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  1. Hi Guys (and lady's) - I'm looking to build a replica of my buddy's 1976 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am - I have the Revell 'Smokey and the Bandit' edition Looking to see if anyone knows of a aftermarket company that makes a '76 nose for it? I think Reliable Resin did a conversion kit years ago but I can't find that one anywhere online! Help? Thank you - Tim
  2. This is just the very beginning stages but you gotta start somewhere. A slight touch with the Dremel and some light sanding with an emery board then a little dab of Tamiya filler Putty and the side scoops are a thing of the past. I'll let that dry overnight. Next I'll have to make a Ram Air Air cleaner. For this I was able to trim the bottom half if the shaker scoop and the top half of an extra Deserter Air cleaner. The rally lls are soaking in Mr. Clean as they way too shiny chrome and need to be painted Argent. Revell did a pretty good job on these also. You just need a little paint detailing work. The Firestone Wide Ovals are really nice. I think I might just keep the front spoiler and the wheel well pices. I know the y were specific to the T/A , but I kinda like the look of those. The same for the engine turned instrument panel applique. I always liked the look of that over the boring, wood grain of the Formula. They give you a nice decal for that.
  3. So its 8 degrees here today,,{how nice} and its perfect model building weather. Completed is the Revell 70' Trans am. One of my fav GM body styles. When I lived in Ann Arbor Mi in the late 70's,,a girl I dated had her father who owned a T/A like this one,, she used to take us out in it,,she let me drive it a few times,,what an awsome car! So heres my recent version. Kit was tough to build on a few things,,had to make clearance for chassis to fit up under body,,but I always assemble all body fronts,,valences ect 1st,,then paint as one assembled unit,,so maybe that contributed to the fit issue. Sprayed can hardware store blue,,hand painted everything else. And some basic wiring,,pretty simple but looks cool on the shelf! Cheers!
  4. I had originally gotten the kit to build as a convertible. However, I quickly learned that Reliable Resin isn't exactly reliable, but more like a scam. So I built it the way I wanted to build my other one the first time around. The 68 Firebird was one of the first kits I ever bought. SAM_0610 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0611 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0612 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0613 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0614 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  5. Finally got this one wrapped up on Friday. I modeled it after the firebird I want to own someday (bottom of this pic). Can’t tell you how much I loved this kit. It’s basically everything the current Revell 69 Camaro WISHES it could be. The wheels were its only minor weakness - so I replaced them with a set from my mustang 😎 Gonna get some proper Pontiac wheels on it someday. Made a few tweaks - vinyl top, hood vents, exhaust tips, cut up the dash and added an 8-track player with some tunes, detailed the engine a bit, the aforementioned wheels, etc. - but it’s mostly right out of the box. I really hope Revell reissues this one. I want to do it again in a few different styles, and they’re getting pricey on EBay. Tamiya champagne gold, clear, and matte black rattle cans for the bod and top 🤙🏽
  6. Number Five for this year, Started back in August 2019 and painted Testors' Star Spangled blue with wet look clear. Built pretty much out of the box except the rear exhaust tips and muffler, those I took from the Revell 77 Firebird. I still need to put the decal on the badge and paint the front lights white. I glued the T-tops in. I could use a license plate decal on here as well. In real life, the blue plastic does not show through the semi gloss black paint, it just does it in photos. Not too much done with the interior since it is so basic, just semi gloss black and flat black for carpet. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  7. KNIt's the 30th Anniversary of the '89 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 20th Anniversary TTA. I got model last Saturday and once I got home and looked up close. It was missing the front glass, I should have looked more when I was buying it. Or I could have bought it 2 years ago when I saw it for the same price , sealed 2 years ago. Anyway, I got a donor glass from my stash. The MPC Knight Rider has an extra clear glass tree. Ending 2019 with a F body build!
  8. Hi folks, some weeks ago I got this old model when I visited the ROG factory sale. It has been used as a showcase model in toy stores back in the day and I thought it might be worth to do a resto on it. I have 2 new kits of that car so I limited the resto work to the body parts, wheels & tyres and interior. And... I wanted to do a vinyl top, for the first time. I chose to go for Verdoro Green which looks pretty nice in combo with a black vinyl top. Here we go: A word or two on the vinyl roof: I used a trick by Marcos Cruz which is applying spray glue PRIOR to the primer coat. That will create a nice surface structure for the vinyl top. The seams and additional chrome parts were made using Evergreen profiles which were sanded down. After all, I was pretty pleased with the results: EDIT: I wasn't quite happy with the images above. For one, they have been taken outside rather in a rush and some appear to be overexposed. Second, and more importantly, I wasn't happy with the way the headlights turned out. As I mentioned, this is a resto and the original headlights were so full of glue that I could not save them and decided to go for aftermarket parts. However, these are smaller and somewhat darker or dull, so I kinda missed the "sparkle" in the Firedbird's "eyes". That's why I decided to replace them with new headlights from a complete kit I own. I will have to find new ones for that kit, but for now I am much more satisfied with the result of this build. Enough said, here are the new images:
  9. Here is my finished Firebird 400 model (Revell kit). Body is Model Master metallic blue, and interior is Model Master light ivory. Enjoy! The workbench thread is below.
  10. The '68 Firebird 400 by Revell is the latest model I've been working on. This kit allows you to build a stock or drag version. I'm going with the stock. I've finished all the airbrushing and I've started on the detailing. I've also finished assembling the engine. The body color is Model Master metallic blue 2768, which was hard to find. It's based on a real body color for this car. The interior is going to be Model Master light ivory to simulate a real interior color for this car called parchment.
  11. Build info Finished 8/11! Thread exclusive group pics with prior F-body builds
  12. Posted this in the CB 2018 thread, but not why post it here as well. What I started with: Quick mock up What's done so far 7/22: Did quite a bit of scratch building, trimming, and parts scrounging for the 2JZ and the engine compartment. Quite a tight squeeze in there (won't be able to see the 2nd turbo once the cowl in in) and considering it's 1/24 vs the AMT's 1/25th I used on a eariler 2JZ swapped F-body, that made some things a bit more difficult but was still possible. Used spare turbos from Olds Areo on shortened and trimmed Ferrari Enzo V12 headers and made intake tubes from spare chrome parts trees. The idea for the intake was it to be ram air style for functionality, so I found a old painted radiator from a 80s Turbo FWD of some sort and used that. Exhaust is the old LT1 style from a 93 Pace Car as it's on the same side as the 2JZ's header and easier to intergrate going by experience on a 2JZ'd '93 I built long ago. The 98 strangely had a single exhaust tip setup so a dual tip f-body muffler was scrounged up but was missing the tips. So, on went spare aluminum stacks from the Opel GT as new tips. Also had to modify the radiator so the fan shrouds don't hit the motor as much. Also opened up the vents and expanded the snorkel scoops on the hood for better air flow with that tight motor and the turbos. Still have some small things and a bit of clean up to do motorwise as I plan to add in intercooler to slightly show where the lower front lights were, then it'll be setting the ride height/wheels and it's off to paint. Had Walmart Color-place Fire Red in mind to complement my older 2JZ T/A build. Will try to keep posted here and the CB thread.
  13. Hi guys! Since im on winter vacation at this week, i was able to finish another build.. Had some serious issues with chassis, interior body combo.. and im bit unhappy how tail lights came out.. Other than those i liked this kit.. also AMT polyglass tires did not fit so well on kit wheels, but in the dark corner of display shelf its all good.. After i did upload photos i realized that door locks are still in body color, little Molotow will solve that.. Color is Tamiya TS-95 pure metallic red.. Now less talk, and more photos
  14. A while back I bought a built 1973 Firebird from Ebay. I have been looking for one for a long time and could not find any that were in my price range so I decided to do a rebuild of this one. Obviously it was built a LONG time ago. I stripped paint with oven cleaner and started fixing the body. I decided I wanted all the spoilers on it so I used the ones in the newly released '79 T/A kit. I always liked this car because of the lack of a front bumper (STYLE) and while doing the body work I decided to get rid of the rear bumper also. So I gave it a roll pan. I had to sand out alot of glue on the body, especially on the hood intakes. It seemed like I would never finish the sanding process. I found myself sanding too much in some areas and had to fill those along with getting rid of the bumps and swirl marks. Primed and sanded and primed and sanded and primed and sanded!!!! FINALLY got some paint on this beast!!!!! I put some Inca Gold on it for and underlying base color. This is NOT the final color but just another step. I would like to have this and my '74T/A completed before the fall Detroit Area Modelers Show because it is a 50th Anniversary for Camaro and T/A's theme.I hope you all enjoy, thanks for letting me be a part of the group!! ORIGINAL KIT
  15. Greetings and Merry Christmas everyone. Here is a tribute I made of the '77 Formula my father once owned. It was given to him this morning completely blowing him away. the W.I.P is over here http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=95192 Started out being the new revel Smokey and the Bandit '77 Trans Am. I did everything within my skill level to make it as close to the 1:1 as possible. The most notable features are the rims which were modified by hand from Crager Centerlines from a '57 Nomad and re-chromed with Spaz Stix Mirror Chrome spray can paint. The pin striping is custom, printed on Testors white decal paper. More details are over in the w.i.p. Here is the 1:1. And the end result o the model. More pics to follow!
  16. This is a Project, I'm working on and on. I think, it started with the built of the latest Trans Am (MJ 2002). I saw one on ebay.com in red. It looked so incredible hot that I built my kit of Revell/Monogram the same way. Then the idea was born. One reason. The other reason is, that I own a 1988 Firebird Formula - my beast. I fulfilled a dream to have one in 2000. Sadly it is nowadays to expensive to drive such a piece of GMs history in Germany. The vehicle taxes are so high that I had to overthink if it's worth to pay ~600 Euros vehicle tax a year only for maybe 1000 km driving fun. Insurance not included. So I sadly de-registered the Pontiac 7 years ago and parked it in my garage. Nevertheless I love the car. I love it to "visit" it in the garage and let it idle from time to time. My goal is to register it again in a couple of years. In 2019 would be an option because the Pontiac turns 30 and it's a historical car by law. Vehicle tax will be less then half and insurance definitely cheaper as today Back to my little project. I wrote to build some Firebirds / Trans Ams of all generations on my to-do-list. I started to restore some kits or built some new. I'll show you here what I've reached so far. This thread isn't done already. When I'll have built another red Pontiac, I'll post it here. I'll change this group picture some day. Missing on the picture: 1983 Trans Am Each model will become it's own post in the order, I've built it. Let's start...
  17. Just for kicks I thought I'd show you my Firebird that I recently completed. After many, many years in our hot attic, I decided to resurrect it. But one of the tires had melted into the rear glass! So, what to do? I made it into a convertible, of course. Cut out the sunroof panels on the front windshield, fabricated a "trunk" and made a boot from scratch, based on some pictures I found on the world wide web. So don't throw those old kits out! Re-purpose them! Thanks for looking -John
  18. This build here is a tribute build to a car my Dad owned, a '77 Firebird Formula. He found it at small time dealer back in the late 80's, did a lot with it and has so many stories he could go on forever talking about it. He sold it just before I was born in '90 for a more "family friendly" car. Of all the cars he has owned this is the one car that if he could go back and save only one from his past it would this one. So I thought I would try to build it and surprise him with it on the morning of Dec. 25th. I'll be taking the Revel Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am and converting it over to a close a replica as my skill level will let me. Here's what it looked like, one of the many, many places he went in that car too. That's what I'm trying to match, here's what I'm starting with. First round of body work, after covering the T-tops, side vents and cutting way the wheel flaps. More pics in the next update.
  19. Hello. Have been working on this some week now,i did not make a WIP on it,i have this irrational fear Photobucket will black out my pics if i upload to much lol. Revell 1:24,it does have some fit issues but i did my best,most problematic was the front end lower part and rear spoiler. At first i wanted to make a Brewster Green original car,but i found a good 1:25 MPC resto object i will attempt to do stock. So this one got the engine,trans,brakes,suspension and wheels upgrade to be more street machine or pro touring. The body is completely stock,i like it this way,most muscle cars this era looks great only getting a little closer to the ground and some wheels,stock is sweet to. Enough bla bla. here are some pictures. Hope you like it and feedback is welcome,good or bad.
  20. Old build, fresh pics. I built this one twenty years ago, but it has held up pretty well. See all the details at the link... http://www.svensworldofwheels.com/69_pontiac_trans_am_page.html
  21. Here is my 68 FIREBIRD. "Foose" not so much. I didn't use Foose tires. Wanted to go super stock stock Elemenator type. I like it, hope you will also, its wired up, and has battery cables etc. Thanks for looking, have a great day.
  22. Working on getting a Countach engine in a 68 firebird. I put the rear wing, side air scoops, and seats into the Pontiac, which work out fairly well. Now I need to concentrate on the body and brake/fuel lines. Getting the Lamborghini radiators attached to the grill is going to be a challenge.
  23. Can anyone tell me where the other end of the heater hose (labeled in picture) goes on the engine? I'm having a difficult time finding a good photo of the back of the engine without the air cleaner on.
  24. I am having trouble finding a shot of the 68 Firebird's headliner. I want to see what the dome light looks like and where it is placed. Thanks!
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