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  1. Been wanting one for awhile since I first found out there was a model of one. The kit is pretty nice, but it has its flaws. It's molded in black, plated, and white with some over molding on certain pieces. Pieces like the grill, which broke on me. There's also some fit issues on the underside. The drive shaft is a little too long and the rear wheel placement is slightly off. That was actually where the start of my issues began. I like that they have a nicely detailed engine for it though. I also like that they add decals for the plates, but not the emblems or gauges. Over all it did come out nice. SAM_1366 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_1367 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_1368 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_1369 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  2. Got this a couple months ago. Kit was missing the decals. It's not a bad kit, but there were a few fit issues with the chassis and exhaust. SAM_1355 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_1356 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  3. Just finished up this MPC ‘75 Datsun truck! Built from the recently reissued Lil’ Hustler kit. Airbrushed in Tamiya XF-17 Sea Blue for the exterior, XF-55 Deck Tan for the interior. Box stock except for the sport door mirror from the AMT ‘66 Mustang. This kit went together pretty well overall with plenty of detail, but there was a fair amount of flash on most of the parts. Also, my chrome tree was warped so I couldn’t use many of the custom parts (not that I wanted to). Overall I’m happy with the results and I love the color combo!
  4. I haven't been around much due to finishing this bad boy up to get it entered in the 2020 SEMA Battle of the Builders.... virtually... (stupid Covid) This has been around a 12 year project for my dad and I. I took ownership in 2017 from my dads friend, who had commissioned us to build the car. At that time the car was running and driving with the LS, but in primer to shake it out. Upon me buying the car, we stripped it down completely and put it on a rotisserie for a full paint and rebuild. Just finished up the last parts last Sunday, and had a professional photo/video shoot last Wednesday. The detail shots below show the danger of Model Car guys building 1:1 scale cars..?? Some of the Highlights: Full custom rollcage and chassis reinforcements 2006 Pontiac GTO LS2 and Tremec T56 99 Camaro Fuel Tank Davies Craig electric waterpump and controller FAST intake and fuel rails Sanderson Headers Custom air box and intake wrapped in DEi reflect-a-gold ATi super damper Griffin Radiator Braille Battery Fidanza Flywheel with LS7 clutch Infinity Q45 Limited Slip Differential Techno Toy Tuning Suspension front and rear - custom powder coated Bilstein strut inserts with QA1 springs Ground Control Camber plates Wilwood brake 12.2 brakes with HAWK performance Competition DTC Rotors Tucked brake lines and harnesses Evo8 Recaro Seats Custom Fabricated Aluminum dash and center console wrapped in Suede Real carbon fiber accents/inserts and tube protectors Fabricated aluminum floor panels painted with Steel-It stainless steel paint Rota RB wheels Carbon fiber bumpers, door handles and taillight panel here is the video:
  5. I recently was going through a boneyard of old cars and seen this car. All I know is that it said Datsun on the glove box and Nissan on the seat belt. Sorry for the bad picture but it was all I had taken of the car.
  6. Recently reissued 1/25th MPC kit. Fiddly in spots and the side bed pieces were so warped, that I had to glue the tailgate shut and rubber band them all together. Modifications as followed: L28ET SOHC I6 Turbo engine swap from an AMT Datsun 280ZX Turbo Exhaust tip from AMT 4th Gen F-body kits Bucket seats and steering wheel from Revell Datsun 240z. Steering Wheel gauge is kit's custom part and shifter is from unknown source Kit's leaf springs were warped and the left one was snapped on the tree. Kit's rear axle was used with custom 4 link like setup with rear springs. Wheels and tires are custom pieces from a wheels parts baggie of an unknown Revell subject purchased at a swap meet long ago. Brakes were from a AMT '67 Mustang, wheels were painted Rustoluem Metallics Pure Gold Interior paint is Rustoluem Advanced Formula Flat Brown; exterior paint is Tamiya TS-19 Metallic Blue under Rustoluem Aluminum cleared with Pledge.
  7. Well here i am again, starting another model. I happen to be a fan of strange/uncommon cars and engines, which makes this build super interesting for me! The plans are to lower the truck, add some cool fender flares, and some killer wheels. But you cant have a ridiculous truck without a ridiculous engine, i'm currently torn between four engine choices (1994 Corvette Ls, 1968-73 Corvette engine, adding a supercharger to the stock 4 banger) I'm now out of school working full time, so progress may be slow but hopefully I can keep progress onthis one.
  8. 2015 issue of Revell BRE Datsun 240z racer. On top of having some warped spots (that were partially fixed without breaking another hood or set of glass into two), most parts needed massaging, hollowing, and trimming to lay in place. Main offender was the dashboard being too tall and making the body look like a lift up funny car. That and the firewall needed to be trimmed to get the body to frame/interior fit in line. It's not perfect, but acceptable considering the warping didn't help a kinda messy 70s era Revell kit. Following modifications were made: Upgraded wheels/tires + brakes from an Aoshima lightsports series MX5 Miata. Wheels were painted Rustoluem Metallics Pure Gold Custom built twin turbo and FI system using Tamiya Toyota Supra 2Jz header Custom built intercooler Frame/interior paint is Rustoluem Universal Aluminum. Exterior is an unknown (can had no label) brand of Satan Black. I figured this color combo would replicate a stealth jet lightweight racer design.
  9. I wonder if the tooling still exists for the ol' Monogram 1/32 scale Datsun Pickup ? How about the others ? 1955 Chevy , 1979 Mustang , etc. , etc. ? These would be fantastic slump-busters !
  10. Alrighty then, Haven't posted here for a while. I'm primarily a rc scale ship guy, but have always loved model cars. Every now and then I get an idea based on everyday life, and here it is. Started with the MPC '75 Datsun pickup kit; made the flatbed from styrene sheet/strip. The porta-potty is a resin item from Scale Equipment. This a curbside, so no under the hood shots. I stripped the kit mag wheels, and sprayed them flat white, with a healthy coating of rust/dirt. The body is Model Master flat medium blue rattle can, with an undercoat of red oxide primer. Bumper/grill/mirrors were also sprayed white. additional rust was dry brushed on, as were some pastel chalks. I added a coffee thermos/flashlight/magazine to the cab seat. Pretty quick build, needed something to get the model car juices going again. All comments/criticism/theats are welcome. Mark
  11. My dad bought this car brand new in 1977, I was nine years old. I remember going to the dealership with them. I remember questioning why he wouldn’t buy the 280Z. This car had a backseat, though it wasn’t much. As I grew, it became more difficult to climb back there. I was taller than anyone in my family. Eventually, he bought a 1990 Chevy Cavalier. I inherited the Datsun. I drove it for about two years. Rust had taken over the car. It started to become unsafe to drive. It was a fast little car, it had the Nissan truck motor in it. It also had a five speed manual. I learned to drive a stick on that car. The dealer installed the stripes after purchase. They also gave him a set of upgraded hubcaps. The only plastic kits I ever found this car came from overseas. They are models of the Sylvia. That is the name of the same car in European configuration. To sell the car over here they had to add 5 mile an hour bumpers. The front and rear bumpers are exactly the same. I separated the taillight panel from the rear bumper and fabricated panel that goes in between the taillights and rear US bumper. The hardest part will be trying to create the new grill below. This is probably one of my favorite cars that I’ve owned. I wish I could find one today!
  12. This project replicates a 280ZX I owned in the early 1990s. It's taken me nearly that long to find all the pieces I needed and get to the point to give it a try. I finished this in late 2017, a little too long ago to qualify as a "last year" build. Body: Scratchbuilding non-turbo vents is beyond me at this point, as is cutting out and adapting the vents from the Tamiya glue bomb I scored for parts. I puttied over the Turbo vents and made decals from photos of the real thing. Filling in the T-tops was easier than I expected, though the areas near the windows could be a bit neater. Wheels came from the Tamiya kit. Although they're 1/24th scale, they seem to fit the 1/25th body well. Engine: This Frankenstein consists of Revell 240Z block and trans (because the box-stock 280ZX unit depicts an auto.) The valve cover came from a Fujimi 240ZG, and the non-turbo injection setup came from the previously-mentioned Tamiya glue bomb. Most of the rest is box-stock AMT. Interior - Tamiya seats and various interior details make this a different trim level from the box-stock AMT version. This thing pushed my abilities, or maybe exceeded them! It's amazing how the camera can hide some flaws and magnify others. Still, I'm happy with it. This is a great kit! I bought several of the recent Round2 reissue - one to build as a box-stock Turbo version, another for a distant-future stab at this build if my skills are up to it, and another because Hobby Lobby clearance-priced them to can't-say-no levels.
  13. I'm a little late to the party, but I wanted to post my 2018 completions, minus a 1950 Ford Convertible I built as a gift. It was a busy year outside of the model-building world!
  14. I tried to speed assemble this, I've seen where guys knock out a model to fill a contest category that is empty, how do they do it? I also wanted to paint something with the zinc chromate primer, and Rustoleum primer instead of the cliche flat black. I'm also spoiled with Tamiya, Fujimi, and now Aoshima quality. Instead of using up my allotment for pictures, showing my Fakebook post:
  15. If this is a backdated stock version, this is quite a pleasant surprise: MPC-872 1/25 1975 Datsun Pickup Truck *No idea if this is the correct box art for the reissue or not*
  16. The LIL-Hustler is back! Sweet repop. 8, yup, 8 new tires including gorgeous GT Radials. Parts looks clean and straight, detail is sharp. Decals are redone and very clean, multiple options for Datsun, even as just letters. Poseable steering too. 3n1 kit, good amount of left over parts for the box. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pN38f7eTgb4
  17. As you can see by the award plaque, this was built a while ago... testers Candy red over metallic red with decals from an IMSA monza kit. dats-am03 by Mike, on Flickr dats-am01 by Mike, on Flickr dats-am02 by Mike, on Flickr
  18. Hi, It´s been a long time since i´ve post some builds here on the forum, so it is really fun to share some pictures of this build and tell you what i have done. I wanted to build a very small car with so much drag parts i could put in to this little body,and this is how it started. I posted for a long time ago the first pictures of this build in the workbench column but i closed that tag,just because i realized that it would fit in better in the dragracing column. In the beginning of this build i started to cut out doors and all body panels that i wanted to view the details for the spectator to. When i had did that….????? i start to wonder if i really could do it as the plan i had in my head. after cutting the hole body in pieces the project went back in the modelkit box for a year. But the following year, I could not quite let go of the thought of my little Datsun. When the time is getting ripe and I had built the building in my head over and over again as the box went up again and the building began to take off. This is the first pictures of ”Sweet pain” The name is well an explanation of what I thought the building was. I took, for example, assume that Revell kit was symmetrical. and it caused problems, including the big wheeltubs,built symmetrically from the start, but did not sit symmetrically in the body when it was mounted. it meant I had to change a lot to get into a chassis that has the proportions that I wanted them. It is not the best picture,but the rear piece that have the taillights moulded in white plastic,I have replaced with my own cast in clear plastic that I have masked the rear lights and then primed the body panel to get a better sense of realism, The kit's rear panel look more like a toy. I have not yet cut off the front. I probably forgot to take a picture of the back panel when it was completely unassembled and unpainted, but this picture shows the original panel to the left and my copy of clear plastic assembled and primed. the tape is on the back just for it not to get paint dust on the inside of the rear lamp glass. Here you can see the mounting holes for the original rearbumper, as you can see, it is not very symmetrical, and then you can understand that maybe it came unexpected problems later. This is the first try of my chassie,but the engine did´nt fit correct with the headers mocked-up, so i had to change the front frame next. this is the frame from the kits chassie,but it was to small for a 351 cleveland V8 pro stock engine ,just wanna show you what problems i had before i change the front. Comments are welcome and more to come.... Fred.
  19. Hey, so I'm looking for a scale-modelling forum and decided to settle in this one. So, I'm new to 1/24 scale-modelling. I was into Gunpla and saw a scale-modelling channel in Youtube and suddenly I have the urge to assemble a model cars but I know it won't be easy. Then, decided to grab the Aoshima Fairlady S30 or known as Datsun 240ZG as my first kit. The reasons I took this model is the simplicity of the build (but kinda dissapointed it went way that easy, no engine details ahahaha). I ruined the masking on the fender side... Guess that will be my homework for the next model. I used a local spray-can for the main body (the spray-cans are commonly used for Gunpla here in my place) and for the detail I used Tamiya Enamel Paint and for the finishing, because in my opinions gloss is not that good without compound polishing (I don't have any) so I decided to spray it with flat coating. (yeah, i also messed up the tail lights, and forgot to sand the mold line of the bumper) I'm looking forward for Tamiya's RX-7 Type R, there aren't any Revell's kits here and most of the kits sold here are Tamiya.
  20. 2 Datsuns by Doyosha (formerly Yamada) models. The 1/23 scale blue '71 Bluebird 610 had only a flat chassis plate with battery door and a flat interior plate to make space for motorization. This was replaced with a chassis and suspension from Tamiya's '72 Skyline with many of the interior pieces molded/cast from a 1/20 scale Bluebird kit and modified. The 1/25 Sunny Coupe had the same chassis/interior setup; replaced with Revell Datsun 510 chassis and interior, with the dashboard molded/cast from the Hasegawa Sunny truck kit that just happened to show up. Thanks for looking!
  21. Revell's '72 Datsun 510 "Brock Buster" made stock. Cut down the fender flairs, filled the openings with sheet plastic then cut to stock size. New wheel opening lips front plastic strip. Tires are Modelhaus compact whitewalls, hubcaps from the parts box. Interior was stock already, just the steering wheel was a parts box item... The '79 Nissan Laurel was built mostly out of the box, it came as a lowrider, so the suspension had to be adjusted to stock height, but other then that...
  22. Hello, I'm new to the forums. This is my first post. I'm really into the post apocalypse builds and rat rods. Here is what I'm currently working on. It's a Datsun 510 converted into a truck. I have a lot left to do, but I really wanted to show it off. Thanks for checking it out. http:// http:// http://
  23. This is the latest issue of the old snap kit from monogram, which I think makes it about the 4th or 5th one... I had this in a Community Build off, but I think only the same 30 people even go in that section. Being a snap kit, I had some work to do correcting shortcuts and oversights, including replacing the "spare tire" lump with an actual tire, fixing the gaping hole in the firewall, and adding rear shocks. I also had some serious fitment issues with the window, interior tub, and chassis going together. So, I shaved down the window and tub to get the needed clearance. When I was a kid I had two of the original release, which is where I got the "Goodyear" tires and license plate I used on this. Glad I spent the extra time to detail the Datsun script on the grille , also added a radiator. You cant see it, but there's an opening behind the bumper, if I didn't add it, you would see the fan. You can sorta see the Datsun script here. The "holes" in the skid plate should be actual holes, but its a mounting point on the model, otherwise I would've opened them up. Distributorless engine, not really enough room to add one, either. I did add a carburator, but you can't see it anyway. Added a rearview mirror. Replaced blob with an actual spare tire. (yeah, I know it has lugnuts in it still, I'm not that good) and added shocks. For whatever reason, there's a pretty big gap behind the cab, and roll bar, so I made it a double tube to fill in the gap. Added the license plate from the original release. The taillights are molded into the body, that's one of my bugaboos. Tried to shade them, but I have mixed feelings how it turned out.
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