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  1. HI everyone!🙂 this is my HASEGAWA 1/48 Aichi B7A2 "grace" It's not famous,but I realy like the shape of this airplane.. the kit is almost 25years old,however,I think it's a good kit the IJN green has always been a challenge fo me.. try to build this beauty as good as I could hope you guys like it! and here is the video build if you are interested..😊
  2. I started this one near the beginning of Covid19 lockdowns as a quicky (laugh). This was finished recently, and I've been waiting for perfect dry overcast day to photograph it. You can see the build thread Here Here are some of the things I learned along the way... 1. This was my first time using a Tamiya TS aerosol. The paint is lovely, but I did not find it as tough as others. I did not clear coat over the top, but if I had it would not have been an issue. The paint finished seemed to pick up micro scratches very easily during the final stages of the build. 2. All the extra work put into modifying the interior door trim was mostly wasted. You can barely see it and it held up progress a lot. 3. This kit has a lot of trim to add to the body. It’s extremely fiddly and drained the fun out of the build towards the end. If I were building it again, I may be tempted to build as a modded car without the trim, or actually fit the trim before paint and then apply foil afterwards. 4. Although many have had good results with embossing powder for carpet, it did not agree with me. I will be using flocking from now on. 5. The biggest hold-up with this project was figuring out how to do the front and rear window trim. They should be chrome trim and black rubber seals (like most cars of this period). I just could not figure out how to replicate this in an easy way. I could foil it and it would all be chrome, or I could paint it and it would all be black. In the end I used the kit supplied decals, which are okay, but they are silver/black not chrome/black. I’m constantly trying to learn, so your comments, criticisms and advice are welcome. Here is the end result. I hope you like it. Thanks for looking. Overall this kit is a joy. Despite the fiddly bits, things like the self-adhesive chrome badges and multi-piece tail-lights make this kit stand out. You won't be surprised to know that I have now purchased the Turbo version of this kit and it is waiting in my stash for a future build.
  3. This week I will be starting to build my Lamborghini Miura. This photo shows how it will look when its done.....hope you enjoy!
  4. hi,every one!!😄 this is my Hasegawa 1/48 P-40N .. this kit is aged,but quite easy to build. I use P.E set for landing flap and add some rivets to this warbird. the oliver darb color is much harder than I expact..😅 not perfect..but I think the result is ok... hope you like it.... and here is the video build if you are interested😄
  5. This is Hasegawa's 1:24 Honda RA272E Formula 1 kit. It represents the 1965 Mexico Grand Prix winner. It is painted in Tamiya's LP-39 Racing White. Nice little kit. Not a ton of detail but what is there went together very well. I photographed it on my normal black base and a gray base. Let me know what you think.
  6. Another stalled build from the parking lot completed. Here is some of the WIP Where I live its called a Ute so to me that is what it is. Feel free to call it what you like depending on your location. The Kit. The wheels. Usual Tamiya TS-14 Black and TS-49 Bright Red combo. Scratch built wheel tubs and modified raised bed floor. Back half rear frame scratch built. Aoshima spare parts modified driver side view mirror. Scratch built air system. Exhaust chopped and spare parts hot dog.
  7. Resurrecting a project started in January 2003, based on the very nice Hasegawa VW Microbus Type 2 kit. I had left over parts from building a Fujimi Porsche 911 Slantnose Turbo kit-bashed with the Tamiya 911 Speedster. Made it this far without taking digital pictures of the process, so the run-down of what was done: Bus: Opened all doors, front doors are suicide with doubled-acting wire hinges. Made new panels using epoxy putty, which warped the doors so need to fix that. Side doors are also double-acting wire hinges. I'm reconsidering the hinges since I have discovered fusee chain, used on the Ferrari N.A.R.T. The engine lid for the 911 grill replaces the original access, no engine detail inside. Slanted back the windshield, re-profiled the roof using epoxy putty. The spare tire cover that was inside, is now under the front. Adding the third brake light, like it was taken from a Ford Econoline van. Reason for changing the window number, added two more of the Safari windows at the back, thus 25 Window. Adding the Porsche roof should revise to a higher number, depending on what I do with the side glass. Porsche parts: Have used the headlights, turn signals in the bumper, door mirrors, dash, seats (back seat is modified with a similar cushion pattern), Fuches wheels and Pirelli tires, and engine bottom. The Speedster had 3 seats, one was laid back for under the cover, separated and hinged so it's adjustable, and Captain swivels, and can be taken out. The dash has been modified to fit, have 3 pedal arms ready for photo-etch pads. The exhaust is modified using copper wire, will redo the tips using stainless steel tubing. The shifter console has a second parking brake that is intended to lock the front wheels, for showing off with burn-outs. The roof is from the Fujimi Slantnose project, I had been debating what to do for the roof, didn't really want to do the canvas fold/sliding thing, so this will become a carbon-fiber unit similar to a Westfalia camper unit. First thing to do is fix the A-pillars and the one B-pillar that are broken, reinforced with wire (as I did for the Ferrari N.A.R.T. Spyder windshield frame). One thing that stopped me, was knowing the giant VW emblem was going to cause problems for painting, have made resin copies, will grind off, problem solved. Designing a cool looking interior cabinet along the side with an awesome sound system, I have no clue about that stuff so need to research, have speaker grills and mesh salvaged from electronic devices. The interior needs window framing, can't just stick the glass in, so that will be new pieces, thinking of covering with carbon-fiber decal, might hinge some of the side windows. The back windows have the cage protectors, the kit has decals which would look really cheesy, so will *have to* make from wire, the back seat has wire too. Needs a steering shaft/box added. Have the crazy idea to use LED lights that came in junk mail from car dealers, with fiber optic runs to lights, very ambitious and crazy. ? I have a Coke cooler to put in now. ? Since I finished three projects recently, I couldn't let the dust settle. ? Will be thinking of a nickname...... Pictures taken long ago: When I got inspired with the LED lighting idea: When I was casting RTV and resin, used up some rubber: After finishing the '69 Chevy pickup, cleaned up the bench (I know, hard to believe): The latest idea, the Westfalia camper style roof. The interior: This little monster is getting finished! ?
  8. A pair of the finest Japanese sports cars -- either one you'd love to own, but only one costs the best part of a million dollars. Both excellent-looking curbside Hasegawa kits. Tamiya spray for the bodies: Racing White and Maroon (actually chestnut brown...) They're quite hard to photograph together, since the camera likes to assume that the Toyota is white (it's actually pale cream), and exposing for both dark brown and almost white in the same image is taxing, especially in artificial light. Wheels in Zero Paints graphite grey with bright silver highlights. The tyre tread diameter is the same, but the 240Z has much smaller wheels/deeper tyres... The interiors are under way, but they are both a symphony in blacks... though the 2000GT has some rather cool rosewood veneer highlights... bestest, M.
  9. This is Hasegawa's recent re-release of their older 944 turbo kit. I didn't like the livery it came with, and I love how some Porsche cup cars often race in white lacking any sort of large livery and stay street legal with license plates. Turbo cup had numerous upgrades over stock 951 (extensive weight savings, larger turbo, updated suspension and brakes, etc) and I heard that 944 Turbo cup was also very popular in Canada and it even aired live on TV back then. Kit pros: - proportion of body is very accurate - realistic engine and suspension - photo etched seat belts included Kit cons: - sub par fit of front hood and clear window parts - trunk spoiler, emblem, and door handles are molded when so many other parts are separate - front suspension sits little too high Build detail - Tamiya white surfacer - wet sanded w/ 2000 grit - 2 mist coats and 1 wet coat of TS-26 pure white - 1 mist and 2 wet coat of TS-13 clear - wet sanded w 3000 grit, then polished with Tamiya three-stage compounds - added ignition wires, fuel rail to otherwise stock engine bay - added etched hood pins - replaced stock 4 spoke steering wheel with something more appropriate
  10. This is the Hasegawa boxing of Monogram/s 1/24 kit, with additional white metal parts by Fine Molds. First up, the body in Zero Paints Guardsman Blue, with Zero 2K clear coat. This is as she came out of the paint shop. There are a couple of minor blemishes to polish out, but other than that I don't plan on doing any more "added shininess" Here's a few of the engine in progress, to compare and contrast the original and Fine Molds parts: And this young lady will be popping in from time to time in this thread. She's a Master Box figure, from their new "Pin-Up" series: Loads more work to do on her as well, but she's very nicely sculpted... ;-P bestest, M.
  11. I thought I would share my build process of the Revell of Germany Lancia Stratos WRC kit. I am fairly certain this is a reboxed Hasegawa kit. When I searched for reviews of this kit I found one common theme; good luck getting the body over the chassis. It is true, but more on that later. This kit has been in my stash for years and to be honest I'm not sure what caused my to pull it out and build it. I guess it was the challenge of doing all of those decals! This is a box stock build. I did not want to add any aftermarket parts or do any scratch building. The model is already finished but I wanted to share with all of you what I did and what I went through to get her completed. Lets look at the kit. Here is what I started with. The decal sheet. It is a big one! Why do model companies run the attachment point right into the part?!?! This took a little bit of clean up! These are the rear fender flares. Test fitting of the rear spoiler showed that there was a sizable gap. I added and shaped a shim to close the gap. I attached the rear fender flares and rear spoiler. I cleaned up the parts. I had to add some filler to dimples on the rear spoiler.
  12. I bought this kit from ebay a while ago, it's original decals are included, but they are crackled. the kit came with a set of B*H decals for the Longhurst version, and a resin piece for the rear spoiler I've already got the paints from zero, I'm going for Camel Yellow & Zero Gloss white, i'll do the body first!
  13. This is a special build, this make of car was the first I owned and learnt to drive in. Was so happy when I seen Hasegawa release the kit and even happier when I started to build it, bought back so many fun memories of the journeys and good times I had in that car. Paint is Tamiya TS-47 chrome yellow. The yellow squares with letter L in the front and rear windows are what we call L plates, meaning Learner driver and must be displayed by law for the first six months after obtaining the Learners permit/license and must be accompanied at all times with a passenger who has a full license. Interior paint is TS-6 matt black and XF-flat black for the floor Unfortunately thats all I have is memories, as I didnt take any photos and cant remember every detail about the car. Thats why there is no number plate and havent figured out what side mirrors to use.
  14. bbowser

    Honda F1

    The last one I'll get finished this year, still have a couple on the bench. I really enjoyed building this, the engine was a little fidgety with the intake horns and drilling out the tailpipes was an adventure. The kit came with real metal springs for the rear suspension. Although it looks frail it is actually pretty rugged. I painted the rising sun as I was afraid the supplied decal wouldn't conform. All in all I'm pretty pleased with it. Honda's first F1 victory in 1965 at the Mexican GP. Comments welcome, thanks for looking.
  15. One of the new kits announced for Q4 and as part of the All Japan Hobby show is from Hasegawa, we are going to get to build the Nissan Bluebird SSS ATTESA limited (U12), due out in late Dec, no doubt we should have our first look at the kit at the hobby show in just about a months time. Pricing, direct from Japan its gonna around $25 US
  16. One of Hasegawa's new tools for 2019, and first of a few variations , its the Toyota Starlet EP71 TurboS (3dr) Late Type
  17. Submitted for your pleasure, another project I have on the bench. I’ve always loved the 956/962 so it was cool to snag this while on a business trip in upstate New York. I had originally painted it Tamiya Yellow but the coverage was poor and runny. I sanded and reshot it with Tamiya Camel Yellow. It’s better. Not perfect. Oh yellow, thou art a heartless color.
  18. Starting a few today. The bath is the first step.
  19. I built this about 20 years ago, or thereabouts. It's one of those Hasegawa kits of 1965 American cars. I picked up a couple of that series on closeout, and figured they'd make fun slammers. I also built an Impala Stock Car, even though I've never seen any that ran in NASCAR. I digress. I used some Evergreen strip and the "fogging" method to make the vinyl top. The spotlights are from the parts box. Lakes pipes are aluminum tube. I don't recall where the wheels and tires are from, other than the parts bin. I used some little, blue model RR "lights" for the Blue Dots. Clearly, I lowered the suspension. Being it's a slammer, the windows are blacked out. Anyway, I finally got around to taking some photos of it, today. It was a fun, really quick build. Any Qs and comments welcome! Thanks for looking!
  20. Hello everyone! Here is my latest finished model. Its Hasegawa BMW 2002 tii. I had bad luck with painting it, and after 2 times of stripping the paint, i started to make some patina look, and leave my show room clean and shiny plans for some other project. I used lot of detailing parts from differend aftermarket shops like Scaleproduction and High light model studio. I also made some scrach building like inner door panel for driver side has only "skeleton" left with handles. Tiger seats are hand painted with Tamiya colors. Roof rack is from Gunze Sagnyos Karmann Ghia, and i made those wooden parts from balsa wood sheet.. Model is weathered with Tamiya weathering sets, Vallejo color washes and some oil colors. besides white painted front fender, all dirty and rusty white areas are actually weathered and matt clear coated white plastic. Yellow tint in rear side window is made from Evergreen sheet. Some decals are prited by myself and rest are from decal sheets i have here and there.. Finnish licence plates are printed on photo paper with my printer. Now less talk since my english is not that good, and more photos of this BMW with thousand and one stories.. oh and feel free for comments and questions what you might have about this build.
  21. In part of the 57th All Japan Model &Hobby show coverage, here is the dedicated thread for the BMW 2002 Turbo kit, which is the follow up to the tii from Hasegawa Models, once the show starts, photos of the display model will be posted, till then. Release date is set of Oct, pricing is going to be in 2500 Yen range( $22-$26 US ), you can pre order now. First look at the it from the Hobby Show
  22. Hello friends Although the scale 1/72 does not usually work, with this model I had no choice because of lack of space thanks to its actual size. This German mortar attracted my attention when I saw it and I decided to do it. The hasegawa kit comes quite well and its size could be worth it. https://youtu.be/FKrT3_sobfY Greetings and I hope you like it
  23. Here is link to make wishes ------> https://www.hasegawausa.com/suggest-a-model.html
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