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  1. Came across this on eBay and thought it looked cool. Paid a lot for it, but it's worth it. The kit says it's a 1:24th scale, but it's a 1:25th scale. There's also extra parts to make the S500 and 600 versions. The kit isn't too bad, but it has some flaws. Like a lot of models there's not much room for the windshield to be glued in. There's also a major fit issue with the dash. If you follow the directions, there's a huge gap between the dash and the windshield/firewall area. I could fit another dash and a half in that gap. I had to rework the model some to make it look right. I was a
  2. This is a car that I had my eye on 18 years ago. I bought Revell's 32 Ford Highboy kit and wanted to build a replica. Life happens and it was mothballed ...... until now !! I have these flame decals from a Revell '37 Ford Coupe kit that I was thinking of using, either that, or I stencil my own flames on there ? TCB, Adam
  3. Hey all, The ideas have been in my head for a while, so I was glad when I finally made some time last night to get started on a few projects. The first project is the '29 Ford Roadster I'm building for the Mid-Atlantic NNL theme, The Race of Gentlemen. I'll be building it from the AMT Mod Rod / Model A '29 Ford kit. As I've been learning more about Model A's and looking through photos of them online I came across a variation I had not seen before, where the fenders and running board are removed, but the skirt (not sure of the actual name) is left intact as in the photo bel
  4. Completed a diorama display of the Mercedes 170V Roadster that I finished last December. It was fun to make the Pinon tree and rockwork. Added some wildlife, a Kaibab Squirrel, Steller's Jay and a Raven. I do wish a limb on the tree was longer, but I would never finish it. LOL
  5. This is a 1:25 Revell Monogram kit of a '67 Corvette 427 Roadster. This is one of many kits generously given to me by a friend from work. It turned out almost exactly as I imagined it. The only differences were the omission of the white hood stripe and the redline tires. The decals were really old and had been stored in a garage with poor air conditions. Some of the decals disintegrated in water. I found a product online, a brush-on film for preserving old decals I can use on future models. Most of the parts under the hood and in the interior have a color scheme based on Corvette part p
  6. I'm back...... My dad restored a real one about 50 years ago, when I was a brat. I sort of recall a drive from Flagstaff to our home at Grand Canyon (he was a park Ranger), riding in the rumble seat. I'm giving this to my mom for Christmas, but I'm sure she will let me enter it in contests. It started as a Heller 170V Berline 1:24 scale kit, that I got by mail prior to 1995, when I sketched what I needed to do. I chopped off the roof and used Corian (kitchen countertop) to fabricate the rear part, including the rumble seat. The windshield is also scratch-built, and folds down. The bac
  7. Just completed this one recently (it may get some light weathering in future, though. We'll see...). This is a project that was started in 2013, sat in the box for years, and then sat partially assembled for over a year before I decided to make a few changes and finish it up. Some notes: -AMT 29 roadster, AMT '34 Ford flathead with aluminum intake stacks and scratchbuilt wire looms. Headers modified from Revell '32 Tudor kit, AMT '34 Ford wire wheels on Johan Mercedes 500k tires out back, and Revell '31 Woody wire wheels/tires in front. Firewall was modified with extra flanges to look more lik
  8. Hey guys, here are a few progress shots from my current build. It's a 29 Ford roadster pickup "Gow Job". A stripped down, hopped up, pre war hot rod before they were called hot rods. Something a kid in the mid thirties would take to the dry lakes. This is a quick little build I am doing for a YouTube community build project for Ford Truck Month. The body and bed are AMT. The rest is from the Revell 31 Woody. I scratch built the firewall, inner doors and a few engine details. Trying to keep this one simple and fun. I'll post more pics as I move along. You can also follow the progress on my YouT
  9. Found this kit to be real fun to build. I made a few changes to bring out the 50's feel such as, the spinner caps mounted on wide whitewall tires and a duece grill. I also added some parts box taillights and wired the motor..
  10. I was inspired when I got this new kit and started to look for some possible famous first Gen Broncos. I remembered that Mr. Kimble from Green Acres had a '66 Bronco Roadster. So my search went on for reference pics. I saw the other reviews so far and agree with the wheels are too small. I don't mind the tires, the rim size really is a bummer. I also agree with the sides being too flat / straight. I have attached some of my references. Mr. Kimble's Bronco Roadster with street tires. Note the turn signals Note the front fender badges. Note the top of the tailgate.
  11. Hello Back after some time. Finally could finish and make some photos of my last "creature" ... a Ford Raodster De Luxe from 1936. Scratchbuilt in Balsa, some plywood for stiffening the structure and make steering reliable. Can open doors and rumble seat ... Finishing: natural, scale 1:20 (length around 18 cm/7.1 inches). Hope you like it
  12. I used my 40% off coupon at two locations in the north Phoenix area, got one at each location. I haven't seen them at Michaels yet or I would have gotten them for 50% off.
  13. Well, I guess tonight I have some time, so it is catch-up time on a few things I have done over the past 18 months or so. As most of you agree, the venerable Revell / Monogram 427 Cobra kit is hard to beat. I have built many and I know if I live long enough, I will build many more. This car epitomizes raw unbridled power....what a thrill it must have been to drive one on the track in anger.....wind in your face, bugs in your teeth and huge amounts of power under your right foot. Sports Car road racing at its peak in the later 1960's. As much as I love the kit, I grow b
  14. Hey guy's. This kit is from Aoshima. It's the Vary garage demo car. It's pretty box stock except for the wheels which are resin TE37V's. Added some carbon fiber to the rear diffuser and some interior details. The color is bright aqua pearl.
  15. Hey all, so glad to be back here on the forums. Man, I missed them. It isn't much yet, here's my work in progress: A '32 Ford Roadster from an older, sealed 1980's AMT kit I bought for $10 at the Mid-Atlantic NNL in May. I've ditched the fenders and running boards and will channel the body over the rails. I'm going to try to use the kit wire spoke wheels if I can clean them up really well. I ditched the kit tires as well and they've been replaced with the thin stripe Firestones from the AMT Custom & Competition tire set. As you can see, this worked perfectly becaus
  16. Here is a project I have been working on for awhile. I am trying to finish it soon for our clubs big contest coming up. I actually was inspired to build this from a song. The idea here is what if a guy took a 32 Ford roadster and decided to build it to go drifting in. I even have a resin Japanese girl to stand next to it when it's finished.
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