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  1. Hello all, This was a “bucket list” build for me. It has been rattling around in my head for years, and was inspired by a Juha Aurio build from years ago. It’s a kit bash of the Johan 70 Caddy, and a modified AMT nascar chassis. I wanted to maintain the beautiful Cadillac lines while giving it a full tilt aggressive pro touring look. It’s built in a very similar style to the Dutch Boys Camaro I did last year. So…. the body got a “wide body” treatment, rear fenders are flared 2 3/4”, fronts 2”. Most of the trim was shaved, but I opted to keep most of the script. I added the Dutch Boys style door latches again. Front grill was opened from behind, new head lights added, and new turn signals. Front spoiler/splitter, rear spoiler, and nav antenna scratch built, and just for fun, there’s a backup camera in the fuel door. Under the hood got some details added, along with some basic wiring and plumbing. The engine is a 572 from Iceman Collections. I swapped out his valve covers for some Cadillac pieces, and added bootlace ferrule intake trumpets. The wheel centres are from the Foose 65 Impala, with resin hoops, and tires from Scale Productions. The interior has seats from a Ferrari, Lincoln door cards, modified kit dash with nav screen, scratch built centre console and speaker box, paddle shifters, embossing powder carpet, and carbon fibre accents. Many thanks to those of you that patiently followed along and contributed to the build thread. All the comments and input were much appreciated. Build thread : First photo is the build from Juha Aurio. Juha, if you happen to see this, thank you! And my version… Thanks for having a look. As always, all comments welcome.
  2. Hi everone, Here's my new built. This is Robert Burns's "Too Many Project" 3d resin kit. Finished in Lucerne Green Metallic. This is a wonderful alternative to the long gone version by Modelhaus. The Revell's '49 Mercury helped for the interior and the hubcaps. Always tough to build but fun is priceless.
  3. Hello ! Here's my latest built. This is the Robert Burns's 1/25 kit (Too Many Projects) Cadillac 1947 Club Coupe. I have painted her in Lotus Cream, a color on the paint chart that year. I've used the Revell's 1949 Oldsmobile kit for donor parts, such as a base for the interior that I have converted to fit. Tires are late Modelhaus's ones. Robert has nailed the overall proportions on this incredible kit, hard but so fun to build, but she comes without the rear arch wheel skirt so it had to be created for more accuracy. Flying goddess emblem comes from 3d Scale online boutique. Never made before in that scale, this Cadillac is a great addition in any Cadillac collection. Thanks for watching.
  4. Hi all, This project has been percolating in my brain for years. I finally got the kit about 3ish years ago, and I am now ready to tackle it. I spent a few hours last night going thru my stash and parts bins accumulating a bunch of goodies to mash up. The plan is to use a slightly toned down NASCAR chassis, I will keep the body somewhat stock, but shave some trim. I love the lines of this car! The interior will be a blend of lots of parts from various kits, and some scratch building. I will credit the late Juha Aurio (I hope I spelled that correct) for the inspiration of this. He built a beautiful blue custom that was in a contest cars magazine some years ago. My thought way back then was that I would do a simple curbside build, but with what I have learned since being on this forum, I feel my skills have improved, so I’m going all in. Before I go any further, my sincere apologies to purists, and those who disapprove of cutting up collectable or rare kits. I collect kits, but I collect them to build. I treat any kit the same, and I have almost no knowledge of “box stock”. So here we go! Starting point… The body is actually in very nice condition, so far the only flaw I see is a short shot on the driver side tail light area passenger side.. driver side… Shouldn’t be too hard to fix up. Chassis before any tinkering… The chassis needs to be narrowed and the front of the chassis (forward of the firewall) needs to be extended a scale 10”. Some of the inspiration I have found.. No, it will not be black!! No, it will not be a full roll cage NASCAR build. Man these look good dropped down tho!! It will be low, and will be very aggressive looking, but hopefully still classy at the same time. I already have a colour but not sharing that yet. I have several wheel tire choices, still need to narrow that down. I also plan on ordering some wheels this week, so my choices may actually expand. The engine will be a big block with a modern intake, or maybe twin turbos, regardless, it will have more than enough power to move this beast along. Still need to play with options once the chassis is further along. If it works out, I will use the Cadillac valve covers in the kit. I have all the ideas sorted out in my head, just need to start slicing and dicing to make it a reality. LOTS of details to sort out still, especially with the interior. This should be a fun one. As always, all comments welcome and thanks for having a look. Cheers, Steve
  5. Hello !. Finally completed except a few refinements to bring here and there is my 1971 Fleetwood, by Robert Burns's Too Many Projects resin kits. I wanted a rare but accurate color for her, so I went with this 1971's Primrose Firemist. As all Robert's kits come incomplete, the seats and hubcaps have been printed while the interior, dash, door panels and the chassis are scratchbuilt. A bit of body modifications were necessary since the kit is having a few proportions inaccuracies but overall this is again a fantastic model, and totally unique in that scale. ( not including TKM's old kits ). Hope you'll like her. Thanks for watching.
  6. The weather's finally warm enough for painting, so I've been laying some paint on a few projects that need them. Based on a car that was owned by a Mrs. Little, who eventually donated the car back to GM. Testor's Model Master Ford Engine Red turned out to be a decent match for the "Satan Red" exterior, while the interior is Humbrol #60 Matt Scarlet. Humbol Ivory was a close enough match for the "Puritan White" wheels on the original.
  7. Hi ! Long time I've posted a Cadillac on the forum. Here is the Robert Burns's TMP 1971 Cadillac kit finally done. These kits don't come complete so it takes a long time to fully assemble one, with scratch built parts and donors. I have dressed her up with an accurate 1971 Adriatic Turqouise Metallic. A friend of mine printed the correct hubcaps and seats. I have created the interior door panels and molded-converted a 1971 JoHan Dash. Chassis is from JoHan's Caddy but also required lots of work to fit with the body. Robert's kits are a dream come true for unprecedented models in that scale. Cadillac lovers, they are far from easy to built but don't let them go....
  8. Hi Guys ! Here's my second build of 2020. This is a Paul Hettick resin kit of a 4 windows 1959 Sedan de Ville. Paul did an amazing conversion with the body, interior, accurate rear bumper and gorgeous hubcaps. That kit needs the Monogram's Eldorado donor for extra parts, such as front bumper, chassis and hood... I've painted this beauty with a dark colour to enhance the chrome details and I've add larger white walls. A must have in a Cadillac collection. Hope you'll like it
  9. Hi guys. Sharing my last built, a 1/25 1969 Cadillac wagon resin kit by Dan Decko. Kuddos to Dan to bring such a rare Cadillac on the market. Sources differ a bit on the exact number produced that year. Between 5 to 14 commissioned by GM to chauffeur their executives around for the 1969 Indy 500 race season. Probably 5 Fleetwood and the rest as DeVille series. A very cool but tough model to build though, my sample was not really straight so fitting body, bumpers and chassis all together brought me some headaches. I brought some light body modifications such as a more accurate curve to the sides of the roof, on the windows trim, and add the lower body trim moldings on the rocker panels. I've painted her in Chateau Mauve Firemist metallic, an accurate '69 color for Cadillac and add extra details on roof and trunk lid. Hope you'll like her.
  10. Hi guys. Hope everyone's doing good. Here's my last build, this is a very rare R&R Resin kit of a '62 Coupe Deville I have since at least a decade. It is converted from the Fleetwood 60S by JoHan. I had poorly painted it with a saturated turquoise blue back then and had never been happy with it. Needed a good restauration. So, I offered the Cadillac a new two tone dress, as close as "Pompeian Red Metallic" with an off-white top. Black and white interior with black carpeting. Painted accent hubcaps and new hand made chromed V crests. Hope you'll like it. Thanks !
  11. Hi guys !. It's been a long time since I posted here. I was buzy trying to do the craziest project I had ever started, the one and only, the American Dream Cadillac. Ridiculous, useless and ugly for some, amazing and cool for others, this Cadillac leaves no one indifferent. About 40 years ago she came out of Jay Ohrberg's imagination, the father of a lot of famous TV and movie cars, as well as some world's record limousines. She had different sizes, colors and configurations during all these years and she became once again the longest Cadillac in the world, according to the Guinness book of records. After rusting in a parking lot for the last decade she was brought back to life and sits now in the Dezerland Park's hall in Florida. I grew up fascinated by this Cadillac, and decided to make a model of her. So this is the Amercian Dream, in the early stages of her life, when she was the "shortest" version of herself. ( I had to think of room's storage LOL ). I used the 1976 Eldorado from JoHan as a donor. All the rest is hand made. Hope you'll like her.
  12. Hi again ! JoHan has never made the convertible version of the 1974 Cadillac Eldorado promo, only the Eldorado Coupe. So, after finding a damaged one for sale a few months ago I thought about giving that poor promo a new life, as a convertible. I have tried to push some details that Johan never did, as to carve on the model the front and rear choc absorber lines on the fenders, and to give the interior some life, with detailed front seats and door panels. The Caddy received a new paint and some new white walls. Don't know how to photo-etch or create decals for scripts and emblems yet but I'll come to that soon. Hope you'll like it !
  13. A variety of examples from the various coachbuilders making "professional cars' on Cadillac chassis: https://www.newcadillacdatabase.org/static/CDB/Dbas_txt/prof59.htm
  14. Hi everyone. Here's my new conversion. Restored and made from a damaged Jo-Han's Coupe DeVille kit bought on Ebay earlier this year (see last pictures). The kit was missing a few parts so I decided to turn it into a 4 door sedan version. Color is Olive green over "Sudan Beige", as close as possible. New interior front seats, roof line and pillars, new dual stripes white walls. Hope you'll like it, and thanks for watching.
  15. Nice reissue. Lots of parts, can be built stock height if you wish, will require parts box wheels and tires for stock look.
  16. Hi guys, Today I share with you my latest Cadillac Conversion/restauration. This is a Stretched limousine made from the 1979 Jo-Han's coupe Deville. I received the model in a decent shape but it needed a total restauration, as the previously made conversion was showing age and unaccurate doors and roof. Cause of its extra long wheelbase, It couldn't be treated as a "regular" series 75 limousine so I thought about a "Moloney-ish" conversion. This Cadillac received new sculpted door and windows design treatment, sculpted front and rear shock absorber lines, new higher roof with larger B and C pilars, opera lights, detailed interior, new chromes, new paint and hand made mirror finish, a 0.2mm black strip water decal, to get closer to an exclusive embassy style limousine. Hope you'll like it !
  17. Here’s my Revell Cadillac lowrider! This kit was a blast to build and went together very well. My only gripe is the fit of the lower body cladding and chrome trim panels. It’s painted Tamiya TS-8 Italian Red for the body, with TS-45 Pearl White for the vinyl top and interior. I did the interior over black primer to give some shadows in the crevices, but after 4 coats it still looks kinda silver or light gray in person. It looks fine to me though. Vinyl top is painted over gray primer and is the color I was going for. Anyway I definitely plan on buying another one of these kits! I do wish they made this kit with a 2 in 1 stock option but I like the lowrider look too. I built this kit for my brother as a tribute to the ‘73 Coupe DeVille he and I both owned. That car was a similar bright red with a white top, white seats and black dash/carpet.
  18. After reading the write ups here on the 1955 Cadillacs I decided i really needed one. I chose the Greenlight Series 60 in black just like in the Godfather movies. I also wanted it to fit right in size wise with the Welly drug store models which are also small(ish) and the Jada version would be way too big.
  19. I'm not fond of the custom sun visor, but the interior shots might be useful... https://hearseforsale.org/cadillac/1959-cadillac-hearse-meteor/ This one might be a combination ambulance/hearse. Note the linoleum floor with what appear to be casket rollers. http://davidsclassiccars.com/cadillac/69738-1959-cadillac-mm-futura-hearse-ambulance-m-m.html
  20. Hi guys. Today I share a rare Cadillac I have in my collection. As we know, the 1960 Cadillac promos ( as well as many from 1958 to 1962 ) are all deformed and warped now, but since kit versions were not produced with the same material, some are still straight, like mine. I have replaced the original wheels with the ones from the '59 Eldorado Monogram's kit, which are way more accurate. This Cadillac needs a bit of work and detailing but overall is worth to show its fins !. Hope you'll like it.
  21. Hi guys. Here's a tribute to my own beloved 1973 Cadillac DeVille that I used to drive some years ago. I had a damaged 1973 Eldorado promo left that I wanted to restore with the exact same colours combination than my late DeVille. So here she is, with new paint and polished coats, interior wood-ish door panels, carpeting, white walls, front and rear fender shock absorber lines and detailed bumpers, detailed hood with thin gold lines. Scripts needs attention and I aslo need to find side mirrors, which is quite hard to do !. Anyway, hope that Caddy will please some of you. Cheers.
  22. While I wait for some bmf for my copo build I pull out the 59 eldorado and put it on the work bench. Nothing special with this one. Basically a box stock build. Wired engine. Hot pink over black which will give it...well let me dig up a picture of a convertible I built a few years ago.
  23. Hi guys ! Sharing with you my newest build. Made from a damaged JoHan's 1971 Coupe Eldorado promo, this convertible is starting a new life. New metallic paint and clear coats, new wheels and white walls, detailed interior and dash, soft boot, etc... After a long sleep rusting in a barn, the caddy now enjoys the quite roads of Route 66 . A special thanks for the beautiful diorama made from a talented friend of mine. Times are hard now, so keep safe everybody. Cheers !
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