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  1. Going through some projects that have been stalled for far too long, this project among them. In an effort to clear the deck, I'm opting to forego the added detail of plug wires, plumbing etc., and instead completing them straight from the box. (I did add flocking for carpet, but otherwise only what was available in the kit. Paint is Model Car World 2706 Lt. Burnt Orange Metallic (57 Chevy Sierra Gold). The kit is incredibly detailed, and was a pleasure to complete. Enjoy!
  2. Wrapped this up yesterday,typical Tamiya quality with no real fit issues,color is Imola Orange Pearl and i used Geman Grey/Nato Black in the interior.Seats came from a Fujimi parts pack wanted to build something a little different.
  3. New build on my workbench,was working on/off on it,while working on the Z28 trying for a semi tuner look,went with a Honda color.interior color is German Grey and Nato black. i used wheels and tires from a focus rally car,added valve stems and wheel weights,engine and suspension already put together.
  4. Finished this a few days ago,dug out my old photobooth for some inside/outside shots,i built this using a OOP transkit and Amt's 92'Z28 kit,color is Medium Quasar Blue.I resin casted the headlights,taillights and arm rests,the outside mirrors came from Revells ultra Z Camaro,i scribed out the plastic between the wheels and i added wheel weight and valve stems.I used decals from the kit and Rays kits and decals as well.Some outside pictures
  5. History Hits: NASA’s Hot-Rodded Pontiac Convertible Wouldn't that make a cool diorama?
  6. Revell 68 corvette convertible 2in1 kit I got in a trade with a friend I had planned on doing it as a hardtop but changed my mind last second before i glued the hard top roof on and had planned on using factory stock exhaust but the exhaust pipes would not fit right so I went with the custom side pipes I painted the body Tamiya ts-58 pearl light blue i have a song that came out in 68 playing in the background of the video
  7. New build on the bench i started a few days ago,wasn't interested in a Purple version so i went with yellow and 2k cleared.
  8. Hello everyone now that my Camaro is finished i can work on my next build,i'm participating on a corvette build off on one of the Facebook groups,it started in july and completion date is Oct 1st.Body is primered and ready for color coats tomorrow,going to paint it Tamiya white,since i don't have any of the factory colors in my stash
  9. Not much info publicly available yet on the forthcoming 1/25 AMT Olds Cutlass F85 Convertible reissue, so let the speculation begin. An image of the "hanger shot" was shown long ago on Round2's Collector Model blog, so we can at least see what remains: I appears the A-pillars were sacrificed for the Funny Car issue, but most of the chrome parts appear to have survived, including at least one half of the Judson supercharger (discussed in further detail here: Original instruction sheet here: https://modelkitreviews.proboards.com/thread/1285/amt-1964-olds-cutlass-convertible Here's what the original box looks like, and I would expect we'll see something similar, but tweaked slightly, for the reissue box:
  10. Original issue AMT 64 Impala SS convertible, even has the lights installed.
  11. Here is my Monogram “1992” Mustang GT Convertible. I built this kit as a color scheme tribute to my 1:1 Mustang, a 1993 2.3 LX. My original idea was to kit bash this GT with an SVO or ‘83 GLX to create an LX ‘vert but all three of these kits are expensive on eBay today and I just don’t have the skills or stomach yet to cut up two $40-$60+ kits ?. So I settled for my car, but as a GT! I used Swarovski Crystals (meant for ladies’ custom nails) from Hobby Lobby to simulate the headlight and turn signal bulbs. And I used the actual belt line stripe tape left over from my 1:1, cut down for the 1:24 belt line stripe. To do those blasted cheese grater taillights, I painted them all white first, then used silver and red gel pens to color the lens sections. It’s a little sloppy but looks good enough. I messed up the clear coat on the hood too so I’ll have to repaint it at some point but it’s not that noticeable in these iPhone pictures ?. You’ll notice that the parade boot is grey when it probably should be white or blue. But my 1:1 came with a grey boot so I painted this to match! The previous owner also shaved the trunk luggage rack so I did the same here. I’m very pleased with this one and can’t wait for a nice day to photograph both cars together!
  12. Completed Friday August 14, painted Testors' fathom green metallic with Tamiya TS-65 Pearl clear. Tires are Model Haus while the wheels are from the AMT 70 Impala kit. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed
  13. I bought a couple Jo-han 1969 Road Runners off eBay in recent weeks. This one in particular was more of a glue bomb than the other. So much glue was used to secure the glass that it melted the roof. I figured it would be a prime candidate for a convertible conversion. I picked up the AMT GTX convertible from Hobby Lobby, they conveniently reopened last week! I started by cutting out the tulip panel including tops of the quarter panels around the rear section of the interior. I had to narrow it a little bit at one of the natural seams. Then re-contour to match the shape of the deck lid. I removed the windshield surround from the GTX including the tops of the fenders and doors for added strength. Plus I kinda like the cowl shape better than Jo-han’s There are couple spots to sand, but it’s pretty much were I want it. I spent six hours, in a model car hang out online last night, fitting the interior. I will post those pictures a little bit later.
  14. Here is another one I just received, the 63 Ford Convertible annual kit. The instructions I got in the kit were bug chewed or something so they were not really photo quality. Lucky I found a set if instructions at the Drastic Plastic Foki site. More pictures of the box contents, box, and a link to the instructions at the link below
  15. Another Buick, this one painted with Testors Nassau blue with Tamiya pearl clear. I need to do some more clear to get it shiny though. Thanks for looking, more later.
  16. This is an AMT 70 Challenger built as a non R/T convertible. The engine is the 440-6 pack with the obligitory shaker hood. The up top is a resin piece from drag city casting. The luggage rack is from an original issue 1972 Grand Prix. I call the paint "Magazine Cover Yellow". The wheels are stock Magnum 500s and the tire letters were done with a Gelly Roll pen.
  17. Been meaning to post this model for some time. Finished it months ago, but I have been having some issues in my personal life. So, with that being said my post may be sporadic for the next few months. I'll be posting some of my photos that were lost from Photobucket, but I will not be building any new models for the next 6 months at least. While I have a place to stay as long as I want; I have angered my land lord's son in law who has decided to harass me after I reported him to my land lord for trying to scam me. So, I have decided to purchase a home, but have run into some issues on that front as well. I'm hoping to be in a home early next year, but I do not want to build anything new as it is already going to be a stressful move due to my collection already. With well over 200 models I am really worried about stuff being broken. It's been causing a lot of stress on me in what has already been a very rough year. I've had a falling out with a best friend, literally a week later another good friend O.D.ed, I've had changes at work, and a couple other things. I've been pretty blah, and just keep forgetting to upload the pics. So, here's what could be my last model of the year. SAM_0641 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0642 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0643 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0644 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0645 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0646 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  18. Built this as a gift for a friend, whose daughter is in the Naval Academy. They love Corvettes, I asked what her favorite color is, so tried to match it. It was a free kit, was brush painted, and no engine. I had an engine from a '39 Chevy model done last century. I didn't know the engine was 1/24 scale, until it wasn't fitting! Had to thin out the tunnel until it was paper thin. So I guess it's a 507. LOL I wasn't happy with the paint in some spots, needed to sand and primer as if it's been repaired. The steering wheel is from the parts box, hub is from the decal for the hood spear. I made the antenna retractable. I made a box for it. Got a ribbon at the county fair, just because. It's wired to a Corian base, the wood supports hold it down. Her name is Sarah. GO NAVY!
  19. This was a really cool project. It had been on my mind for a couple years. I saw the car in an episode of Muscle Car Of The Week. It’s an online YouTube show bringing mostly cars from the Brothers collection. LOTS of inspiration! Special guest appearance from Linda Vaughn! The shifter and platform are removable. I figured four ease of transportation to and from shows and club nights, this would be a good idea. The platform doesn’t mount to the bumper the same way it does on the real car. So what do you guys think? I’d love to hear any questions or comments. Thanks for following along, I really enjoyed this build!
  20. Scaglietti Hat Trick The Ferrari 612 Scaglietti 2+2 was debuted in 2004, so it is now a bit long in the tooth. And not being one of my favorite Ferrari designs, it does have the classic feature of a front engine, rear drive setup which was the way the first Ferrari’s were designed. Here are my three variations of this car. 1. This is the 612 as a convertible. This car has a minor front fender bulge, opened and hinged doors, BBS wheels and a set of hood vents to exhaust hot engine air. It has a two tone paint scheme with Tamiya light metallic blue on top and dark gunmetal on the bottom. The convertible top was vacuum formed over a buck I carved from sign foam 2. This is the 612 with full fender bulges, fore and aft, and a full side skirt. The side door sculptures were filled in. This car features gull-wing doors that open and a rear deck spoiler. The top of the car is painted in Tamiya Metallic Black and the bottom half is Tamiya Mica Red. The wheels came from a Porsche 918. 3. This has been shown before. It is a completely custom designed body sitting on the 612 chassis with the engine and interior from that car. Lambo doors and opening trunk with luggage in it. Gold BBS wheels and a Tamiya Metallic Black top and Tamiya Metallic Red topped with Clear Red.
  21. Tried to make it as accurate as possible. Looked thru a couple of car guides and a bunch of photos to see what the interior and engine should look like. The box had a gold engine, but I found photos in a book that showed blue and green as well. Came out pretty good. The model itself was a pleasure to build. Just a lot of parts. My only problem are with the parking lights. In the front they don't look too bad, but in back the holes made it look like there were no lights to begin with. So I went ahead and made the 1953 version without those lights. SAM_2531 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2532 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2533 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2534 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2535 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2536 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2537 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2538 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  22. Hello I am finally making something again....my F40 and 911 have been zapping my mojo, so I thought I would try this one Broken roof and a ton of sprues. The Fujimi detail kits are quite something This is the goal
  23. I just finished this one after a 5+ year build. It's is a representation of the documented last 'Cuda convertible to roll off the line. There is much conjecture as to why it ended up with the non-matching orange seats! I used a seat from the AMT Duster kit, and re-scribed the pattern on it to represent the base trim level 'Cuda seat. I then cloned that seat in resin to make the other seat. The pattern is carried over to the rear seat. The dash has a Rallye instrument cluster grafted in from an AMT kit. The steering wheel is modified from a Coronet. The engine was borrowed from the Monogram Challenger T/A, changed over to 4-bbl carb. Feel free to comment. I hope you like it!
  24. Just finished this little Subaru. It's the Hasegawa '68 360 kit. I've always loved the 360 but I love the 360 Cabriolet more. A lot less common than the normal 360 hardtop. The model is painted with Testors colors. I didn't like the kit's whitewall decals so I painted them on. The model is stock accept for the roof. I cut up some leather to replicate the folded rollback convertible roof to let some sun in!
  25. Slotto

    '67 GTX

    Started on the 1967 Plymouth GTX today. Planning to build this one 'Day 2' with a drop top. Stay Tuned...
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