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  1. Here is a full write-up on my most recent build. https://notboxstock.info/kustom-creeper/
  2. Topic for inspiration, on how far can one go with sacrilegious blasphemy in ruining a perfectly good Mercedes Benz. AMG started the idea of hot rodding them, and now they are a factory subsidiary, so they shouldn't count. Maybach could be included, the Excelero was a one off hot rod. B+B was a customizer. I don't think gold wrapped Benzes should count, they are a dime a dozen. ? If there is a cult name for these cars, let me know. Starting off with a rendering of a 300 SL:
  3. An experiment with tape and nail polish. I plan to do more. It was great fun to play with colour and patterns. Parts box wheels, shod with Modelhaus tyres. I hope you like it
  4. 1/25 scale custom 1967 Chevy impala all the pieces that make up this custom are from my parts boxes
  5. Hello, First of all: This is all #Plowboy's (Roger Hayes) fault! His drop dead gorgeous California Street 'Vette hit me like a freight train! What a beauty! Check his Vette in this link: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/175154-california-street-vette/ I am mostly a factory stock (and documented replica in the case of race or historical vehicles) modeler. I've done customs, but it is not usually my main subject. Roger's California Street 'Vette inspired me to dig out mine. The back story is that I got this model (and a few others) already built from my High School Art teacher, well over 30 years ago. I graduated HS in '86 and it was shortly after that. To this day, he is a very good friend and one of the main responsibles of me been a Corvette guy. I learned more about Corvettes from him than drawing and painting 🤣 I remember quickly tearing this model apart and with no plan I started fooling around with it. I destroyed the roof louvers by filling them with putty. No idea what I was thinking. Longest shot: anybody has a spare roof louver for this car? Eventually it went back into the box until this week. All major components are there. The original wheels, tires and mirrors are missing which is no big deal. The engine is pretty crude and so is the hood underside. I'll most likely keep the engine in place but glue the hood shut. I thought of adding a modern LS engine but those are 1/25 running on the smaller end and this car is 1/24 running on the larger end. The LS looks really small in there. Anyways, this car is all about the looks. It will take some fixing but the plan is to keep the original look, except for the roof of course. Door handles and key locks are lost. The body needs some massaging but this will be a slow fun project. Color? It will be blue. What shade of blue? I'll get back to you... Thanks, Ismael
  6. Hello, I have a 1968 Camaro modified with all the technology of the 2010 Camaro. The front & rear axle with all the suspensions were installed. Also the exhaust system is from the 2010 Camaro. The center section of the new model was integrated into the hood. The taillights I have made with 3D printing. The decals are self made.
  7. Recently finished: My 1/25 scale version of John D'Agostino's '68 Buick Riviera custom called Pantheon: The original car looks like this: I used amt's '69 Riviera kit to rebuild it in scale. I shaved the body, chopped the top, lowered the suspension, scratch built the wheels and a custom tube grille and wired the engine . Further i tried to replicate some interior details like the tuck'n'roll on the dash, package shelf and door panels, built a center console with cup holders and a TV. Used a parts box steering wheel and amt Parts Pack tires. All what was done to hold kit can be viewed here: Not my best build I must confess. Had a lot of problems with shrinking putty and leaking glue, stance seems not to be low enough and the BMF work could be cleaner... But well, it's done now and I'm happy with my scratch built wheels and glad that I managed the tricky chop. Now, the Pantheon sits in my show case next to John's '61 Oldsmobile The Golden Starfire: Thanks for watching, comments are always welcome! Greetings from Cologne, Germany
  8. I'm going to be doing this little build as I’m getting back into this. The paint choice will either be a Metallic Black or Gloss Red. I will be using wheels from a 1:32 Jada Bigtime Muscle Wide Body Camaro (Shown in second pic and mock up shown in third). Planning on getting a coat of primer on the body soon. I will Update everyone as I go. Hope everyone enjoys!
  9. For this build, I decided to combine the Ford surfer van (graphics) with the Chevy custom van. First off, I like any porthole window in custom vans, but the graphics are so cool that I didn't want to take away from that, so I filled the windows in with some styrene strips and glued them into place. Next, they'll get some putty to smooth them out. Next if you haven't already gone to the dollar store and pick up some of these plastic clothes pins you should. They're great for everything. Strangely, the instruction sheet has a picture of an intake manifold but there is none in the kit. Or valve covers but a shiny chrome air cleaner. No biggie, this is pretty much a curbside kit anyway. Secondly, those 2-piece tires totally suck. I even used some 3M black weather-stripping adhesive and first there is no way to line the 2 halves' up. You just have to wing it. Not cool Revell. Stick with 1-piece tires from now on. This is the 2nd time I glued them together. They fall apart the moment I try to put them onto the socket to spin them to even out the tread. I'll let them set up overnight.
  10. Its gonna be almost a full kit Interior,glass,lenses,modernized late model 900 wheels and a simple pan chassis for cost reasons, being its my first im going to keep them curbside after that possibly do roller style casts. The cars will be aesthetically updated since factory isnt something i care much for. If this sells well the next build will be a 87/88 B2200 Mazda Truck and following that a Volkswagon SP2 thats more or less going to be designed to fit the Tamiya VW bug and the third release if all goes well a 80s Eldorado convertible/Riviera convertible(maybe).
  11. This started out to be a simple 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air 2 door sedan, but somehow things got completely out of control, and this happened.
  12. On the bench, 40 Ford Sedan glue bomb special, donated by Al's Junk Yard. About a 3 1/2" scale chop, flush fender skirts and a lot of body repair. Let's see where this leads...
  13. Been seeing more Ferraris that are not original, but recreations based on modern Ferrari drivetrains. It's a theme that I have already built one model as, an outlaw or resto-rod. Found out about this car, built by a shop in New Zealand, a 1959 TR 250 Representation. Seem like a good point to launch this topic.
  14. It's been years since I've attempted a lowrider or any type of custom. This one didn't start out that way, but took on a life of its own.
  15. I need some decals done with metallic silver finish, they have to be opaque as they cross a red and white background. I have camera ready art work but it was done in GIMP and I'm not sure anyone can use it to print directly.
  16. Saw a rendering by Ragle of a Mustang race-concept protouring and said I have to build this. Starting with the AMT Shelby GT-350 Looked at variations for stance, not doing this, just to show what the wheels and tires I will be using look like in a stock position Thought about tucked in the wheel wells... nah... everyone does this with building an Eleanor... Drew out a starting position for trimming... Trimmed out a lot more than I first thought... This is the stance I was looking for and the rendering by Ragle Started the flares... Added the front sail-vent behind the front wheel and modified the side window opening to give it a new lower-chopped look. Also added a deeper body line tying the front sail-vent to the rear scoop and molded it all in. Note the smaller side sail scoop, I think it looks better cut down by a third of the orginal size, this will be moilded in as well.. Created the rear sail-vent behind the rear wheel... haven't decided if I will change the shape of it yet... Feedback? Finally... in primer 3/6... Primary body mods are complete, next is custom racing chassis with ground effects package, splitters, air-dams and rear diffuser
  17. This is a rebuild from a built up I got from ebay last year. First pictures of how I got it and the last is how it looks today. Here it is rebuilt - Not perfect but I feel a bit better than when I got it. Painted Testors' Revving Red with wet look clear. The bubble rear window and custom roof came from another 63 Galaxie I have. The engine block came in the model but I used new chrome from one of the many 63 Ford kits I have to freshen it up. I also used new custom parts from the various 63 Galaxie kits I have. The spotlights are from the AMT 62 Buick kit. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  18. Really old build, A lot of my friends are military modelers and their general attitude (jokingly) was if you didn't build armor you weren't really a modeler. They had a contest coming up and wanted me to enter something and said this kit would be a great staring place. They were correct modifications include, Smooth and center turret on chassis, smooth side panels that include fences for the rear carbon fiber wing, side air intakes, smoothed front panel with SSR headlamps, chrome main gun, chrome machine guns with carbon fiber ammo boxes, new mesh rear grills, Mustang ll tail lamps. Rear diffuser and wooden F1 legality plank, full set of centerline bogie wheels with red and blue side markings, lowered the ride height, tracks with slick rubber pads, and additional air scoops on the turret. Once the body was smoothed it was sprayed in three different Chrome illusion colors to create a color shifting camouflaged paint scheme. The clear for some reason has lost some of it's shine mostly from abuse an handling over the years. May try to bring it back some day. The model did create quite a few conversations and laughs but they quit asking me to model military . Let me say here that this was for fun and I have the utmost respect for military modelers and their attention to detail and accuracy, and have made use of many of the procedures and products they use I my other modeling.
  19. Here is my ‘82 custom Dodge Van! It’s the re-released “Bad Company” kit from MPC, with my own mix on the decals. The black flaming horse decals came from the MPC Pinto Pony Express re-issue, and the sunset flaming horse came from the recent release AMT ‘66 Mustang coupe kit. I thought the wizard decals in the kit looked goofy so I swapped in those horse flame decals. I think they look like they belong together! I painted the body in Tamiya X-12 Gold Leaf, and the interior in XF-7 flat red, with Future on the seats, dash and walls. This was my first time using Future floor polish and I am definitely a convert! The body paint really pops with three thin coats of future. FYI, it’s now called “Pledge Revive It Floor Gloss Original” - it took me a while to find the current name and I had to order it from Amazon. The interior is mostly box stock, but I added a simple mini fridge and 32” flat screen tv that I modeled up in CAD and had my brother 3D print for me. The TV wall mount is just a cut piece of scrap sprue. Overall this kit went together pretty well, but it took some finessing to get the interior tub and chassis to seat properly in the body. The large glass roof panel is definitely supposed to be glued in from the inside, but it then won’t fit with the cab partition panel in place. I left it removable and just set it in from the outside. I wanted to use the chrome side exit exhaust pipes, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to actually attach them to the body or frame without doing custom fab. I didn’t realize this until final assembly so I won’t bother adding an exhaust. This kit’s eye candy is up top anyway, no one is ever going to look underneath! I probably should have left the engine out too since you can’t really see it. This is definitely the wildest looking kit I’ve ever done, and I had a blast doing it. I grew up well after the custom van scene died out, but it definitely needs to make a comeback!
  20. Started working on an AMT 53 Ford Pickup about a week ago, have seen a lot of nice builds and always wanted to get one going. Doing all the basics right now, soaked the body and main parts in some dawn and water, scrubbed the stuff down, scribed out the doors, vent and windshield. Removed the door handles, locks and filling in the gas filling area. Also smoothed out the running boards, have them glazed with some Evercoat at the moment. Looking at the chassis and stance at the moment, started assembling the engine. My goal is build a nice 60's style cruiser out of this. I've also been posting a bit more on my Instagram, if anyone is there feel free to drop in at qstick99
  21. fizi

    Ferrari Enzo

    Hi Guys, I built this Enzo a while back. Had a detail kit I think it was Hobby Design plus a number of scratch built parts. Total part were 550+ I changed the wheels out, I wanted a firmer look with the Bugatti Veyron as an inspiration. I was never mad keen on the Enzo but I thought with a more modern colour it was actually a really nice car Let me know what you think
  22. I started with a 1932 Ford Victoria. Used the custom plans and pretty much built it to stock. I painted it with Vallejo Model Air Red. The interior is Vallejo Model Air Blue. I used the left over decals from the Revell Kenworth W900.
  23. Three Old, and Three New I just completed 3 Thunderbird models so while presenting them, I thought I would include the other 3 I built over the past few years. I’ll begin with the previous builds and finish with the 3 new ones. 1961 Thunderbird Coupe, “Firestar” designed and built by John D'Agostino. Converted ’62 roadster into the ’61 chopped top couple. Opened and hinged the doors. Serious modifications to the Lincoln roof I added to it. Clear Tamiya red over base gold leaving gold border to the panels. Due to its age, the clear red has formed surface cracks. To see a video of the construction, click the link below. 1958 Thunderbird Coupe. Opened and hinged doors. Added molded on side “lake pipes” to the rocker panels. A top from a Dodge Stealth was grafted on with “home designed” photo etched wiper blades. Paint is pearl white/gold pigment powder added to clear lacquer and then topped with purple pigment powder in lacquer applied in to the edges of the body panels1962 Thunderbird Coupe This is a convertible kit with the top and interior from a 198? Firebird. Taillights were extended with “bullet lenses” and the nose was extended. The real unique feature of this car is the fact that both doors open and slide under the seats into a compartment between the chassis and the interior floor boards. Wheels are from a Tamiya Mercedes kit I picked up in a garage sale which was brutalized, but yielded a few good parts. Paint is a custom mix pigment of blue and mostly green pearl in clear lacquer with white top applied down the center and the sides. A number of years ago it was featured in an article in Model Car Magazine. To this day, it is one of my favorite builds where, I think, everything worked out just right. Now the new stuff. 1966 Thunderbird Coupe. This kit gives the builder the choice of a convertible or coupe model. I went a slightly different direction. I “laid back” the A pillar to add a more modern rake to the windshield than grafted on a vacuum formed top from a foam master I created. Opened and hinged the doors. I lightly customized the nose and tail of the car. It is lowered down into the weeds with period style big wide whitewall tires. Top color is Krylon Pure White over Krylon Gum Drop (light purple) then clear coated.1957 Thunderbird Coupe. I have had this kit on the shelf seemingly forever. I finally got the inspiration to build it. Then a few weeks ago, I got the bolt of lightning hit. I opened and hinged the doors (difficult because the plastic from this molding was very, very thick). I added a shorted and modified 2006 Camaro Concept kit roof with custom A pillars. Because this roof is so flat, I needed to build up the center with bondo and shape a gentle curve with the center being higher. I added inside panels to the rear of the roof side wings and recessed the rear window. The front wheel well openings were flared to give it a little more aggressive look. I removed the interior bench seat, built a new interior back section (too bad it is completely hidden) and installed the seats from the 2003 vintage T-Bird. I hinged the hood forward and added the kit supplied “Continental Kit” to the rear end because I think it looks so cool on the car and added the same style bullet taillights I used on the 1962 coupe. I added period style spotlights to the cowl and photo-etched wipers. The nose was extended on this car with fog lights added in the center, I leaned the headlights back and a small “chin spoiler” was added also. Car is lowered down and paint is a simple monochrome of Rust–oleum Gloss Coral topped with Tamiya clear. Fairly simple build for me, but I really like how it came out. And finally, the 2003 Thunderbird Convertible. This is another kit that has been hiding at the back of the shelf for many years. I finally dug it out and decided to build it. This is a snap-kit so it was very basic. Sorry, I don’t “do” basic, so I set about opening and hinging the doors. (also very thick plastic, so it was a difficult job) I have always loved how the tonneou looked on the roadster but haven’t built one with it (I have a few more ’62 Birds, so it will happen) but I thought it would look great on the 2003 Thunderbird. So, it was a no-brainer for me to graft it to this car. I added the seats from a ’62 Bird which mate to the cover. Then I was looking at the hood thinking…… “Yeah, this needs an engine” so it also got opened and hinged. I grafted on the front chassis of a ‘90’s Mustang and commandeered the engine from it too. Wheels and tires were stolen from a 2004 Corvette Z06 and the car was lowered. I wasn’t sure about what to do for body modifications since I find the styling bland and boring for the most part. I looked at pictures of, and stole a few styling ques, from the Foose “Speedster”, as you can see. I added his hood louvers on either side of the scoop, modified the grill opening like he did and changed up the fog lights similarly. I also cut down the windshield as he did, but I would have done that without seeing Foose’s car and then modified the exhaust pipe tips at the rear. But the simple, and I think more important modification to the body is the addition of subdued tail fins. I think these always should have been on the car direct from the factory, but hey, my car has them, so no problem. I added wheel well flares both front and back to give the side of the car a bit more definition and some oomph. The lower rocker panel on the car is Tamiya Gun Metal with a custom mix of Tamiya Gold and Silver Leaf with silver pigment added in which adds dark highlights around the edges for the main body color. Orange vinyl striping rounds out the exterior That’s it. 3 old, 3 new, 3 more to build one of these days.
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