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  1. These came in the mail today, a WIX NAPA version of the 427 Cobra and a Motormax 2005 Ford GT. The WIX Cobra is the Elvis Presley Spin Out movie race version without windshield and is up to their usual high standard but I am a bit disappointed in the finish on the side pipes. The side pipes which are prototypically correct for the movie car but look so much better on the blue and silver WIX Cobras. Franklin Mint released the same Spin Out model but with a guitar. The Motormax Ford GT is pretty much standard fare but I wanted to include this year in my diecast Ford GT collection.
  2. Quarantine build - vintage Monogram kit from 1990. This may be on of the finest kits I've ever built.
  3. Another one started, hoping to get it finished. This is from the 3 muscle car set that includes the 69 Barracuda and 69 4-4-2. This particular kit came with the BF Goodrich tires that are okay but looked to small for this build. So I found a set of F60-15 RWL tires from various AMT kits. The real car came equipped with F60x14 so I an not that far off from stock. I think I have a warped frame because the wheelbase does not align, I will try and fix that later. The wheels are detailed and done except for a little cleanup. Then I got to looking at the interior. I do n
  4. With the release of a Cobra kit by Revell Germany and and others loosely based upon the AMT I thought it was worthwhile looking back at the original AMT. The first AMT was of the 260 V8 series. This shown with Herb Deeks wire wheels and off set gas cap to look like CSX 2000. This model was the cover car of the Feb/March 2002 Model Cars. The first factory racing Cobra was the #98 with Deeks wheels and Cady Decals. The #33 depicts the 289 Cobra as raced by Bob Johnson with the kit Halibrands with some beefier tires. Note the tires are still within the fenders.
  5. I have a 427 version, but I also wanted the 289 version with the grill and bumpers. It's not a bad kit, but I don't like it in 1/25 scale. It's pretty tiny. SAM_0025 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0026 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0027 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0028 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  6. I received this cheap kit yesterday, and I could not resist getting the body out to have a look. This kit was started already, but only a few parts were painted, and everything is still in it’s tree thankfully. The body had been roughly painted inside with alu silver, I’ll probably leave it and go over again with the AB. I’m thinking deep gloss black with no stripes, satin black or metalized gunmetal for the brightwork. Kit chrome is, as always, too bright. I have gone over the shell with scalpel for the shut lines, small files and grit to re-shape and crisp up the slight
  7. I am posting this Cobra on behalf of Scott Kercher. The model and photos are by Scott and he is known for his very authentic builds. This model is of the FIA Cobra raced in the 1964 Targa Florio by Dan Gurney and Jerry Grant. Scott started with the Revell slot car body and stretched an AMT Cobra chassis to fit. He opened and hinged the hood and added the bumps in the trunk lid, created to allow the required FIA suitcase to fit inside, front of rear fender flairs were rounded a bit to match the prototype. He added an Amt engine with Monogram heads and scratched built the h
  8. Time to start a new project. This is the Model Factory Hiro kit of the FIA Cobra. The kit has a resin body and interior with all the remaining parts in white metal or photo etch. I used a magnetic tumbler to clean and the flash off of the parts . After a quick wash they come out like you see in the photos. The whole kit took about 45 mins to do. It beats sanding !!! Every mounting hole on the kit needs to be drilled open. It's good to have a few pinvises around to put different size bits in them. The main part of the chassis is assembled and ready for paint. The motor has been painted and is d
  9. I started this back when I was 6 years old, incredible it never got destroyed. Maybe now I can finish it.
  10. This is my fully detailed, customized Revell Cobra 427. There is so much that I did to this, so heres a few things; I replaced the hood scoop for a Fujimi one, I made the windscreen frame from aluminum, and SB the mirror Brackets. The side pipes are made from aluminum tubing, and the jack-points are photo-etch. The interior has real black lacquered wood, and the seats are modified Lotus Esprit seats. I put Pirrelli PZero tyres from a Tamiya Ferrari F40 kit, and the wheel centers have real cotter-pins in the spindles.
  11. First time posting here, I haven't been finishing many models the last few years (starting lots of them but not finishing). I thought maybe if I posted a few it might get me going to finish them. Here's the first one I have, probably the closest to being done. Need to finish interior, engine and a bit of detailing. Love to hear your thoughts.
  12. Four years ago our local club lost Jim Thomas, a great modeller and a good friend, to a brain tumor. He was a talented builder who would always share his techniques and encourage you in whatever you were building. His main interest were military subjects, however he built a wide variety of other subjects too. There were several un-finished projects on his bench, two of which I was given to complete, a P-47 and this Cobra. This Monogram Cobra needed only final assembly. Jim had all the painting and detailing done, all that was left was to join the main components. I would like to share his work
  13. Hi all,,got this at a recent DAMM swap meet show,,10$-- 1/2 started glue blob. I ez-offed every thing,,and went for this burnt orange/root beer color ,,testors quik dry spray,,,and decided to change the intake of the big 427. as well. Hardware store nylon step washers/spacers {8 cents a piece} for the injector tips,,scratch built injector tubes,,gonna do a few other "non-normal" things to this one. Well see what happens,,keep up the great woks! S
  14. So being laid up with a new knee (thanks Mr. Arthur Ritis) I actually have some bench time to spend. Now that my GT40 is roaming the great outdoors in Montana, I have a Superformance MK II 289 ("Cobra slabside") and decided to replicate it. I have a stash of Monogram 1/43 289 Cobras from their "Ultimates" series that never progressed beyond the Cobra and a C2 Corvette. So I grabbed one of the 5 unbuilt I have in stock (can't resist every time I see one cheap on eBay) So having done a couple of these in the past, I have learned a few tricks and also wanted to improve a few details. The thick po
  15. Can anyone tell from the pictures who made this kit? I started it in the early and now want to finish it. I have some parts from two different kits but I don't know what parts to use. The major parts for both kits are gone so that didn't work, and I have a 289 and a 427 motor in the left over kit parts. Thanks for the help.
  16. Well, she's finally done! And finally a couple shot with a different lens that should be a better approximation of what a human eye sees looking at one of these: A really nice base kit, much enhanced by the Fine Molds white metal parts (plus you end up with a spare 427 engine!) bestest, M.
  17. This was posted by a modeler (Chan Rosso) on Facebook. I asked him what the color was and he says it is a Ford color, but he doesn't remember the name or code. I would like this for my Cobra build. Also, how insane is this detail in 1/43?
  18. Hi guys, here some pics of the finished model, hope you like it.
  19. Hi guys, i have just started a new proyect. Its the well known Mercury from the movie COBRA I will use the Mercury from Revell with some modifications in the body, bumpers, etc. Thanks for your feedback and suggestions.
  20. Well, I guess tonight I have some time, so it is catch-up time on a few things I have done over the past 18 months or so. As most of you agree, the venerable Revell / Monogram 427 Cobra kit is hard to beat. I have built many and I know if I live long enough, I will build many more. This car epitomizes raw unbridled power....what a thrill it must have been to drive one on the track in anger.....wind in your face, bugs in your teeth and huge amounts of power under your right foot. Sports Car road racing at its peak in the later 1960's. As much as I love the kit, I grow b
  21. Since someone else wanted to see a photo, I thought I'd pop this one in, a Shelby Collectibles 427 that I was able to snag a couple of years ago at a swap meet for just $20. Not bad overall to my otherwise untrained eye, but the model builder in me wants to fix the reflectors for the turn signals and taillights and tidy up other details. I'd prefer silver colored wheel spinners, and much better looking tires if such a thing was available. Bright sunlight makes the metallic paint look like fuzz specks are all over the surfaces in this photo, but it is really much more eye-popping in person.
  22. I've been looking for quite a while now trying to find some '03-'04 Cobra wheels to use on my Fox body build, but haven't had any luck. Here's a picture of my car. I would love to replicate it as is. Is there anyone out there making them out of resin?
  23. This one was fun! Ive had it for over a year. The engine and most of the suspension is all aluminumed out. The heads are flat black, there are red and blue fittings accents all over.The engine was my favorite part.This kit has a beautiful engine! The body was a quicky, I used krylon blue turned out decent. Sports car club of america sticker under the hood that you cant see cause of my useless camera. The drive shaft is not in there correctly but I dont wanna go back and fix it. Once again sorry for the poor photos. Enjoi!
  24. Hi all. This is the first model I have completed in probably 6 years. Until now I just have not had a dedicated place to work on my kits. I'm very happy with the way it turned out, I just wanted to finish it and get it on the shelf. Color is Tamiya Mica Blue, hood is from rattle can, rest of body was airbrushed. This won't be my only Cobra by any means, I have ideas for a few more. Hope everyone likes it. Sean
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