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Found 15 results

  1. Every so often , I hear the rumbllings of a proposed-but-then-cancelled 1968 Coronet R/T (or was it a Super Bee ?) that was slated for ca.2004 release under the AMT (et al.) banner . My question is , were any test shots released ?
  2. Hello everyone Not sure where to post this; I want to pitch a concept to Round2; not sure how to go about setting things into motion. Basically, what if MPC's 80s kits just kept on going? Cool names (Dirt Devil, Sod Buster, Evil Spirit, Class Act, Night Moves, etc.), with awesome stylized logos, wicked colours, eye-searing box art, and insane decals. I want to call it the "Forever 80s" collection, and reissue some of MPC's (and possibly AMT's) best-loved kits, with new names, new logos, new box art, new colour schemes, and new decals, as though they came from that same era. It would be a sensational hit, and we could probably get it going right here on the forum. Thoughts? Kindest regards, Stef
  3. I was browsing Round2's website and stumbled across this http://round2models.com/models/mpc/dodge-dart. I'm pretty excited about it, maybe they will reissue more 70's cars since there doing this one and the Pacer X (I also I'm really excited about this one).
  4. I spotted this in the new truck kits thread and zoomed in; take a close look: Sorry if this has been mentioned before. There certainly could be some interesting decal possibilities for new issues.
  5. Here are a few car kits announced for a 2019 release: AMT 1138 -- 1/25 1969 Chevy Chevelle Hardtop AMT PP21 -- 1/25 Custom Caps & Wheels Parts Pack (4 each) MPC 906 -- 1/25 Ridge Runner (Pinto) Modified Race Car MPC 911 -- 1/25 1969 Pontiac Firebird Convertible Polar Lights 960 -- 1/24 Coca-Cola VW Beetle (Snap) Polar Lights 965 -- 1/25 Classic 1966 Batmobile (Snap) AMT 1151 -- 1/25 Dyno Don Nicholson's Mercury Cyclone Eliminator II Funny Car
  6. Here are a few newly announced 2019 kits from AMT and MPC: AMT 1139 -- 1/25 Ford C-600 Hostess Delivery Truck AMT 1140 -- 1/25 GMC Astro Semi Tractor Cab (fingers crossed the turbine engine insert has been found) MPC 882 -- Godzilla Army Jeep MPC 901 -- 1978 Dodge D-100 Custom Pickup Truck
  7. With the overwhelming excitement surrounding the restored / retooled 1978 D-100 Sweptside -- in 2WD livery ! --which is ostensibly a runaway success , I started thinking "How about the 'Roundbody' C/K series Chevy Pickup ? Would Round2 find it in their hearts and resources to restore the Fall Guy , et al. , to its former glory as a 2WD of 1978 vintage ? " Much like the coveted D100 Sweptside , the C.10 could , in theory , be a 'modified reissue' : 1978 front clip with the Fleetside bed of the Fall Guy , et al. , pickup ---- or , even better , a longbed Fleetside ! Toss-in a new set of plain steelies / hubcaps , and eventually offer a K.10 or K.20 version . Not that I've got a "problem" with the Stepside ; I just know that the Fleetside would be a better seller . Am I off-base here ? Opinions and suggestions , please
  8. ......Just thought I'd pass on some info I just received today regarding some Round2 releases.....the MPC 1975 DATSUN PICKUP is apparently out right now, yet I see none for sale on Ebay currently,,,the AMT 57 CHEVY PEPPER SHAKER and COBRA-TRUCK- TRAILER RACE TEAM set are due out in December to give us a nice Christmas rush, and the 1974 GREMLIN X is hitting the shelves in around 3 weeks. Now, the not so good news concerns the long awaited USA 1 VEGA PRO STOCK......according to the detailed email I got from Doug at Round2 it says that it has been pulled off lists and will be reassigned a new item number once the project gets some wings. Time, developing expenses, and other factors have pushed this project back to an undetermined status for possible release. However, Doug says it is going to fly at some point in the future, and by the sounds of it back tracking out of the MON-ZEGA mess as the Twister Vega was, could mean its well worth the wait if the car gets some corrections and improvements ......lets face it, once released at any point, this car could be built and decaled into more different pro Vegas than can be imagined, ROUND2 themselves could easily release it as a Grumpy Jenkins car, and even their old AMERICAN SPIRIT VEGA to mention a few.....the decal designers could have a field day....that's it, and all the news fit to print...lol............the Ace...
  9. Until we get more info for a specific topic for each kit, here are some reissues coming from Round2 in 2018: AMT-1086 - Construction Bulldozer AMT-1090 - Peterbuilt Cabover 352 Pacemaker AMT-1094 - Coca-Cola '55 Chevy Cameo Pickup
  10. Maybe this is old news, but it appears Round2 has added a specific page containing downloadable versions of their model kit instruction sheets: http://round2corp.com/model-kit-instructions/ Looks to be every(?) kit (350) they've released since 2006 or so.
  11. Cool repop by Round2. Never even knew these existed. Can't pass it up for $9.99! Seam issues with two parts, easily fixed with putty, otherwise no real problems. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q22XLd7SryM
  12. .........just called Round2 to thank them once again for quick and exact part replacement of issues with one of the car kits. I have contacted them a few times over the past couple of years, and they have never once let me down. thought I would share this with the forum, because I have found that their company truly is customer oriented.......best, the Ace.......
  13. Perhaps my myopic self is missing some-thing ----did Round2 organise a list of their 2015 offerings ?? I recognise that Casey posted some reviews / contents of individual offerings from R-2 in this Car Kit News & Reviews section , but I am yet to see a comprehensive list of the 2015 kits . Round2 hasn't even updated their (wonderful) site yet ; still showcasing 2008-2014 kits only ... Please direct me to a list of R-2's proposals . Merci
  14. Whilst trolling eBay for kits for sale -- and to check my bid status on a pair of vintage Renauld "Sea & Ski Spectaculars" sunglasses -- I came across this gem. I've subsequently emailled Round2 regarding the Lindberg line of 1/32 scale G.M. Colonnade kits , et al. , and am hoping for a "yes" answer , as-in , "Yes , the tooling exists , and plans are to re-release these kits..."
  15. I can hardly wait for the up-coming reissue of the MPC 1975-1976 Dart Sport and the backdated MPC 1971 Demon 340 from Round2 !! I would love to see some of my fellow forum members' builds of these gems ; the more the better ! Also , please describe in detail what modifications you've performed (kitbashing , etc.) , how old your build is (e.g. , built back in 1971 or 1976 , or whatever) , and what --if any-- resources you've employed for your build(s) (factory brochures , photos of originals / modifieds , etc.). Have a great week everyone !
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