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Found 14 results

  1. I got this link at this year's SEMA - Motor Trend booth. It truly is free and you don't have to provide any personal information. I LOVE all the photos and articles from the golden age of hot rodding! https://www.motortrend.com/hotrod-archive/ Update 1/10/23: I'm not sure if others are having technical difficulties, but just recently my initial link to the HRM magazines starting acting up. I have been accessing it by going to the main Motor Trend page and clicking on "Magazines".
  2. Well gents. This one got done along with her Big Girl sisters. I present to you JADE. She is painted in Testors Chezoom Teal Pearl metallic with a well detailed turquoise interior. Lots of skill expanding detail has been put into her including scratch built console with REAL wood inlays and my 1st successful interior flocking.
  3. Here is the 3rd of my 4 Big Girls batch build. This was the hardest, as the kit is a curbside with no engine or engine compartment.
  4. Looks like the 1/25 AMT 1965 Pontiac Bonneville Sport Coupe kit is getting close(ish) to being available at the retail level, so check out Chris' video review below in the meantime. I noticed the ex-MPC BFG Radial T/A tires with the slightly oversized/chunky tread blocks are back, too. I think this is the first kit in which Round2 has included them? Instruction sheet from '60s release for comparison: https://modelkitreviews.proboards.com/thread/1259/amt-1965-pontiac-bonneville-hardtop
  5. Lots of fun was had by all, some were victorious, others not. Some, like me, dragged the stubborn mules across the finish line regardless of how hard they protested! MPC 1969 Pontiac Bonneville convertible Resin rally wheels and aftermarket gauge decals. Painted Tamiya TS-97 Pearl yellow over Testors' Daytona yellow. This is the one with the cut out for a truck version which I was not going to use. So I filled the gap on the underside with Tamiya putty and thought I had the problem fixed. Nope, the cut lines started showing through on the top. Numerous applications of filler failed to stop them showing so I "built like a 12-year-old would" and shot over the body imperfections. I'll have to address why it's not sitting flat on the frame later. MPC 1969 Pontiac Bonneville Hardtop Resin rally wheels and aftermarket gauge decals. Painted Tamiya Mica Red over some bad Testors' Inca Gold. Original undercoat was Tamiya TS-21 gold but it fish eyed really bad so after sanding that down I shot it with the Inca gold which really came out bad. No time to strip and repaint so "doing like a 12-year-old" would do, I shot the red over it. Actually it looks kind of like a car with the paint fading and the clear coat coming off in some shots, so I could say I was building a replica 🙂 Here are some group shots of them. Engines Interiors - The whiter interior is the hardtops. thanks for looking all comments welcomed.
  6. At the Art Center here in Aberdeen SD they have an "Open Art Session" every Thursday between 10am and 12pm. My wife and I go there, she usually works on her book while I prep models. Today I took in the 64 Cutlass 442 and the Bonneville kits. I moved the front axle holes forward on the Olds so the wheels look better balance in the wells. Then I started to work on the Pontiac. I had already started to narrow the rear for some big tires at home, so I thought I'd work on the engine. You can guess what I came up with. Yeah, I'm going to have to cut out the hood on the Bonnie! Here it is mocked up with the wide tires on the rear and the set of wheels from an AMT 66 Nova pro-street kit. Not sure if they will be the ones I use or not. I "narrowed" the rear the old-fashioned way. I removed the wheel wells and sanded down where the axles go through until I had enough clearance. I also thinned the fenders on the body as well. I'm using the backing plates for the slicks from the AMT 50 Ford convertible to mount them with a custom-made metal axle. Front tires are the BF Goodrich tires from the kit. I'll remove badges and door handles on the side and probably paint the lower finned panels grey. I'll get some card stock to remake the rear wheel wells so the inner body don't show. So, what do ya think? Is the world ready for a blown, tubbed 65 Bonneville? Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  7. Started in September 2008 and finally finished up February 2021. AMT 65 Bonneville in Evening orchid. I have some body warp but it is done! Basic black interior, BMF for the trim, Molotow pen for lettering.
  8. I built this 20 years, or so, back. It was built using a vac-formed drop tank that I found in a closeout pile at a local shop. I covered it with tooling aluminum. Tires and wheels are from the parts box. Rear tires were made by contact cementing two inserts from Revell's dragster/pro stock/FC kits together, then covering the seam with electrical tape. Wheel discs were punched from tooling aluminum sheet, as well. Radius rods, etc. are from the parts box. Rivets were made using the time-tested "scriber" method. I carved wood bucks to heat-form the scoops, and used an aircraft prop cone for the tail. The model was an exercise in trying new techniques, and design, and, clearly was never intended to be a detailed "replica" of a salt flats/dry lakes racer. Comments/criticisms welcome, as always! Mods, feel free to move it to wherever you think it needs to go!
  9. So this is Tamiya GT3 kit that I build mainly in box stock style. Modifications include aluminium spun hubcaps that were make by a friend of mine and restyled rear wing. Idea was to create a slat flats racer- styled street legal sports car with local ( Finnish ) EU- plates. Color is Tamiya Blue Violet and decals are from different kits.
  10. I've been to every Speedweek since '03 (even the rainouts!!). I love the show cars in attendance (Speed Demon, Stupidbaker, Blowfish, etc.) but I have a real soft spot for the beaters which are the inspiration for this, my latest project.
  11. Group, I'm sure a few of you attended Speedweek this year. It is a very inspiring place for any car modeler !!! Here is a slide show of my pix from Speedweek 2016. https://youtu.be/VpXzZ70xP9g
  12. Thought the car looked pretty cool, plus you never see many kits of the full size cars, so I picked it up.
  13. hey all , i started a new build now the 31 tudor only needs some small stuff to finish it this time i took apart my previous build roadster , i never like the outcome and every time i saw it i got annoyed .. also the past 6 months i just grew a bit again and got new techniques and a bigger drive to get details spot on and stuff more correct so ... i just tore it apart this was the build > after some sanding and thinking of idea's i got the idea to give the front a radical face .. like i googled and tryed to make something i never saw before. the idea , somebody could have done this 4 real , looking slek and streamlined .. kind of trying to get like a 32 roadster looking fast while it sits still so i took this bulky truck grille / front nose that already was a custom piece i ounce did and glued it on the hood dont look at the tonneau cover thats gone , i probable will be making a custom shaped roof (solid roof) the top of that truck piece was a peice of a hood i custom mmade on the grille and the shape looks so cool , the raised line matched the raised line on the ford hood and the shape where they meet was scary the same after sawing i ended up with this .. only the top piece , also fitted a small scoop on the hood test mock up where you see i cut half the frame off , and in the front tried a tube frame .. looks sweet and fits the race theme , i also have a back piece from tube , but in the end the whole chassis will become custom made out of several kit parts in the parts boxes like this its weird looks like a bird beak hahahah then i took the 32 ford grille and just cut it to pieces untill i had 2 parts that could be fitetd like this > in the middle i will make a raised line like the one runnign over the middle of the hood and nose .. the sides will be closed with beside the grille a section and removable panels where they normally would be .. maybe some holes with open pipes sticking through
  14. Here's the AMT 1953 Studebaker Starliner kit that I modified. It received the most votes in the jalopyjournal.com H.A.M.B. online salt flats racer model contest ending on January 14, 2011. The mechanics of the car loosely follows the SanChez '53 Stude racer from the early '60s. The color is a coral orange color that I mixed from Accu-Flex model railroad water-based paint then used their clear gloss and a lot of polishing. The kit's headlight covers, custom front pan and chopped top were used. Most of the trim was removed/filled and a B pillar was added along with door panel scribing on the roof. The engine is the kit's optional 392 Hemi with a front-driven blower and related parts from the ex-Aurora Carl Casper Undertaker dragster kit. Inside, the basics of the Stude kit's roll cage was augmented with additional styrene rod. An Early Years Resin seat and the '53 Stude's steering wheel adorn the kit's tub that got a new styrene floor and had most of the molded-in detail removed. The chassis is from the '53 kit with the floor boards between the frame rails replaced with sheet styrene and new pieces added for engine mounts. I Z'd the front frame rails while the rear has lowering blocks between the springs and the axle tubes. The Halibrand rear end and race tires are Early Years Resin pieces, the headers are from the Revell '69 Landy Dodge Charger (OK, they're from a 426 Hemi, so shoot me) and the exhaust pipes are aluminum tubing. The moon discs are real aluminum pieces from Scale Repro's Plus with three spots of dark grey paint on each one to simulate mounting screws.
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