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  1. This is my second attempt at recreating the Golden Gorilla, I am way excited for this!
  2. If I summarize briefly what has been done; The rear wheels have been completely renewed, Fujimi's stock wheels have been placed to the proper depth for this vehicle. I removed the rear wheels a little, for this I cut the case properly. A wheelie bars was made, The windows were in very bad condition, I remade the transparent plastic. Details suitable for the engine were added, Necessary additions (steering box, shock absorber ...) were made to the front suspension, I painted Vallejo orange with Tamiya varnish. 4000 sanding and polishing followed. The rims and bumpers are painted with Alclad Chrome.
  3. Is it real or model? I have the answer but will let you all guess for a while.
  4. Since I failed at my first attempt to create a single turbo car, I am going to use what I learned to bring my messed up 68 mustang back to life. This is going to be another salvage build lol. Hopefully this is the last one.
  5. Hello All, Philippe, Scott, Luke, Wayne, Anton, Craig, Mark: Many thanks for your kind comments for this build, they are very appreciated and keeps me motivated for my current build!!! Following the good suggestion from an experienced member Dragonhawk1066 I deceided to move this thread in the "Under Glass" category. This make plenty of senses since the car is not WIP but finished. I took a last picture today to create a last post in the hope that it will be linked to the original thread listed in the "Drag Racing Models". I found the hint (I would say) by searching in the "How To Use This Board" so I realy hope it's the right way to do this. In the future I will post all my others completed models in Under Glass (when I'll be ready to do so). Cheers, Francis
  6. Normally i'm not in to these (and supposedly they're rare for being kinda curbsides), but a few years ago I saw the '97 HHO reissue and the 1980 Street Freak issues cheap as some shows and figured what the hey. White/Red/Blue is the 1997 issue of the Hurst Harry Olds (in the vintage Monogram boxart), Green one was the 1980 Street Freak reissue (which is really the same Hurst Harry Olds with new decals). Green 442 was finished weeks ago but was in progress on/off for about 4 years waiting for paint, which was applied on one of the worst and windiest thanksgivings ever that tossed the body around. Luckily, most of the severe chips were covered up with decals and all worked out. Mods (that were started in 2017) were some lowering, and has spares bins wheelie bars, different seats and steering wheel. Wheels and rear tires are from a parts Polar Lights Tom McEwen Barracuda Funny Car (that had an unusable short shotted body), while front tires are spare slicks from one of the Revell '57 Fords. Paint is Tamiya TS-20 Metallic Green rattle can cleared with Pledge. Decals were unsurprisingly shot, so the spare bins came to the rescue with extra decals from other kits, White/Red/Blue 442 was started shortly after completion of the Green one. This one is almost OOB with the exception of Cragar mags and smaller drag slicks up front from the Revell '67 Charger (which caused the front to be unxepecently lowered, as the kits tires were the same size as the fronts and made the front too high). Paint is an experimental white/red/blue fade job consisting of Colorplace Gloss White, Fire, Red, and Dark Blue. Decals were heavily water damaged, so the spare bins came to the rescue yet again with leftover decals. Bon Appetite!
  7. This is my first procharger I built. the motor in this car is really special because it is scratch bulit out of styrene sheets.
  8. my second replica build. In the future I will do birdman's firebird. Also checkout my murder nova car and the rest of my builds.
  9. Here is my 70 SS Chevelle, removed the roof an put Cutlass Convertible on! Used Woopie kat decals
  10. Attached are pictures of the three CAR MODEL cover/article cars I was able to obtain last month. The condition of the three varies: -The '57 Chevy is in quite decent shape. The bumpers have "silvered" a bit, but they're better than equivalent parts in some unbuilt Revell kits from the period that I have seen. The paint on the car still has a nice shine. The seam between the original kit roof and the balsa extension piece is visible, but not obtrusive. A detailed build article appeared in the July 1964 issue. This model was entered in the Revell/Pactra contest series in 1965 (the third and, I believe, last series). I don't know how it did. Probably for the contest, the wheels and tires used in the original build (from the base kit) were replaced with AMT '55 Nomad wheels and tires. A custom grille bar from an AMT '56 Ford kit was also added. And no, I don't get the Ford oval decals on a Cadillac-powered Chevy. -The '49 Mercury appeared on, and in, the May 1966 issue. Two Mercury kits were used, the second one donated body sections for the custom front end and to stretch the chopped top. The Hurst mag wheels and tires appear to be from the '66 Mercury annual kit. The chop is incorrect compared to a 1:1 Merc, in that the top is stretched and the rear window area is cut. Good 1:1 Merc chops shift the roof forward without extending it, and tilt the rear window area forward to close the gap. The tempered glass backlite can't be cut anyway. Plans are to clean this one up, reattach the loose parts, and then build a clone with another two Merc kits. I'll do the "wrong" chop but will cut the two bodies so as to have fewer seams to fill. The original build stretched the roof with a piece added in at the center, with the B-pillars being spliced in towards the end of the job. I'll do it differently but it will look the same. The paint on this car is Testor's metalflake blue, from the Ed Roth color line. One of the newer Testor's custom lacquers should approximate the color. I might even use the custom wheels from a reissue '66 Merc, just because. -The '65 Coronet appeared in two issues (November and December 1965) and on the December cover. My November issue doesn't have a cover, so I don't know if the Dodge appears or is mentioned on it. The November article outlines the wheelbase alteration, with December allocated to paint and hand lettering. Different themes were used on opposite sides of the car. This model is in one piece but isn't in great shape: the paint is on the heavy side and exhibits a lot of cracking on the hood, roof, and deck. I wanted to get this car in particular, as I thought someone not knowing what it was might tear it down and strip the paint for a rebuild. I'd like to build a new one of these (or more likely two, each with the same lettering on both sides). Maybe two Polar Lights Coronets, or possibly an original MPC for one car and a Moebius Plymouth Satellite for the other....
  11. The murder nova is one of my previous builds. I also have the crow in the works.
  12. So, to calm myself after my disaster of a night at the drag strip yesterday, I've decided to throw another project on here. Probably a fairly common car for drag builds on here, but I'll have fun with it all the same. I'm sure many of you will recognize what kit it is right away. Where I'm at, I have the doors and trunk removed. Very start to a tube chassis. It has a scratch built wing and air dam. The body in general is in rather rough shape currently. I've got most of a procharged 572 bbc 3D printed, have a few things to reprint since they didn't turn out wonderfully. Lots of cleaning up to do. It'll have exhaust similar to the El Camino on Street Outlaws (cause, well, why not?) and a two tone paint job, anodized blue on top and white underneath. I've stripped the chrome, there's going to be very little on this car. Sorry for the overexposure in the pictures This build is probably going to be slow going. A lot of printing and scratch building will be taking place, and between working 10s and school twice a week, I don't have a ton of time. Of course, comments/thoughts are always welcome. Thanks for looking
  13. This is a special build because its for a customer who just wants chassis done, along with wheels and tires
  14. just an update on this mustang build. it should be done soon
  15. greetings everyone, ...some time since I have built a piece and posted one here. finished this today from the new amt issue 40 ford coupe kit. about 3 -4 weeks working slowly, and presto...finally its at least presentable. paint is Tamiya orange spray can, followed by Tamiya spray pearl clear. decals are a mix of this and that,...pretty much a box build,..but removed the stock exhaust and re plated the floor. scratch built traction masters, woody cal custom steering wheel, drivers helmet...I think that's about it. anyhow, maybe I will start another kit this week too. not a great build, but all this old bird can muster up these days. thanks for looking. the ace.........
  16. SSP Reissue. Build as drag coupe only, includes box art replication decals and Pirelli branded front tires, smooth no-name rear slicks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXgV48W6GUs
  17. Hey everyone, Here is the build up I just completed of the Revell Bob Glidden Thunderbird Pro Stock. I decided to build this as am Outlaw drag car. I gave it an military/Air Force theme. I cut open the trunk and modified the role cage to bring it up to date a little. I used Pro Tech detail parts and scratch built parts to detail the engine/chassis/interior.
  18. I've been building models for exactly 1 year now. Most of my builds have been turbocharged outlaw cars and have scratch built chassis along with a lot of other things.
  19. Hi guys, Couldn't find anything on this on the forums (maybe I just didn't dig deep enough...the kit is old after all) so I figured I could use some experts opinion on the matter. I just got the rebox for the Revell/Monogram Beretta Pro-Street kit and I can't figure out what this engine is. I would love to know so I could go get some reference picture and start the build. Only thing I know for sure is that it's a nitrous,V8, small block with both carbs stretching on the side of the engine. I'm thinking LT1 or LT4 but I honestly don't know. Transmission on the other hand is fairly easy to identify! I'll post pictures once I get back home just in case it help someone identify it. Anyone got a clue?
  20. My latest is a black 1968 Mustang GT-500 Drag car. It’s an older AMT kit and I found it to be a bit challenging. It took me about 2 months to finish this one as I put it down many times because it frustrated me. I made the drag version of the car and put the larger engine in it. I could never get the drag exhaust to fit properly and since I had worked on the car for so long and was so far along I simply did not put an exhaust on it in favor of tossing the entire model in the trash. The sponsor stickers on the side came from other kits, such as the AMT Lowboy and the Revell Peterbilt 359 Conventional. I found the gold strips in an old model kit of the Titanic that my father gave me a long time ago. I have a trailer that I have customized that the car will go on and be towed around by a modified ’65 Chevy I am currently working on. Hopefully I will have that done soon and you guys can get a look at the entire package.
  21. Well since I got the camaro finished I figured I might as well get started on the next one . This build will be using the match racer firebird. Id like to put more detail into this one than the last so ill be trying some new things. I got the body painted to see how I liked the color and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Here's a teaser pic of things to come
  22. This was my first time to try hand-painting letters and artwork directly on the body of a model car, which turns out, is a whole lot harder than drawing on a piece of paper laying flat on the table, but it was a fun experiment! I’m gonna be trying more of this on more projects soon! This is my tribute to those crazy fellas from the 50’s and 60’s who lived to drag race with whatever they could get their hands on….probably built in their Dad’s garage…the big blown souped-up motor was the most important thing. Winning on Saturday night was all they could think about all week long. And maybe safety wasn’t exactly first on their mind--just winning with the craziest fastest car out there! This is the excellent 1/25 AMT ’37 Chevy kit that comes with the option to build one of three ways, and I chose to build a mad gasser in honor of those drag racing pioneers. The body was primed with Krylon Gray Ultra-Flat primer and allowed to dry outside for about an hour while I took my oil pastel sticks and scraped 5 colors into powder with an Xacto on a piece of wax paper…Orange Rust, Yellow, Light Blue and Brown. I used cotton swabs to mix those powder colors together a bit, and then rubbed the body down to appear severely weathered, like it was finally rescued from the junkyard. I sprayed Testor’s Dullcote over the body to protect all that weathering work, and to prep for the task of hand-painting the lettering and ball-and-chain artwork -- the lettering was done with acrylic paint markers, and the ball & chain was done with the edge corners of the pastel sticks that I made the powders from earlier. Then a second coat of the dulcote to protect the artwork. The chassis was painted Krylon Red Oxide and set aside. I added a few of my own touches to the beastly 427 powerplant -- like the MOROSO valve covers, some CRAZY PIPES from a Miss Deal funny car kit, velocity stacks made from Evergreen Styrene tube, a parts-box blower, and I made the fuel pump tubing from some clear plastic bead string stuff I found at Michael’s that I painted with Tamiya Clear Yellow acrylic to appear full of gasoline - then hooked up to the kit-supplied fuel pump. The rear tires are the most excellent pad-printed M&H dragmaster piecrust slicks from AMT parts pack--the Cragars are lightly coated with Tamiya Light Gunmetal to bring the kit chrome shine down a bit. Seatbelts were made from masking tape painted the same Light Gunmetal, and P/E buckle hardware was added. Finally, I used Tamiya Weathermaster Orange rust to give the door handles and headlight bezels that neglected look like it was just dug out from years in the junkyard. I also increased the ride height in front and rear from kit specs by adding cut / stacked & painted pieces of balsa wood blocks. This was a BLAST to build! Thank you AMT.
  23. Does anyone know a retailer with a good selection? I have looked for weeks and some places have a few items but usually not much. Looking for wheels (modern style) but engines etc would be nice as well. Wheel and tire sets would be a big plus too.
  24. I have a few 1/16 revel drag kits and with all the great builds on this site as of late I decided to start one myself but the original drag slicks are shot due to age. Is there anyone making an aftermarket set or other options?
  25. Has anybody ever converted a drag car back to stock? I'm thinking about doing it with my 1950 Austin Devon drag car. Looks sorta stupid to me, but mostly because I have a soft spot for slow British cars
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