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  1. Here’s my build of Aoshima’s ‘92 Range Rover! It’s a pretty simple curbside kit that goes together great and has plenty of detail. It’s painted in Tamiya TS-2 “Dark Green” with three coats of Pledge floor gloss (TS-2 is a matte finish). Thanks for looking!
  2. Thank you for allowing me to post another build. More work on trying to improve my gloss finish. I chose the "lowered" option and in hindsight I have would now gone for the normal ride car or maybe a half-lowered modification. Perhaps the light shrouds on the inside were interfering with the body sitting level on the frame. Mr Hobby paints and clear coat gloss. The roll bars and grille were de-chromed and Rub'n Buff silver applied on the grille to slightly tone it down from chrome. I'm adding an upper trunk brake light reflector panel but it will have to dry a few more days before applying. Thank you for checking in and all comments welcome.
  3. hi,every one!!😄 this is my first motorcycle model. I did some modification on this little bike.. not perfect, but I am happy with the result hope you like it 😀 and here is the video build if you are interested😀
  4. In an effort to keep thinning the stash and trying to produce one model a month, I started this relatively simple kit. The fit and finish of parts are great, really easy to assemble. As of this morning I only had parts in primer and some with a first coat of paint. I will just be doing a box stock build with light weathering. Here are all the parts assembled so far. Here is the chassis which is almost complete. I need to add the exhaust and weather the shock mounts and front steering assembly as well as some other minor details. Here it is all test fitted. Stance checks out okay. I'm excited to see it finished. Will be applying some weathering techniques to the body within the coming days. It already has some "battle scars" showing through the paint. I wanted some rough spots on the paint, came out good.
  5. Started this kit at the beginning of 2021, got it painted in preparation for a winter build. But got distracted with other things and other kits, so it sat lingering on the shelf until last week when I decided it was time to catch up on some of my stalled builds. Some wip pics are here. The kit. Lots of optional parts, so picked a combo and built my own version. Wheels My usual colour combo Really like building these Aoshima kits, easy fun builds.
  6. Started with an Aoshima kit. Wheels Full bumper delete with custom roll pans, Modified front to resemble hidden headlight and modified the rear and fitted Nissan Laurel C130 tail lights. Painted the usual Tamiya TS-14 black, polished with Tamiya fine, coarse and finish compounds. Waxed with Meguiars NXT.
  7. Previous build. Built from this kit. Wheels. Paint. Inspiration for the colour from this.
  8. I haven't been able to work on models in a while, so i'm still working on my Pagani. This is also the first time I've ever posted here as I build. This kit has modelers nervous since no one has been able to make everything fit together. I was going to wait and make a video, but at the rate I build, I wouldn't be helping very much. The way this model builds up out of the box, only gives you two options; 1) leave parts off just so you can close everything (not very well), and 2) glue everything in the "open" position. I'm 99.9% sure that I can make everything function as expected, in fact, i'm going to be ADDING a lot of details as well. My Pagani will be totally wired up as much as photos will show. I hope I can help others build this kit the way it should be......thanks for looking in.
  9. We now have more info on this one, like when and how much, Dec is the release date given, and depending on where you like to import from, is going to run you just under 3000yen http://hlj.com/product/AOS05260 http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10410662
  10. Hello, everyone!, its been a very long road, but she's finally done!! I set out to show how it was possible to build it as any kit should be i.e; you can display it both open....AND shut. Its not perfect, but then again, nobodies ever is, and I am actually pretty stoked about how she's turned out. For those of you who have been following along, you know that there is WAAAAY too many things I changed, SB, or added, to be able to write them all down here. There is a 27 page WIP on it that will show it better than I can ever remember, and i'd like to thank everyone who followed along, and supported me with their encouragement!....YOU ALL are VERY much appreciated!!! I also hope to see more of these built in the future....it is an amazing kit, that deserves to be built.
  11. Kitbash of the Aoshima Toyota Celica LB 2000GT Liftback and the Tamiya Toyota Celsior (USA market Lexus LS400). Been thinking of this project for some time. Have a couple of photos found on the web of a Celica with a turbocharged Lexus V8, so that is where I started. Assembled the chassis and engine, mostly with Tacky glue. Cut off the hood, using the Tamiya scriber. I knew there might need to be flares, design pending. Chassis pan will be shortened in the middle, cut off the back, and much of the front overhang removed. Looked at my choice of wheels. This is my first choice, has two widths of tires, and Brembo brakes. I like the look, but same width tires. Maybe, but no brakes. Only because the box shows the Lexus. Interior tub width is a very close fit. Planning to chop off the back seat, and fabricate a simple back area. Lexus seats are really nice. The dashboard is the challenge, sort of. The Aoshima kit came via Satco, which made the resin LHD dashboard. I couldn't let the dust settle after finishing the VW Microbus, so I'm off and ruining two perfectly good kits.
  12. Something different. I get bored with the same old same old. Find these Aoshima kits are alot of fun to build. The kit. The completed build.
  13. Here's my 4th build of 2018. A OBB stock C210 Nissan Skyline. Looking back on this I really wished I polished it but another time. Tamiya paint n clear coat. Not much else to say. Hopefully ill have my first build of 2019 finish next week. Another Nissan with a fixed up exhaust too
  14. Finished this up today, second of these kits I've built, probably the last. Very fiddly construction, not many positive attachment points, vague instructions. For bikes I think I'll go with a bit larger scales from now on. Comments welcome, thanks for looking.
  15. As i am doing with my Fujimi Aventador, this too i will compare part by part, which kit is better -Aoshima, or Fujimi. I've built 15 Fujimi Countach's in my time, and i actually like this kit waaaay better for the reasons you will learn. I'm not concerned about undercarriage detail, but everything else WILL be uber detailed! -Photo 2; This is how mine will hopefully look when done......i'm usually heck with white -my nemesis. -Photo 3; Heres the start of the undercarriage parts...All the Sharpie marks are molded-in hoses, and pipes that i will be grinding away.Fujimi wins in the engine compartment detail...they have a complete engine/ suspension. However, Aoshima added just enough clever design details, that done the right way, this engine bay will still look very realistic! -Photo 4; Aoshimas distributor totally wins over Fujimi!....it comes pre-drilled!!...anybody whose tried to wire up a V12 distributor will REALLY appreciate this! -Photo 5; The details of the engine bits are very crisp, but..... -Photo 6; ....in order to seat the intake all the way down, this area on BOTH sides needs to be cut back. If you dont, this part will hit the valve covers, which can cause the hood to NOT close all the way. -Photo 7; The side on the left is properly adjusted....see how horrible the right side looks. -Photo 8; see?...the clearance is perfect now(right side now). -Photo 9; Aoshima wins here as well....pre-drilled valve covers -Nice!! -Photo 10; Both kits are about the same with these bits. The shocks both have their own different details, but are equal to me. -Photo 11&12; I had already pre-assembled these undercarriage bits, and primered them black. It has the usual detail of front suspension bits, but a simplified rear suspension area. The lower half of the engine, and tranny are a separate part. As you can see, they are still pretty nice, but as stated before, Fujimi wins over this. Aoshima has the two tow loops in the front....Fujimi doesnt. -Photo 13; After all the other bits are attached, it will look pretty believable. -Photo 14; These tyres, and wheels are waaay better than Fujimis, which are undersized, and too narrow. Aoshimas wheels are far cleaner too.
  16. Box art Wheels are from another kit, but this what they are. Painted TS-55 dark blue, cant all be black as much as would like them to be. Whoa! nearly flooded the tail pipe.
  17. This may have been the most difficult kit I've ever attempted. Lots of small delicate parts, several of them broken and needing repairs. Decals were trash but I tried to save the logos best I could. Comments welcome, thanks for looking.
  18. First build of 2019 complete. Tamiya candy lime green paint, Aoshima Hart 5 wheels and low yes! I also cut the exhaust tips off and use some tube n Motolow pen. Most of what I build is Shaktan which is Japanese for low. this is how they build them in 1:1 and on this model the exhaust does not touch the ground
  19. Hello, I post it here, because the scale fits our cars, and they will eventually end up as cargo on a truck or in a van, so yea... Last week a friend of mine got me some stuff from Japan, I got some kits, books and Aoshima’s Honda Motocompos in 1:24 that my buddy pulled out of a vending machine… In the machines there are these eggs: And in these eggs are half built model kits, in my case these Motocompos. Honda Motocompo is one of the best inventions of the 80ies, they are tiny motorbikes that can be folded to about the size of a big suitcase, can be lifted by one person using handles in each corner, and there is even a car that was designed around the Motocompo (Honda City), where it fits perfectly in the trunk! These are sooo cool. I love them. I want one. I want the car too. But the best thing about them is that the Japanese not only made a tiny folding motorcycle, but that it’s not primitive, it has blinkers, lights, a speedo and whatnot. Interestingly, when you bought the car the bike was an option like a radio or a sunroof, but you could get the Motocompo without the car, and then it was shipped in a cardboard box! I built my Motocompo folded, I added brake cable, corrected the colors, removed the headlight (which was a pain because the plastic is hard as a rock) and replaced it with a photoetched item by CTM that fits perfectly, removed all seams and retouched everything. What I could, I took apart, cleaned and put together again. Sadly, the body of the bike is glued so that I can’t take it apart without ruining it, so I couldn’t correct everything I wanted… As a cherry on top, I made the cardboard box too. I will build one unfolded, one in really used (I have a pic of one of these with a wooden box instead of a seat), and one that will fit inside. This Motocompo gave me the kick to finish one of my other projects. Last year I got Aoshimas Honda Monkeys in 1/24 and started to modify one of them, took apart as much as I could, cleaned the bits and assembled them again, it got scratchbuilt handlebars, all cables, mirror, all lights, I repainted everything but the gas tank and the seat, and I gave it a layer of dry mud just to try it out… That’s how it turned out:
  20. Here we go, the reissue of the MG-B kits from Aoshima, Tahiti Blue from Scalefinishes is the paint, and what I learned building it , my building is a lot like that of the Fine British Engineering. The wheels I used a Silver Sharpie on, painted them black first, they turned out ok, could be tad better I feel , the windscreen frame turned out really good, till it was time to install it. I started with a black base coat, I was going to BMF it, but whats left of my BMF is getting old and is tearing and sticking to the backing paper. So I re masked off the windows and shot Alclad Polished Aluminum on it, it look very good, but a lot of rubbed off.
  21. New kit coming from Aoshima went up for pre order this morning in Japan, and I can say, we didnt see this one coming, I mean who would of guessed, and till about three hours ago, I had no idea this was even a thing , but now I gotta I have one. The current estimated release date is showing for July and Japan pricing is around $25 and they are going to be two version, one with a white body, and one with a black body. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10605157
  22. Not usually my thing to 'Pimp' a street car, but just couldn't help m'self... Aoshima kit, not a straightforward build but pretty good. Tamiya TS44 Light Gunmetal overall, A Pillars, skirts & air dams all Tamiya enamel (standard) Gunmetal. Decals plucked from an unsuspecting Revell Mitsubishi Eclipse. Wheels are after-market Aoshima's - Rays 19" GT-C's. As ever thanks for taking the time to look, all comments, abuse and questions are welcome. Next, something very, very small. Ian.
  23. Hey, everybody!, here is the next in my Stig Collection!....it is extremely detailed.....hope you like it....thanks for stopping in!
  24. Second round for this tooling, some new parts, mostly consisting of some aero bits, new front and rear bumper pieces and wheels +decals, I would normally just post photos of the new bits then link to another thread , but since Photobucket Gate, that thread is useless now. Everything from this point on contains parts from the first run aka the stock version. The small chrome tree is new for this kit as well, but I thought it was smart to do the chrome bits in the same photo.
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