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  1. Unofficial reveal, of the Italeri (Testors) Ferrari 250 GTO Spyder. WIP: Italeri/Testors Ferrari 250 GTO Spyder The factory never built a Spyder of the famous GTO, two cars were coach built on average Ferrari chassis (is there such a thing?). I saw the convertible twice, once in my town when the Copperstate Rally parked downtown, and at a Monterrey Historics. This is not an exact replica, added some features such as the roll bar. I will take better pictures when the weather cooperates.
  2. Because a Facebook group is having a Ferrari theme group build, it lit the fuse to get this done. I've only been wanting to build this 250 GTO Spyder for about 18 years. The pictures I took were in Prescott at a Cooper State rally, and the Monterey Historics 1994 when Ferrari was featured. There isn't much on the web about this particular car. It's not a real GTO for starters. This kit was chosen just because it was a bagged kit (no box), found at a model show. I have 3 other brand kits still in the stash, so I could build a real authentic model, someday. I had decided to build it this
  3. After building a few nearly box-stock Tamiya kits to remember how its done, hone some techniques, and feel the airbrush again, I decided it was time to do another serious, all-out, old-school, superdetail project. Long time ago I have purchased an Airtrax transkit to build a car that I consider one of the most beautiful Ferraris of the late 60’s – the gorgeous 330 GTC. The Beauty Traditional 2-seater coupe 330 GTC (Gran Turismo Coupe) was unveiled at 1966 Geneva autoshow as an additional model to the Ferrari lineup and sloted between 275 GTB (on which chassis it is built) and m
  4. Hello, mates! It's been a while since my last post, sorry for that. So I'm glad to introduce you the model I finished just on 31 of December, 2015. By the way, this is the first big rig I was building I took an Italeri kit and carried on a little conversion. The cab was given a rear wall as I wanted it as a daycab. The bed is made from styrene sheets and profiles, the boards were cut from balsa wood sheet. I also made straight exhaust pipes from styrene rod and added mounting brakets made from wire and square profile. The truck has got some aftermarket parts - super-single front tires, s
  5. Ingredients : 1 Italeri Ferrari 250 GT SWB 1 R&MCoM 250 GT engine kit 1 set of Dunlop tires, provenance unknown 1 sheet of VRM decals 1-2 dashes of Hiro photo etch 1-2 dashes of Gunze Ferrari 250 GT SWB 2 table spoons of Mr. Surfacer 3 table spoons of Zero Rob Walker Racing dark blue 4 table spoons of Zero Clearcoat Lacquer 1 teaspoon of Mr Color Super Metallic Super Fine Silver Various paints and bits and materials from the larder to taste Preparation time : For the engine : 30 days For the body : 300 days
  6. After years of sitting in its box I have finally finished my 1/16 Italeri Mercedes 300SL convertible (also known as a cabrioblet) Colour is a pearlized ink by Liqui Acrylic currently sold by Hobby Lobby. Colour is called Sun Up blue and i add a small amount of Tamiya clear blue to bring out the colour more. The trunk had some sand through during polishing and had to be resprayed recently. Matching the colour again after 12yrs proved a little problematic. Which is probably why is sat so long. Once past that problem the kit went together well and the chassis was surprisingly detailed. (se phot
  7. Another one in the done column. Great kit, everything fit nice, easy build. Colors are testors diamond dust silver, revving red and the frame is mythical maroon. I did use aftermarket mud flaps, service lines and deck plate. Thanks for looking.
  8. Well, I think this is next up on the bench during my ‘out of work due to Covid ‘ build spree. I’m thinking testors reving red with silver fenders ( subject to change, lol)
  9. WIP: Italeri - Ferrari 275 GTS (Spyder N.A.R.T.) Started October 1, 2019, finished March 11 after over 186 hours. A decent kit to begin with, other than truck tires which ended up on my '69 Chevy pickup. ? Opened the doors and trunk, painted with nail 'polish', many scratch-built parts added. Not an exact replica of the Thomas Crown Affair car which had the alloy wheels. Woman is a Shapeways product. Diorama is California Pit Stop, the California Spyder is the focus of that project, but have been utilizing for a studio.
  10. Ferrari 275 GTS by Italeri, labeled as the Spyder N.A.R.T. I got this years ago at a local r/c hobby shop that didn't last long, for about $15, I didn't have to think twice about it. Even though I have three WIP started last century, this has been staring at me from the stash. It has got to be the sexiest Ferrari, close second is the 250 GTO which was vying for my attention. My plan is to improve a few things, not go overboard (famous last words). First to go are the horrid truck tires, have a decent set from the horrid Aoshima VW Beetle kit that fit the nice wire wheels, are lower p
  11. Hi folks, I would like to show you this one which I finished around 1 year ago. So right about that, Dann! The reason why I chose the Italeri over the Fujimi is... I don't know! In fact, I like the body shape of the Italeri a bit more, it's a bit wider in the front area, maybe more massive. The Fujimi probably is more true to scale, but I don't know. Anyways, I had bought the Italeri second-hand (some of the body parts were glued but that was all) so it was available. I have the Fujimi Anniversary Countach kit too, but only the non-EM kit without the engine. As I wanted to do one
  12. Hey everyone!, this is my Italeri Ferrari California Spyder. A lot of people don't like Italeri, or Testors-Italeri, but apart from slightly brittle plastic, and a million ejection pin marks, they have some great details and textures! I would build one any day over an AMT, REVELL, Monogram, or Lindberg! Its fully detailed, and has Fujimi wheels n tyres, and seats from my spares bin. The carbs are SB from many bits of styrene.
  13. Hello friends, after many hours of work, the model has been finished. Greetings and I hope you like it
  14. Bought this kit and looked up some videos on youtube for this kit. Saw a guy who made seatbelts,so I would give it a shot also. First time ever..not the easiest task
  15. Hello friends, we continue to assemble the model, the engine is finished, the interior of the cabin is made and the decals are placed. You start painting exterior panels with Zero-paint. https://youtu.be/RpOTJsws1js Greetings and I hope you like it
  16. Hello friends, we continue to assemble the model, some parts are painted with primer and then painted with chrome. It is my first truck model that I make of the Italeri brand, I have some problems with the assembly of parts. https://youtu.be/Agy-HIo_LmU If you have not seen the previous parts here I leave the link: Part 1: https://youtu.be/gqYZcCjLrag Part 2: https://youtu.be/QnfScLW7fXE Greetings and I hope you like it
  17. Hello friends, we continue to assemble the model, the steering system has been modified so that the wheels could turn as in reality. Pieces of the cabin are prepared to be painted. The assembly is slowing down due to lack of information in the part painting scheme. https://youtu.be/QnfScLW7fXE If you have not seen the first part here I leave the link: https://youtu.be/gqYZcCjLrag Greetings and I hope you like it
  18. Hello friends, here begins the assembly of my first truck. It's a Scania R730 V8 Streamline "Team Chimera", from the moment I saw it I liked it and I decided to buy it. It is from the Italeri brand at 1/24 scale and it seems that it comes very well detailed with a lot of decals. https://youtu.be/gqYZcCjLrag Greetings and I hope you like it
  19. http://www.scalemodelnews.com/2017/11/funky-music-announces-112-scale-fiat.html
  20. Hello friends Here I bring you this heavy car fighter from the German Wehrmacht. The model is from the Italeri brand at 1/35 scale, painted with camouflage and with a figure. https://youtu.be/52lo5oJrVUc Greetings and I hope you like it
  21. Finaly wrapped this one up. It's the old Italeri kit # 735. I got it for a steal on Ebay a few years ago, and started it late winter. Built it box stock with no additional detailing. Turned out okay. I have to say, I'm not a fan of multi piece bodies! And I found some of the details really fiddly and tricky. Like the rear cab fairing supports. Those were a bugger to get right! And some of the engine details didn't fit quite right. Like the air cleaner assembly. Using the stock holes and slots in the frame wouldn't have worked, as the front inner fender, air cleaner, and intake pipe to the turb
  22. Well this kit has been an incredibly long WIP. I bought this kit back in the mid-90s when I was still working for Porsche. It was to be one of the kits that got me back into building. So I started it, then promptly stopped working on it. For whatever reason. And now I'm going to finish it. Back when it was new, I decided purple was the colour of choice. And I decided to spray that right onto the body, no prep, no primer, big mistake. So now I've done the purple bath, properly prepped the body, primed it using Tamiya white primer, then sprayed Tamiya Gun Metal. Needs some polishing, but I like
  23. This is the beginning of the Range Rover that won the 1981 Paris-Dakar Rally. Kit Review here. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/118121-italeri-range-rover-rally/#comment-1711587 No engine, but some interior detail. I have never tried weathering a kit, so this may be a candidate for my first try. The rear was solid, but I cut out the window and tailgate. The mesh above is some I had lying around, the mesh below is from the kit, as well as the two included fire extinguishers. Auxiliary fuel tank and aftermarket tubing Basic detail on the chassis Added seatbelts. Rollcage is sta
  24. So, it's been a while since the last post, here is one I have finished not long ago. Freightliner FLC with some mild changes from the box, decals from Modeltruckin', photo etch parts like nameplates, flap weights, chicken lights and supports from KFS, drive tires from Auslowe, exhaust stand pipes from the Australian Western Star and sleeper from the FLD kit. The wheels of the Moebius trailer swtched to bigger Italeri rims and tires to better match the truck. most decals on the trailer also from Jerry Reeter. Spread axle with scratch built tool boxes, same flap weights as the freight. Color is
  25. Starting a new project. A Opel Blitz TLF 3.6T Firetruck from a Italeri 1:24 scale kit. More on my blog (spanish text only, sorry): http://www.angelnoes.es/2016/03/opel-blitz-tlf-36-motor-italeri-124.html
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