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  1. Topic for inspiration, on how far can one go with sacrilegious blasphemy in ruining a perfectly good Mercedes Benz. AMG started the idea of hot rodding them, and now they are a factory subsidiary, so they shouldn't count. Maybach could be included, the Excelero was a one off hot rod. B+B was a customizer. I don't think gold wrapped Benzes should count, they are a dime a dozen. ? If there is a cult name for these cars, let me know. Starting off with a rendering of a 300 SL:
  2. Been seeing more Ferraris that are not original, but recreations based on modern Ferrari drivetrains. It's a theme that I have already built one model as, an outlaw or resto-rod. Found out about this car, built by a shop in New Zealand, a 1959 TR 250 Representation. Seem like a good point to launch this topic.
  3. I'm going to be doing this little build as I’m getting back into this. The paint choice will either be a Metallic Black or Gloss Red. I will be using wheels from a 1:32 Jada Bigtime Muscle Wide Body Camaro (Shown in second pic and mock up shown in third). Planning on getting a coat of primer on the body soon. I will Update everyone as I go. Hope everyone enjoys!
  4. Saw a rendering by Ragle of a Mustang race-concept protouring and said I have to build this. Starting with the AMT Shelby GT-350 Looked at variations for stance, not doing this, just to show what the wheels and tires I will be using look like in a stock position Thought about tucked in the wheel wells... nah... everyone does this with building an Eleanor... Drew out a starting position for trimming... Trimmed out a lot more than I first thought... This is the stance I was looking for and the rendering by Ragle Started the flares... Added the front sail-vent behind the fro
  5. On the bench, 40 Ford Sedan glue bomb special, donated by Al's Junk Yard. About a 3 1/2" scale chop, flush fender skirts and a lot of body repair. Let's see where this leads...
  6. This is a rebuild from a built up I got from ebay last year. First pictures of how I got it and the last is how it looks today. Here it is rebuilt - Not perfect but I feel a bit better than when I got it. Painted Testors' Revving Red with wet look clear. The bubble rear window and custom roof came from another 63 Galaxie I have. The engine block came in the model but I used new chrome from one of the many 63 Ford kits I have to freshen it up. I also used new custom parts from the various 63 Galaxie kits I have. The spotlights are from the AMT 62 Buick kit.
  7. Really old build, A lot of my friends are military modelers and their general attitude (jokingly) was if you didn't build armor you weren't really a modeler. They had a contest coming up and wanted me to enter something and said this kit would be a great staring place. They were correct modifications include, Smooth and center turret on chassis, smooth side panels that include fences for the rear carbon fiber wing, side air intakes, smoothed front panel with SSR headlamps, chrome main gun, chrome machine guns with carbon fiber ammo boxes, new mesh rear grills, Mustang ll tail lamps. Rear di
  8. Here is my ‘82 custom Dodge Van! It’s the re-released “Bad Company” kit from MPC, with my own mix on the decals. The black flaming horse decals came from the MPC Pinto Pony Express re-issue, and the sunset flaming horse came from the recent release AMT ‘66 Mustang coupe kit. I thought the wizard decals in the kit looked goofy so I swapped in those horse flame decals. I think they look like they belong together! I painted the body in Tamiya X-12 Gold Leaf, and the interior in XF-7 flat red, with Future on the seats, dash and walls. This was my first time using Future floor polish and
  9. Started working on an AMT 53 Ford Pickup about a week ago, have seen a lot of nice builds and always wanted to get one going. Doing all the basics right now, soaked the body and main parts in some dawn and water, scrubbed the stuff down, scribed out the doors, vent and windshield. Removed the door handles, locks and filling in the gas filling area. Also smoothed out the running boards, have them glazed with some Evercoat at the moment. Looking at the chassis and stance at the moment, started assembling the engine. My goal is build a nice 60's style cruiser out of this. I've also been pos
  10. fizi

    Ferrari Enzo

    Hi Guys, I built this Enzo a while back. Had a detail kit I think it was Hobby Design plus a number of scratch built parts. Total part were 550+ I changed the wheels out, I wanted a firmer look with the Bugatti Veyron as an inspiration. I was never mad keen on the Enzo but I thought with a more modern colour it was actually a really nice car Let me know what you think
  11. I started with a 1932 Ford Victoria. Used the custom plans and pretty much built it to stock. I painted it with Vallejo Model Air Red. The interior is Vallejo Model Air Blue. I used the left over decals from the Revell Kenworth W900.
  12. Three Old, and Three New I just completed 3 Thunderbird models so while presenting them, I thought I would include the other 3 I built over the past few years. I’ll begin with the previous builds and finish with the 3 new ones. 1961 Thunderbird Coupe, “Firestar” designed and built by John D'Agostino. Converted ’62 roadster into the ’61 chopped top couple. Opened and hinged the doors. Serious modifications to the Lincoln roof I added to it. Clear Tamiya red over base gold leaving gold border to the panels. Due to its age, the clear red has formed surface cracks. To see a video
  13. About five years ago, there was a lot of activity in the "What if" thread here (if you haven't gone through it, you should check it out here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/61461-what-if/). While participating in that thread, I decided to apply some of the body mods to a '67 Ford Galaxie that Chip Foose had done to the '65 Chevy Impala (2015 Ridler winner) that is called The Imposter, below is the resultant PhotoChop: Here is the original for comparison:
  14. Hello, here I show you my 1939 Chevrolet from Revell. The roof is chopped. The rear fenders were widened and moved up. The front fenders were also widened and the running boards were adapted. The chassis is changed, all suspensions and rear axle are selfmade. LS3 engine with Supercharger. The paint is Candy-Blue 2 over silver and 2K clear coat. The rims were created and printed by myself. Also the interior in Corvette C2 style
  15. Its gonna be almost a full kit Interior,glass,lenses,modernized late model 900 wheels and a simple pan chassis for cost reasons, being its my first im going to keep them curbside after that possibly do roller style casts. The cars will be aesthetically updated since factory isnt something i care much for. If this sells well the next build will be a 87/88 B2200 Mazda Truck and following that a Volkswagon SP2 thats more or less going to be designed to fit the Tamiya VW bug and the third release if all goes well a 80s Eldorado convertible/Riviera convertible(maybe).
  16. I am waiting for some ordered parts for Salt Shaker and the custom decals I am making for the Riviera, and then the motivation to finish the decals on my Ford GT, so why not start another project? This is the AMT Pontiac Catalina. I purchased this many years ago and it has been on the storage rack just staring at me for years so the other day I picked up the box, opened it and figured, why not? So, first thing I did, which seems to be the first thing I always do with these cars is I started opening the doors. But since I planned on removing and replacing the top, I only did the doors up
  17. Havent done a wip in this section of the forum before, so I will start of with a simple build. I love the Impala's not matter the year. Whilst searching for some other things came across this and thought yep thats what il do to one of the kits I have. Simple and clean. So with that as a base for some inspiration.... Grab the kit and some wheels and set it up to see where to go from here, umm lots sanding ahead. The wide whites only come on the Crossbars that im aware of, changed them over to a set of Chrome Rever
  18. Looks like many of us are building the recent release of the Rivera. I am also but I didn't want to do the same old thing with it, so mine is going to be unique. First I began opening the doors while the body was still in-tacked so I could be a bit rough on it as I was working the doors free. When they were almost free, I shifted my attention to the roof. As with the 1962 Buick 225 and the 1965 Pontiac Grand Prix, I am not a big fan of the squarish formal style roofs on those cars. I changed the roofs on those two cars, so why not on this one too since I am not happy with the look of the
  19. Hey guys, I just wanted to share another build I completed a few weeks ago for a customer
  20. Custom, one off, gull-wing coupe. Vacuum formed over a hand sculpted buck. Ferrari 360 Modena engine. Tamiya Mica Blue on top, Tamiya Light Metallic Blue in middle and a custom mix light grey on the bottom Pegasus wheels and parts box tires..... This was a bear of a build hand forming all of the interior panels and opening the doors. It is different, but I like it...... shark nose, shark mouth, shark eyes and shark gills, be careful, she bites. Thanks for looking.
  21. Attached are pictures of the three CAR MODEL cover/article cars I was able to obtain last month. The condition of the three varies: -The '57 Chevy is in quite decent shape. The bumpers have "silvered" a bit, but they're better than equivalent parts in some unbuilt Revell kits from the period that I have seen. The paint on the car still has a nice shine. The seam between the original kit roof and the balsa extension piece is visible, but not obtrusive. A detailed build article appeared in the July 1964 issue. This model was entered in the Revell/Pactra contest series in 1965 (the thi
  22. Hello all! This is one of my first model car builds in a while, mainly because school is out and summer is here. So now I have more time to grow my skills in this wonderful hobby. Here it is so far, I'm still working on the chassis and little things here and there. I decided to make this a sleek and custom Corvette. I want to use the taillight pieces below, which may look like they are from a Corvette, but no. They are from a '58 Ford Thunderbird. A custom spice! This is the first model car I've done with a flat-color interior. All of my previous builds have gloss black int
  23. Hello! So this one is a ´67 VW Pick - Up ( or pritchenwagen in Deutsch ) kit from Hasegawa. I decided to sand away any excess detail from it and to give it a typical 90´s custom show car look; clean appearance with semi gloss pearl white paint and modern wheels.. Those 13" BBS wheels and tyres came from Scaleproduction, paint is from Tamiya and seats are resin Volvo P1800 units from Air - Trax. Finnish custom ordered licence plates. glass is made from Raboesch smoke tinted PVC- sheet. pics:
  24. Here is some pics of my Impala on the bench. Started it couple years ago and just got back to it after major life events. This is a practice model to since it's been so long. Trying out the wash technique that I've never done. Thanks for looking in.
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