away' from, on both pieces. This plastic also seems thicker. Whenever I try to file/sand something, it seems to chew through my material and paper. I decided to scrap the metal axle and kit wheels for something a little different I have since made sure the bed rails, hood inserts, and such fit, which everything does very well. The pictures make look a little unlevel, its only because part of my mat is warped
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