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Found 11 results

  1. An older quick build that I did probably 15 or more years ago... Revell's Porsche Boxter snapper, dressed up with the big Torque Thrust style wheels from the Revell '63 Vette roadster, and painted with HOK Cinnamon lacquer froml Black Gold...
  2. "There's no wrong way to build one," is the term most often associated with these because they were individually built by resourceful people according to need and parts availability. But before starting you have to pre-imagine the need and era; barnyard helper or field plow, 20's or 50's, cared for or trashed. Fortunately, there are several currently or recently available Model T kits, especially when they come in 2-in-1 kits. I pulled this one from my stash because it offers some extra farm based parts.
  3. This is a Tamiya 1966 Volkswagen Beetle that I have modified the rims, and tires and added a 3D printed speaker box in the back.
  4. Another die-cast from the "Alfa Romeo Centenary Collection" the Alfa Giulia TZ (later renamed TZ 1 - after the TZ 2 came out) - made by IXO. What if... Scuderia Filipinetti (Swiss racing team from 1962 - 1973) had bought a TZ in 1963 and had taken part in the 1963 Tour de France de l'Automobile? It probably would have looked like this: red with their typical white stripe, additional Marchal lights and a fine steel tube for the exhaust were added, the race numbers came from the winning Ferrari 250 GTO (Colorado decals), Filipinetti decals from my spares. Here it is race-ready (fictitious):
  5. Burago made the models for the "Le Grandi Ferrari" series - among them a 1961 SWB, painted dark mtallic blue, mislabelled as a 1959. For a short time they had it also in their normal range - in red. It was turned into 2845 GT, the 3rd place car in the 1961 Tour de France d'Automobile, driven by Maurice Trintignant - a logical choice: right color and driven with its bumpers front and rear : it looked very toylike, so I replaced the clumsy windshield wipers, spraypainted the chrome wheels and fuel filler cap silver and applied decals from Patto's Place and my spares (partially reworked). The interior was cpmpletely repainted. This car was the only one sporting 2 ventilation flaps in the front fenders, in front of the doors. I tried to rescribe these and marked them with a black pen.
  6. First there was a cheap die-cast... Then it donated its bumpers to the 300 SL Roadster which had its own missing.... As the model has some issues (upper edge of the side windows is wrong, front valance panel should be much more rounded), it was decided to turn it into some kind of South American road racer: a bug deflector was mounted, as were 2 additional headlights - decals come from several sources: Fred Cady and other spares from my parts box - the Guatemala scripts were cut off Tom Tanner's fantastic Alfa Romeo 1900 Carrera Panamericana decal sheet. The side louvres and wheels got a black wash (unfortunately the hubcaps cannot be removed without destroying the wheels). Now it was race-ready - here are photos from before the start ... ... and finally what it looked like after crossing the finish line: This one needs urgently a wash !
  7. So, I lurk here... a lot. I've been busy creating CAD files over the past year to create this 1/10th scale lakes modified roadster. You might ask why 1/10th scale...well, the math to scale is really easy. Take a 1:1 measurement and divide by 10...WAY easier than figuring 1/8 scale...LOL. Anyway, I know to finish the parts would take a ton of sanding, but the idea is just to create an "art" style piece, embracing the bobbles resulting from printing. Think pixel art... the dots make the overall picture. I've had fun creating it so far... I'm working on the suspension parts now and a "full race" 4 banger is in the works. I welcome feedback! And if PLA in a STYRENE forum is wrong, let me know. Whatcha think???
  8. Hi all, Here is my completed build of the Revell Bronco. The body is painted with craft acrylic paint. Scratch-built parts include the front and rear bumper, 2 inch body lift, roof rack and tie downs. The interior is finished up with brown flocking, 5 point racing harnesses for the front seats and under dash gauges from Pro Tech. The rear seatbelt hardware is from Model Masters. I used the kit engine block and transmission, but replaced the intake and valve cover with the EFI set up from the 5.0 engine in the Revell 32 5 window coupe kit. All of the wiring, and pluming and flex fan are parts from Pro Tech. The wheels and tires are from the Revell Jeep Rubicon kit. The fender flares are from Fireball Model Works. Also, I added aluminum tubing for the exhaust tips. Thanks for looking.
  9. Build this " what if " modified of Wendell Scott some time ago. Thanks for looking! Michael It looks quite better on a piece of a dirttrack...
  10. Hello Experts, amateurs, novices and you! I need help and guidance for my next build. The finished car will be a Pro-Stock 1980 Dodge Omni like the one pictured below. I know that I will need at least 2 models to complete it correctly. The stock Omni 1979 1/25 scale should suffice as the sidewinder model has fender flares and some ungodly looking front lower valance. The second model is where I need some guidance as it will be used to marry the body on that frame. I have looked at a few pro-stock model kits, but haven't found the right one that would fit the easiest without paying through the nose for a Landry model. As you know, the wheel wells of the pro-stock kit need to match the body of the stock Omni, length and width wise without too much customizing. If anyone knows those measurements or knows of a pro-stock model, that would be great. Also, is a 1/25 scale close enough to a 1/24 scale? My plan is to build the pro-stock without the body and then get the Omni body on there as close as possible. It is a personal build and not for show. Below are some of the parts that I will need to make it close to correct and "hopefully" come in a pro-stock kit already. Engine: Dodge Hemi 426/500+ HP with tunnel ram and dual 1350 Dominator carbs. Dual plug and dual distributor Wheels and tires: Centerline (or alike) Goodyear or Firestone racing slicks with skinnies up front I truly appreciate anyone's help on this project.
  11. A couple of pics of a heavily modified pre-war Lionel 225E 2-6-2 into a Pacific 4-6-2 based on the Canadian Pacific #2317. The tender is scratch built with modified Lionel trucks.
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