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Found 25 results

  1. These came in the mail today, a WIX NAPA version of the 427 Cobra and a Motormax 2005 Ford GT. The WIX Cobra is the Elvis Presley Spin Out movie race version without windshield and is up to their usual high standard but I am a bit disappointed in the finish on the side pipes. The side pipes which are prototypically correct for the movie car but look so much better on the blue and silver WIX Cobras. Franklin Mint released the same Spin Out model but with a guitar. The Motormax Ford GT is pretty much standard fare but I wanted to include this year in my diecast Ford GT collection.
  2. Surprised we don’t have a thread in here for this. Post pic if you could. Maisto has new 2 door ‘21-‘22 Bronco out. Burago has Ferrari SF90 too.
  3. I just picked up some Racing Champion diecast and one of them has bad paint cracking, and the windshield looks like it "shrunk" and disconnected in a couple key areas. My thoughts are this model must have been sitting in direct sunlight for a long time and maybe the heating up/cooling down shrunk the plastic windshield slow enough that it didn't just "break' or crack, but rather disconnected from the glue points and slowly shrunk. I'm guessing there's nowhere to get a replacement for that? The paint may also be a result of sitting in the sun, inside the package for alot of years. The "model ye
  4. When I was at my mechanic the other day, saw this article in Hemmings June 2009 issue, about Frank Schaeffer. He likes to weather his models, which is right up my alley. Looks like he does commission work too. He prefers the bigger scales: Uh right, guess he does not hang out on this forum? ?
  5. Well now we diecast enthusiasts are down here in the basement in the Community_Diecast Corner. Interesting choice of a label. I guess I can live with that. Hope everyone is doing OK and staying healthy.
  6. I took a look at this car, has body issues very odd looking but presentable too. What do you all think?
  7. A-Team van by greenlight. Check it out.
  8. Fifth Annual Long Island Toy Car Trifecta Sunday April 8th, 2018 Massapequa NY Click on the link below for the show flyer LITCShow Flyer_2018.pdf
  9. A friend is building a full scale replica of the 1954 Motorama Corvair concept car and wants to be sure he has the correct color. Do you, Art, or anyone else know how JL determined the color for their diecast and exactly what color it is? Thanks.
  10. Hello, I am looking form a 1971 GTX Or Roadrunner 1/18 parts car.I mostly need the front and rear bumpers, Mike 248-635-6960 thank you.
  11. Did you see the Bugatti Chiron 1:24 Maisto Special Edition on Internet or in a toyshop on the shelves ? Or did you hold one in hand and opened the doors ? Only the doors ! And you can see a little detail of the engine through the rear window. The lid is a separate part but don`t move ! I`m a curious man and I dismanteled the car in a moment to see which details of engine are remaining hidden. Well there are some ones alas not very many. BUT . . . the great suprise: the lid is manufactured with hinges to open ! It seemed later they changed their mind and made two little pieces of border on th
  12. I have a model car with a body that is made of die cast. It is unpainted and I have one question. Do you paint die cast the same way as styrene and do you sand it and polish the finish the same way? Could you use spray cans and or an airbrush?
  13. Looking for advise, tips, tricks, etc on re-contouring the deck lid on my '69 H/O convertible build. How malleable is the zinc(?) body? Will it bend a bit before fracturing? I am amazed by the diecast cars you guys build and hope there's someone who knows their way around a diecast body who will share their knowledge and can keep me out of trouble and on point with my project. My sincere thanks in advance for you assistance!!!
  14. I worked on this one about 15 years ago filing and sanding the flash off. Not sure why it got put aside but along with this one i have few more of the Hubley kits prepped and about ready to paint. Anyway i decided it was time to finish this one. It is actually a reissue of the old Hubley kit. I found this paint at Target in the craft section for $1.99. It brushes on ok but really flows on smooth and covers well with the airbrush. I'm going to pick up some more of this paint.
  15. These are a few old diecast trucks and cars from my junk box that needed paint jobs. I dig some of these out every now and then to test new paints or just practice on. Some I will keep in the collection, others I will sell at the antique mall for hobby money. They were all stripped and primed with self etching primer. This is a Midgetoy Ford wrecker about 3 in long. It's paint with Testors MM Guard red with a drop of hardener added. Midgetoy 58 Corvette about 2-1/4 in long. Painted with Testors Aztec acrylics. This is with out a doubt the best acrylic paint I have ever sprayed in an a
  16. Hey all, I've searched and searched the forums, but have not been able to find any threads addressing my issue. So, here it goes: I recently bought a Sunstar 1:18 replica of a 2003 Chevy Monte Carlo SS as a birthday gift for my friend. There's one problem, though: It's silver, and I want it to match his car, which is black. I've got it parted down, and I'm having the diecast metal body sandblasted to remove the paint. Here's where my questions begin: 1. If the body metal is still coarse from the sandblasting, do I need a primer before laying down the basecoat? NOTE: the basecoat is
  17. I have this one started now but it's going rather slow. The cab is a 1/16 Ertl International diecast cab from the 70's. The trailer is a Wyanndott pressed steel trailer for the early 50's. As you can see the cab has been well played with a painted several times. Here is the cab cleaned up and shown with the tailer as found.
  18. Hello all, Was at a friend yesterday and he gave me a flyer of this French company which produces diecasts of vintage trucks in 1/24th scale. http://www.maqmadon.com/ I thought to spread the news Also interesting is that you can buy this seperate....
  20. Does anyone here have any experiece with these models? From the pictures i have seen they are miles ahead from the Ertl 1:18 cars i have seen so far. This goes for both detail and shape of the body. I have been searching a nice 68-70 Charger or 70-71 Cuda in 1:18,i have give up on the Cuda. The other day i stumbled upon some models from a manufacture called Autoworld,and they have many nice muscle cars,also some older classics. I`m no expert but from what i can see as in detail,they look pretty much bang for the bucks,also very nice and realistic bodyshapes. The one i`m considering get
  21. Thinking of taking this Maisto Squareback and making a replica of my poor old '73 :,(
  22. These are just a few of my favorite Danbury Mint models
  23. Danbury has really gifted us with some real Beauties over the years. When they slowed production to a halt, their limited editions were selling for $150. Their latest,(and last) model, the beautiful 1935 Ford Coupe, is listed for $250.00. I have about 100 or so of them, so if I factor in the extra $100 I spent on this model, that is like adding a single dollar to every other one I bought. Not bad in my book, considering some of the models in my collection are worth at least twice what I paid Danbury Mint for them, and some even more. My Bullitt Charger, for example, one has sold on eBay for $
  24. It's the only way to get one, so I'm treating this as a white-metal kit, rather than a "detailed die-cast"! It's the Mondo Motors model. The one I received shows every sign of corner-cutting and cost reduction compared to the reviews of the model on the web. There was nothing like the level of detail painting you can find online -- just one overall red body, a few black grilles, and nothing else... So, I stripped all the paint, and primed all the black interior plastic for a new colour scheme... ...and a couple of days later, here we are... The moulded detail on the dash and the e
  25. I just received a note from my friend at Yat Ming USA. Yat Ming had a few higher detailed cars but also had many low end cars that were done very well, including my favorite, the 41 Willys in 1/18 scale. Here is a copy paste of the note: "Dear Valued Customer, As the toy industry tries to stay afloat, some factories struggle to remain open. This time it is Yat Ming factory who will have to part ways and close its doors. Effective July 2013, Yat Ming will close the factory and leave the business of manufacturing die cast products." This is so sad. Get them while y
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