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  1. Hi all, I was inspired by the thread in the “general automotive” section of this forum. Kurt W. has a thread about sacrilege and blasphemy to Mercedes Benz cars that might offend purists. Here’s mine! This is a about a 10-12 year old build. I started with the Tamiya Mercedes 500sl kit. The chassis is a modified Monogram pro stock Camaro piece. The motor is the 492 Ford from the Tbird pro stock kits. The Mercedes interior was modified to fit the chassis, motor is wired and plumbed, posable steering. Wheels and tires from the Hays Tbird kit, parts box blower and manifold. Sorry, don’t remember all the details of the build. I do remember that I test fit for the entire build, and somehow in final assembly the front end is about 2 scale inches higher than I wanted. I think it’s a front windshield issue, but I left it alone... Hope you enjoy it Cheers, Steve I wish I polished my paint jobs back then....
  2. ICM [Mercedes ? don't tip off Daimler Benz lawyers] G4 (1939 production) 1/24 scale is a nice looking kit. I have always been fascinated by this car, when I built Bandai 1/48 Africa Korps as a teen, wished there was a kit. Then Hasegawa came out with the 1/72 kit. Years later this company in Ukraine came out with the 1/35 kits, several versions which are just top up or down. What I find interesting, there are more parts on the smaller scale, such as separate frame and fenders, the big scale are molded together. There is photo-etch for the 1/35, not for the 1/24, I just want a star! Hasegawa, with modifications: ICM 1/35: This rendering is sort of what I'm thinking of, not the whitewalls: This AMG G63 is sort of what I'm aiming for: Measuring the roof from the Heller 170V sedan compared to the G4 body. Used a proportional divider to draw to the same scale as the awesome instructions. Been wanting to use these Fireball Modelworks LED light bars and farm jack on something, just because they are cool. Found out about this book here on the forum. Also got Hobby Design turbos. Have nice diamond plate, a Mauser, jerry cans, should be good enough to start. Have changed my mind on the design, will go for the pickup. The off road performance was not great, since the front axle was not driven. Was thinking of imagineering a transfer case (using left over Celica part) and front axle (have a parts box differential and half shafts) with a modern independent suspension, with rack & pinion steering. Will jack up a little, not go Bigfoot crazy, the tires are awesome so not going to change. Rally style mud flaps are a must. Paint color is undecided, but it's obvious what my first choice is, and this time gloss coat for sure. The roof will require sectioning like crazy, body shouldn't be hard to stretch and make into an El Camino (just kidding), will *have to* make a working tailgate. Bumpers will be shaped like a Jadgepanzer, with diamond plate on top, winch on the front might be cool. The 1937-39 production had slightly fatter fenders, thinking of modifying. I have not seen one of these kits built, now that I posted, some will probably come out of the woodwork. ? custom = Benutzerdefiniert kick butt = Hintern treten hunting = Jadg shredder = Aktenvernichter terrain vehicle = Geländewagen sedan = Limousine
  3. Mercedes Benz 1937 W125 Surprise! Welly has released a 1937 W125 in 1/24 scale and it is cheap. It popped up on the Bay and I quickly ordered one not because it fits in my collection but because I want Welly to see there is interest in this pre-WW II racing Mercedes. I am still in disbelief! Reference and photos: https://www.supercars.net/blog/1937-mercedes-benz-w125
  4. Here’s my first build of 2022, a Mercedes G-Wagen. This is from the latest 2019 release by Italeri, but it’s the same old ESCI kit from the ‘80s. The box art doesn’t show the rear end of the truck, but this issue has the molded-in rear D pillar strobes from the Fire Brigade version, and barn doors instead of the single hatch. All of the parts are molded in black plastic, except for the body which is molded in white. I painted this kit in all Krylon, with “Brown Boots” satin brown over black primer for the body and cleared, with two coats of Pledge Floor Gloss on top of that. Interior is “Summer Wheat” matte and black primer. Wheels are Tamiya gloss aluminum, lightly sprayed over the bare black plastic. This kit builds up very nicely, similar in fit and construction to Japanese kits of the era. But unlike those Japanese kits, this one has some flash to deal with. Overall not bad, and is a fairly quick build with nice details. The decals are especially nice in this issue. I’m happy with how this one turned out!
  5. Years ago I purchased a Protar Mercedes W196 kit. And years ago, I attempted to begin it. A little work was done in 2012, and it wasn't until 2014 that I finished it. It was, by far, one of my least favorite builds. It would take a lot of patience, aftermarket, and scratchbuilt parts to make it special. Attached are photos of the results...
  6. I'm back...... My dad restored a real one about 50 years ago, when I was a brat. I sort of recall a drive from Flagstaff to our home at Grand Canyon (he was a park Ranger), riding in the rumble seat. I'm giving this to my mom for Christmas, but I'm sure she will let me enter it in contests. It started as a Heller 170V Berline 1:24 scale kit, that I got by mail prior to 1995, when I sketched what I needed to do. I chopped off the roof and used Corian (kitchen countertop) to fabricate the rear part, including the rumble seat. The windshield is also scratch-built, and folds down. The back seat was modified into the front seat. The steering wheel was incorrect 3 spokes. I turned the spare tire cover out of Corian, using a drill press and wood chisel. I cut up about 80% of the interior door panels for various body parts. The engine and chassis are almost box stock, *had to* use real coil springs on the rear suspension. I used Alclad "chrome" paint, and aluminum tape; Testors custom mix of metallic blue, and 'aluminum' (looks much better than so-called 'German Silver' which looked like steel). I made body mounts and grill mount, to screw together. I even carved his hat that I have, that's older than me. The diorama is another story.
  7. 1/24th Paul's Model Art - Mercedes 300SLR at tragic1955 Le Mans
  8. Going thru some photos & came across these. I don't think I've posted them before. Built more than 30yrs ago...
  9. Tamiya Mercedes AMG GT3 in metallic green
  10. Here is My Fujimi Mercedes 500SL Koenig. It was a pretty fun kit to build, but the interior lacked a TON of detail, which i had to fix.
  11. Hey, everyone!, i'm trying to see if I can get this VERY basic kit done in one month. I started it on March 1st, and I think I may be able to do it! My hardest challenge was to NOT fix everything, but pick and choose what I NEEDED to do. The interior tub was an embarracement. As you can see, all the white bits, are the things I needed to SB. The interior doors weren't even scribed!!!
  12. Does any body know where 1/24 scale1980s Mercedes AMG Hammer wheels can be found as in the Roadhouse movie 560 Mercedes car?
  13. I’m happy with the way this turned out. It was a very nice build, as almost all Tamiya kits are. My only complaint would be the spoiler has a little off kilter to it, but hardly noticeable with my eyesight. The Studio27 decals were very easy to work with.
  14. Starting a few today. The bath is the first step.
  15. Anybody have experience with this kit, or previous(?) variants?:
  16. Well, I finally wrapped this up. I opted to not apply the tire decals due to fat-finger difficulties (I messed up). I also got two more Mercedes kits this week, both from Japan.
  17. I’m in the process of fitting a bumper on a frustrating Revell AMG GT so while it’s clamped and drying I thought I’d start prepping the next project. I acquired these from my wife for my birthday last year and decided to build them in parallel since they are the different generations of the same car. They just came out of the soap bath and have been dried with the garage compressor. Let the fun begin.
  18. Finished up the 1994 DTM car. I don’t care for how the decals turned out the full sheets of the D2 wrap wrinkled. Given that they’re 24 years old, I’m glad they were as good as they are.
  19. Completed a diorama display of the Mercedes 170V Roadster that I finished last December. It was fun to make the Pinon tree and rockwork. Added some wildlife, a Kaibab Squirrel, Steller's Jay and a Raven. I do wish a limb on the tree was longer, but I would never finish it. LOL
  20. So after 3 weeks of not doing any model work, ive decided to get right back at it. Starting with this SLR Mclaren box, even though i already had a ACR viper and XJ220 that i was working on but okay. Its going to be an OOB build. No aftermarket parts necessary Color will be a metallic blue from Tamiya (TS-19) with a red interior Not sure to pre-assemble the body for paint or not yet, time will tell i guess. Here it is in its current state:
  21. This Fujimi kit, built to look old and ratty. Modification were, changing wheels and tyres, lowering and exhaust tip. Rims were made using old Esci G-class centers and Pegasus aluminium rings and tyres.
  22. Hi everyone. My nickname is Joca and I'm of Brazil. This is my first post here, hope you enjoy the photos. Any comments and suggestions are welcome. This kit was a 1/25 Jo-han gluebomb. I disassembled all the parts I could with some brokens in the way. Decided to give a new personality for this classic I have started cutting the fenders and channeling the body. My first attempt to do that. Don't have much time to dedicate to the hobby this will be a very slow work. Thank you for your time and attention. Best regards.
  23. I owned a 1969 Mercedes 280S sedan with the Bosch headlights when I lived in Venezuela many years ago. I loved that car, but it got stolen from a repair shop. >:-( I'd like to build one in 1:24/1:25 or get a die cast and repaint it if it isn't the right color combo; but did anyone ever produce one? It was like this one, but had the buff colored interior...
  24. Starting a new one. Something a little different. Old school Mercedes G-Wagen from ESCI. I really like these old ESCI kits for some reason. Unfortunately the EBay pricing is insane on most of these. But every now and then, you can find them for a steal. Which is what happened with this a couple of years ago! The kit itself was factory sealed. Upon opening, everything was there, as expected. The brown plastic seems to be a little more brittle than the black, as quite a few of the brown pieces had come off the sprues. No damage though. no warping or damage to the body or any other pieces. Decals haven't even yellowed yet, so we'll see how they work out.
  25. Anyone built this one? Typical Lindberg detail for the era I'm guessing?
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