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Found 13 results

  1. Is it real or model? I have the answer but will let you all guess for a while.
  2. The murder nova is one of my previous builds. I also have the crow in the works.
  3. Hello, It is finally done! This is an important project for me, as this is the first complex model I finish since early 2009! The 54th Rolex 24 Hours Race at Daytona was held on January 28–31 2016. One of the most popular classes in IMSA is the GTLM, where factory teams throw it all for bragging rights. Corvettes, Porsches, Ferraris, BMWs and Ford GTs started the race hoping to win. That year, after 23 hours and 45 minutes, the 2 Corvettes were up front leading in class when they were told on the radio: "You are OK to Race! Keep it clean, No Risks", setting the stage
  4. Treated myself to a new kit yesterday as a re-entry into modeling. I was very active for many years, but my eyesight was deteriorating and it made modeling difficult. This summer I had surgery to correct my "young-person's cataracts" and viola! I can see again. Dick Mann was quite a character and I got to meet him a few times as he was friends with my parents. He ran this bike as a privateer without much factory support. This kit is a bit odd as it is in 1:8 scale which I never worked with before. I am building it box stock, although I will be painting parts different colors than directed beca
  5. This years theme...Inline engines I combined two inline 6's from a couple '60 Chev Apaches and installed it into a bash of Corvettes.. A '96 Grand Sport, and a '98 Indy Pace Car Added Milliput flares, and computerized the interior,..hehehe, Rad got mounted under the rear gas tank,.. Gave it a digital camo paint job, license plate from a bag of red peppers.. Fun build and just in time for the start this Saturday 11:59 pm Come on down to Community Builds to vote. Cheers
  6. just an update on this mustang build. it should be done soon
  7. Hello. I have been searching the Internet in need of some advice for converting racing model kits into a stock version of the car, since some models come only as "rally" or "DTM" versions and I prefer much more the original one. In this case I have bought the 1/24 Tamiya Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti "Jagermeister", which has racing (wider) fenders and side skirts I need to get rid of. The interior comes with rollbar, a simple dashboard and the two bucket seats; I guess there will be quite a lot of work to do there, but not as much as the exterior. The idea is to make a slightly tuned berlina. As I sa
  8. The epitome of classic racing: lightweight E-type in hot pursuit of Aston Martin DP214 "project car" Lola T70 starts heading downhill I think we know the outcome of this challenge, but you can't fault the style You don't see many of these around -- lightweight Morgan Plus 4 SLR March 712 The racing line... I think we know where those Capris are going! Whereas these guys are playing "follow the leader"... BTCC nostalgia turned up to 11... bestest, M.
  9. This is the Tamiya 1/24 scale kit of the Nissan R390 GT1 Le Mans car, and the body shell was spray-painted with Tamiya Metallic Blue over a base of Silver Leaf. Paint was polished up with MicroMesh 3200 grit thru 12000 grit, then rubbed up with Meguiar's Scratch-X. Mesh was added for vents and grills, and kit decals were used, as well as a few sponsor decals from Scale Motorsport. A lot of stuff added to the engine bay - thermostats were added to the radiators and exhaust system, hand-made shielded cable, fuel line, transmission fluid box, and tail light wiring from Model Factory Hiro, &
  10. Hey fellas - Bob here. I'm a Gulf War veteran and an avid modeler for about 25 years now. My main interest is motorsports...drag racing, endurance racing, F1, oval track and sprint -- if it's competition, I love it. I do stray to other subjects, but not often. I stay pretty focused.
  11. Photo attached of 2014 Ford and GM saloons. I made the vac formed bodyshells and decals and fitted them to extended Magracing chassis. The oval track is now finished and I will post pics if ok. The cars are not intended to be 100% accurate models. They are for serious racing.
  12. Just a few : http://auto.howstuffworks.com/under-the-hood/trends-innovations/top-10-car-tech-from-racing.htm
  13. Here is a link for the Reher-Morrison engine building program, Niceclose up reference pic;s for Stock, SS, Pro Stock engines, This is for the Newer engine's like the last 5 yrs or so, Thy also have a older site of racing engines ,Check it out,, http://rehermorrison.com/product-category/engines/big-block/
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