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Found 11 results

  1. Hi guys.. Here is one of my many projects to show up for you.. Its Aoshima model kit of Nissan Gloria 4 door HT 280E Brougham.. So far i have done it almost out of box, i just added side exhaust pipes, pack of Lucky Strikes on interior and some decals here and there.. all other besides those are out of box, just with little "custom" painting with rusty touch. There is no pictures of chassis, since there is nothing to look, just battery sort of chassis plate painted in black I used closest paints i found from my paint collection to give that Gulf livery look for this fine and elegant Nissan.. Then i started to add some rust, with oil colors, and Tamiya weathering stuff and some Vallejo washes.. oh for painting i used also some hairspray and salt method for chipping that paint.. blah, but since my english is not that good to tell everything i have done, i will let pictures speak.. Realistic or not, i have had a lot of fun with doing this one.. Its my first time doing this type of weathering job
  2. Hi guys! Here is my newest finished build.. Its Aoshima Nissan Gloria 4 door hardtop 280E Brougham. Had some serious fitting issues with chassis, dash and door panels but i won that battle.. My first experiement with hairspray and salt techniques in weathering. Also i used some oilcolors for first time.. I think it turned out pretty good.. There is some scratch build parts like that foxtail in antenna, side exhaust pipes and printed japanese Car magazines.. Decals are from here and there from my decal collection.. Gulf livery has always been one of my favourites and this is my first "Gulf car" added on my collection.. Now i will let pictures speak.. Enjoy There is not any photos of chassis, since its battery type curbside chassis just painted in black.. Cheers!
  3. Man, this one kicked my butt. I was trying to go with old stock car racer look, but the black paint (which I now know is very difficult to work with) got really dirty and of course, I frosted the glass again (I now use glass glue!). So I panted the windows red and rusted it up. The skull and numbers, lettering etc. I hand painted. I like how it looks, but it is certainly a basket case. I even lost the radiator hose... Ah, the learning process.
  4. Quick build, no paint used to create the rust effects.
  5. I live in Missouri and in the summer I love to go down to our beautiful streams and canoe on the rivers. The canoe rental company I rent from is Jadwin Canoe rental. Over the winter I thought I'd make a truck that you might see them using to shuttle canoes and people back and forth on the river. I started with the Revell Trucks, GMC Pick Up. The paint is an acrylic artist paint made by Golden and applied through a dual action air brush. It is great stuff. While it may seem expensive, coverage is great and you hardly need to use any. You dont have to thin it, water clean up is a snap, and it covers great. I used the hair spray method to create the rusty paint job. I think the trick to success with this method is to not let the hair spray or the paint dry too long. You really need to do the procedure within 24 hours or the paint dries too hard and you cant get it off. I think you also need to use an acrylic paint. I've never had luck with enamels with this method. I also used Vallejo washes and Mig Pigments for the first time. Both work great! Highly recommended. The rack for the canoes was made from brass square and soldered together. The paddles were hand made from coffee stirs. The canoes were cheap toy canoes bough on line for less than $5.00. The pin stripe decals on them really made them come alive. Skills I was trying to work on with this project were: Painting with an airbrush, hair spray technique, rust through on body panels, soldering, making my own decals, miniaturizing maps and brochures, and general weathering using pastel chalks and washes. I hope you like it. If you have never tried making truck or car look used and beat up, you should. It's a lot of fun and if you screw something up, put a little more rust on it.
  6. Hi there ! I've built my first kit from Moebius models, and that was very cool ! Here is my last creation, a rusty farm truck. This is a 1971 Ford F100 Ranger XLT, 1/25 scale. The truck is built as a rusty farm truck. The owner got this Ford since 1979, and still drive it. It has a lot of rust on the body, but runs good ! The passenger door has been replaced, by a standard F100 door, there are no chrome moldings. The body is dirty and rusty. Two hubcaps are missing, so the owner has put the two other ones on the same side. If we take a look on the interior, we could see a mexican cover on the bench :
  7. So, in some dark future, they got a little more serious about the rules in the bumper-car attraction. That's where War Pig comes in. So I started with a 1/20 Laputa (Castle in the Sky) Flaptter. For those not well-versed in the animated works of Hayao Miyazaki, it's a little one-two man ornithopter (flapping-winged flying machine) that is nearly a snap kit - pretty simple. I cut the bottom away, and built a rubber "bumper" skirt from Super Sculpey. I also added some aluminum miniguns that were meant to upgrade some cartoony tank kits, and a leftover seat from a Wallace and Grommit sidecar. The rest was all paint and minor scratchbuilding.
  8. This was on the workbench a while ago, but I'll consider it done. I took it apart about a week ago, for new taillights and a general look-over and new wheels.
  9. Another rusty build! Both this and my K4 Blazer were previosly built, but I didn't have time to do a full resto of this one. The numbers were from a Snake and Mongoose funny car, and the POW decal was from a Monogram Ford Super Duty. Thoughts?
  10. Hallo everybody, today i will show you my version of the Midnitecowboy, that i built in March 2010. I didn't like the Base from the kit. So my choice was a classic Ford F100 from the shelf - to give him a better style. Sure, this classic Ford is often in my collection... What was my intention for this Built? I wanted a Wrecker that - if you see it behind you in the mirror - shouts out: "Get out of my way!" I took the Kabine and Interior from the Ford, the wrecker and frame from the Kit. Also a engine from a 70 "Heavy Chevelle". There were many changes, till the parts fit together. Some working on the body, made a real heavy bumper. At last, i tried weathering on it and garnished it with some gimmicks, that i tried the first time too.. Alright, you want some pictures - enough of words: ... "Get out of may way!!" the engine: hmmm...the interior needs a clean up... ...think, the driver lives in his wrecker... ...and had even not eaten his pizza! Thats it! Some gimmicks that had stolen my time - if you want, you can go on the search in the pics... Helmet and gloves, wooden blocks, cover, remains of pizza, hemp rope, maps, empty aluminum cans, oil can 1-liter, hand oilers, starter cables, some tool, soda can, broom, fire extinguisher, colored booklet, jumper cables, beer bottles, wire, ceiling crowbar. I think I've not forgotten anything. Maybe the rag in the filler neck? The hammer, wheel crosses or battery? Missing beacon, perhaps? Fuelcan? No - all aboard Thanks for your patience - its your turn
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