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Found 17 results

  1. HI! Once in a while, I like to get out of my usual subjects (pro-Touring, street-rods, Bonneville cars) to scratch-built something different. Last fall, I saw a nice Westfalia camping van built by a young man at a model show in Montreal, and it got me remembering a 1/1 '66 Chevy van I converted to a camper in the 70's. So... I took an AMT Chevy S10 X-treme pick-up, modified it, and straddled the box with a totally scratchbuilt "fold-away" camping cabin of my own design. Look closely, and you'll see all the composite panels can pivot, slide-out and pop-up in position to allow 4 adults to sleep in dry comfort on a wide flat floor, and still be able to use the PU box to carry stuff concealed from view, and the weather. In the morning, you just climb down the ladder, stack the mattresses, tilt and slide-in the side extensions, flip-up the front and rear walls (with window and door) inside the roof, and lower the roof/cap to seal it all. Ready to go, with minimal wind drag behind the PU cabin. Unless you load the roof rack with bulky objects, but you know... While at it, I made a custom "base" to recreate camping life around the charcoal BBQ. How would you like your steak? Hours of fun with styrene... CT
  2. AMT's 1/25 '65 Chevy El Camino kit, this time in retro "Gear Hustler" packaging from the Construction Series:
  3. https://archivodeautos.blogspot.com/2020/04/anahi-cabana-casa-rodante-semirremolque.html Argentinean-built 5th wheel RC with a Ranchero, and a slide-in camper.
  4. https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=wu.89090514811&view=thumb&seq=9 Note there appears to be a little distortion in the last diagram. I'm presuming the bottom edge is supposed to be straight. (Google's book scans are often off-kilter in some manner).
  5. Hi all, fresh from my completion of the Subaru, I pulled out next in the line of models to get built. This one is going to be intended as a gift to someone who is a big fan of VW Campers, and I'm going to try shooting it with some slightly interesting paint (first time using an airbrush too). I'm aware for a second go it's very ambitious, but we all need to be challenged, right? I've opted for Zero paints ZP-4032 which is a green-purple flip. I think I'll keep the rest of the colour scheme in line with the box art/as revell intended mostly. I tried painting the whitewalls on the tyres as per the instructions, but that seems to be an express ticket to insanity. I might look into decals, but at the moment I'm quite happy how they look unpainted. Thanks for looking
  6. This is a mock-up of my Open Road Camper, with a 1955 Chevy Cameo in front of it. The original release of the camper kit came with a truck. I believe it was a 1967 Chevy. But the AMT re-release did not come with a truck. It was a 'stand alone' camper. I wanted to connect it to a truck, but found it hard to find a match. As you can see here on the photo, the suspension of the camper is too low. I placed the camper on a sanding stick to verify the difference in hight. I think I need to take the wheels off under the camper and elevate the suspension a bit.
  7. Hey all, I just built this little camper from styrene sheets and some plywood and balsa. The sides are grooved siding sheet, and the curved top is .010" styrene over balsa spars. I used the trailer tongue, axle, and jack from the Revell midget racer trailer. Window frames are .080" styrene angle. Clear styrene windows have paper curtains printed from online. Propane bottle is the head from a Lego man. Parts box wheels (VW) and taillights. There's no interior detail (I'm lazy!). I plan to make a campground diorama to display this and two other teardrop models I made. This was a fun build, and I hope you like it! Under construction pic. Balsa spars.
  8. My current build is the 1977 Chevy Van, that I am going to build into a camper. I have removed the roof to add a 24 inch extension and cut the back doors open. My intention is to add a cabinet with Microwave, Refrigerator, and sink; a table and chairs, bench seat/fold down bed, as well as storage overhead of the van cab. Carpet will be grey felt and the walls will have simulated paneling. The raised roof with simulate the fiberglass cap that was relatively common for conversion vans back then. I plan to paint the van white and use the blue decals that came with the kit to decorate the outside. Jeff
  9. This Model King/Moebius 69 Ford pickup was matched to a reworked AMT 65 El Camino camper.
  10. Model Kings Camper set. Im going with a 1964 Chevy pick up Truck, I've cut out the truck and camper to make it a pass thru. The chassis and truck body is nearly finished, it's getting the matching truck bed as a trailer, And a bit of a Corvette theme.
  11. Here is my last build, a '65 Chevy El Camino camper. This is from the 1/25 AMT kit. The lights on the camper are from another AMT kit. The interior, there are papers and rags, and seats are torn. The engine, 327ci small block : That guy likes to go to NHRA events ! What do you think about it ?
  12. I'm building a 1965 El Camino, from the AMT 1/25 kit. But there is a problem with the taillights, look like too smalls ! Maybe there are chrome bezels, but I don't find anythings in the kit... A picture will explain : Anyone has built that kit ?
  13. I have always been fascinated by Campers. Just the idea to have a small mobile home, and to be independend and travel where ever you want and always have a place to sleep. I have been building model kits for over 42 years, but always wondered why model car manufacturers did not make campers, caravans RV's etc. A while ago I found this awesome kit from AMT called " the open road camper". I bought it right away, but it was a stand alone kit without a car attached to it. I tried to cut up several model trucks to see if they would fit, but they were all too big. Recently I came across a bunch of photos of Campers with a regular passenger car in front of it. I even heard that Cadillac used to built them! I think I'm going to try my luck and saw a model car in half, to see if it would fit my open road camper. It's a whole new world for me, I have never really tried to cut kits in half or make serious modifications, like most of the expert builders on this forum. Wish me luck!
  14. I am working on these Campers. I made them entirely from coffee stir sticks. I need to find, or make, all sorts of details, like outlets, vents, etc. It's fun to build and cost practically nothing.
  15. I bought this Open Road Camper kit from AMT. It was a fun built. The camper did not come with a truck. I understand this is a re-issue, and the original release came with a Chevy truck. I'm trying to find a donor truck that I can use to put in front of the camper. I have a 1955 Cameo, and a 1941 Chevy truck that I may use. I'm not sure if they will fit. Using the 1941 Chevy will require cutting it in half. I don't like that. The 1955 Cameo already comes in 2 pieces. I think I will start with that one.
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